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What is Roleplay ASMR?

Roleplay (RP) ASMR is where different types of scenarios are acted out by the ASMR Artists in order to deliver ASMR triggers and tingles.

Typical roleplay content will be with Doctors, Nurses and medical situations such as Cranial Nerve Examinations.

TSA Pat-downs, make up, sleep, fast and aggressive style and haircuts are all often used in RP videos.

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Roleplay ASMR (RP)
Roleplay ASMR (RP)

Types of ASMR Roleplay

Doctor ASMR Roleplay

One of the most popular roleplays in ASMR is that of the Doctor. We love this type of content as there are quite a few types of Doctor roleplay that can and are used for ASMR purposes.

Here are some of the more popular styles of Doctor roleplay with some examples for you to watch.

Cranial Nerve Examination Roleplay

The Cranial Nerve Exam is probably more popular than any other sort of Doctor roleplay content. There are many great examples of roleplaying which usually includes a number of tests in order to assess the status of one or more of the 12 cranial nerves.

From an ASMR point of view this offers the opportunity for lots of triggers such as palpation, sensitivity testing, eye and ear examinations and of course its all done up close and very personal!

The typical roleplay will take place in a ‘surgery‘, often green screened, and more often is done from the point of view of the Doctor.

But you will also see a patient being examined in other videos.

Personally I prefer the ones with the actual patient being examined.

Probably just a lack of imagination on my part. But at least you get the option of either one.

So here are a few examples of the different types of Roleplay Doctor ASMR of Cranial Examinations.

Example: Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay from Starling ASMR here
Example: Comprehensive Medical Exam from Gibi ASMR
Example: Doctor Cranial Nerve Exam from Catplant ASMR
Example: Cranial Nerve Exam from Cait ASMR

Roleplay Doctor ASMR Variations

As we said there are quite a lot of variations on the whole Doctor roleplay theme.

So as well as the cranial nerve examination here are some other types you may want to have a look at.

Fast and aggressive – the emphasis here is on a quick but still thorough check up.

Ideal for those who want a quick ASMR hit, or like me, have a short attention span.

Example: ASMR Fastest Cranial Nerve Exam Doctor Roleplay from Celaine’s ASMR

Eye Check up – usually up close and personal with light checks, chart tests and light testing. Perfect for those who like personal attention.

Example: A Detailed Orbital Eye Exam from Be Brave Be You ASMR

Ear Exam – consists of a visual and physical check, use of the otoscope, cleaning, tapping and squeezing of the ears. Very hands on!

Example: ASMR Otoscope Ear Exam from Lizi ASMR

Allergy/skin testing – this always looks like fun, not in real life though!

Expect to see lots of vials, prodding of the skin, measuring and swabs being taken. Very tingly with lots of brushing and scratching.

Example: ASMR Real Person Allergy Test from Mad P ASMR

Roleplay Haircuts ASMR

We really like a haircut for ASMR and add in some roleplay as a hairdresser or a barber and you are onto a winner!

As you would expect the video is usually set in a salon or barber shop. And the processes are all fairly similar.

Hair brushing, spraying, combing, cutting, washing, brushing, styling and setting.

And typically these will be from the point of view of you getting your hair cut. But occasionally will involve props such as wigs or mannequins.

And watch out for neat variations such as shaving, fast and slow versions and even Edwardian style cutting!

Example: Hair cut roleplay from Nanou ASMR

Make up ASMR Roleplay

There are lots of variations of make up roleplay including fast and aggressive, sleepy, at the spa and consultation.

All have the great ASMR element of being very close with personal attention and can be done one on one or with the use of a mannequin.

There is quite a lot of variation as to how the content plays out. But there is often a combination of numerous treatments.

These are likely to include hair brushing and parting, hair clips, exfoliating the skin, face mask, eye mask, contouring, blushing, eye lash curler, lip gloss, hair spray and styling.

Lots of triggers in play here, with close personal attention, brushing, whispering, spraying, rubbing and of course whispering.

There are also many variation son the make up theme with fast and aggressive, no talking and layered sounds styles all popular.

Example: spa Facial from ASMR Jas

Sleep ASMR Roleplay

Many of us use ASMR to help with sleep issues. Whether its getting to sleep, or needing to get back to sleep once awake.

So it’s no real surprise that roleplay is used to create content to enable to improve the quality of our sleep.

Typically the content will be focussed on a ‘sleep clinic’ roleplay or be a roleplay to help with sleep.

Example: Sleep Clinic Roleplay from Makayla ASMR
Example: Pampering you for sleep – Layered Make Up from ASMR Jas

ASMR Roleplay Personal Attention

I think the whole premise of ‘Personal Attention’ content is to help people relax and feel at ease. And as an aid to sleep may also be a part of it.

For me the personal attention aspect of ASMR is appealing and certainly has a lot of triggers, no matter what the actual style of roleplay is.

One of the main triggers, at least for me, of personal attention is hand movements.

Whether these are the deliberate in the camera style or more abstract in the background style they all work for me.

Other triggers I get, and you may too, form the personal attention include measuring of any sort, face examinations, make up, hair brushing, writing notes, hair cutting and shaving.

Example: Personal Attention from Nanou ASMR
Example: Comfort Personal attention for sleep from Ozley ASMR

Other types of roleplay for ASMR

I could keep writing more and more on the topic of roleplay as there are a lot of angles to it!

So here are a few more styles and examples for you to check out. As always with ASMR what works for one person may not work for another.

But it is always good to see new content and new ASMR artists

  • Fast and Aggressive – spa, makeup application, haircut, cranial nerve exam from Lyssie ASMR
  • Dentist – Full Relaxing Dental Cleaning & Whitening from Gibi ASMR
  • Soft spoken – Soft Spoken Historical Pseudoscience RP from calliope whispers ASMR
  • Measuring – ASMR Suit Measuring & Detailed Personal Colour Analysis from asmr august
  • Typing – Calm Customer Service, Soft-Spoken, Keyboard Typing from PetiteStacy
  • Sci Fi – ASMR Sci Fi Patching You Up from Amy Kay ASMR

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If you like roleplay then I would really recommend checking out Ivy B ASMR as she produces some spectacular medical role play content!