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How can I fall asleep? And how can I fall asleep quickly?

If you find yourself asking these questions we may be able to help you.

Pro Tip: Always check out the ‘Most Replayed’ part of each video. This is like the best, most popular bit. So if you are after a quick hit of guaranteed tingles go straight to that time stamp.

We feature these in all of our video reviews and recaps.

We know many people have difficulty getting to sleep at night. Or wake up during the night, or wake up just too early in the morning.

So using ASMR videos may well be able to calm you down, reduce stress, relax you and quickly help you sleep.

Can’t Sleep? Try ASMR videos!

ASMR stands for Autonomic sensory meridian response. Ok, that’s a lot of words. But what it actually does for many people in certain situations, say watching whispering or massage videos, is to trigger tingles and brain stimulation.

All of which reduces their heart rate, relaxes them and ultimately helps them sleep.

And this is where the 10 ASMR videos below come in, to help you relax and get to sleep, quickly!

As we are all triggered by different things. And how we get tingles. We have chosen a variety of styles of videos

Try each of these, unless you already know what triggers you, and you will find a way to help you get to sleep quickly.

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Back to sleep
Massage sends you to sleep
Mouth noises & whispers
Thunderstorm & Rain
Music to aid sleep
Close up & personal
Cozy Library
Scottish Hypnotist
Sleep in 15 minutes
Hair brushing & massage
Featured ASMR Artists

1. Getting back to sleep

So this a video for those of you who have just woken up. Perhaps too early, middle of the night? Or one of those really annoying deep sleeps but its only been 10 minutes since you put your head on the pillow!

Either way, let’s get you back to sleep asap!

Sleepy time Rating 5 – back to sleep style

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Creator: WhispersRed ASMR

This is a step by step process to help you get back to sleep. WhispersRed will talk you back into a calm and relaxed state.

Starting with making some herbal tea, spraying your pillow, preparing a wet cloth for your face, applying the cloth and night cream, reading from a book and lights off.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most Replayed: 41:36 – moving into silence
  • Relaxing lighting, almost like being in a float tank
  • Soft voice and whispering
  • Point of view from lying down
  • Personal attention in a ‘mum’ style
  • Slow talking delivery and activities
  • Reading and page turning
  • Different aspects to get triggers from
  • Lights off for total relaxation
  • Length of video: 43:19

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Back to Sleep

Personal attention, whispering, nail tapping, page turning, slow talking, reading, mouth noises, brushing

Style: Calm, caring, soothing, safe

Back to Sleep Softly Whispered by WhispersRed ASMR

2. Massage sends you to sleep

We love Tokyo ASMR Massge as they always have high quality and interesting ASMR videos on their channel.

And unusually they do feature men. There is a a bit of a lack of men in ASMR videos, apart from barbering. So its good to see a man getting a really solid massage here.

Sleepy time Rating 5 – chopped into oblivion

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The main focus is massaging around the neck and shoulders. And the gentleman giving the massage does a really thorough job. He goes really deep into some of the pressure points and executes some good trigger point massages.

There is quite a lot of good, quick chopping, and some really nice tingly brushing sounds on the clothes. And some of the best arm and finger massages you will find anywhere.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed: 22:57 – shoulder chopping – sound is on point
  • Sound quality is really crisp and mellow
  • Very little talk, just occasional short checks
  • Soft voiced from both men
  • Lighting is bright but soft
  • Massage is really strong, you can almost feel it!
  • Not much camera movement
  • Clothes brushing sounds are excellent
  • Good close ups of people and hands
  • Length of video: 24:09

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Massage

Massage on shoulder, neck, arms hands, shoulder chopping, soft voiced, personal attention, manipulation, palpation, clothes brushing

Style: Deep, strong, quiet, thorough

ASMR Stress Relief Through Massage For Sleep by Tokyo ASMR Massage

3. Mouth noises and whispers to help you sleep

This would be a great video to watch if you were really struggling to get to sleep. Mainly because it is so easy just to tune out and let the mouth sounds waft over you.

There is a good flow and vibe to this ASMR video that is guaranteed to give you tingles if mouth sounds are your thing.

Sleepy time Rating 4.5 – drift, drift away..

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creator: Luna Bloom ASMR

The main focus of this video is around the whispering, soft voice and mouth sounds that Luna Bloom produces.

There are a lot of pops and clicks, repetition of words and unintelligible words as well. We know these are good triggers for a lot of people.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed: 22:25 – drift, drift, drift onto into dreamland
  • Warm neon lighting and (fake, but good) candles
  • Soft voiced and whispering
  • Lots of mouth noises
  • Consistent levels of volume and pace of narration
  • Relaxing voice and good vibe
  • No ‘story’ to focus on
  • Just lie back and relax
  • Length of video: 26:22

Sleep ASMR Triggers – ASMR Breathy, Sleepy, Gentle Whispers

Mouth noises, whispering, pops, unintelligible words, hand movements, breathy sounds

Style: Casual, easy going, chatty, drifting

4. Thunderstorm will help you relax and sleep

Sounds a bit counter intuitive doesn’t it? But this 3 hour thunderstorm ASMR video will help you get sleep.

There are quite a lot of rain and thunder type videos out there. What is interesting about this channel is they use animation to create the peaceful setting.

Sleepy time Rating 4.5 – calm rainy night blues

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creator: New Bliss

This is a really nicely ‘lit’ backdrop of an attic room, with a big window and lit by candles and a couple of lamps.

The rain beats down heavily on the roof and glass. And the thunder rolls intermittently across the skies outside.

Occasional flashes of lightening are seen through the opaque skylight. Heralding more thunder and an increase in rain.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed: 1:04:51 – very heavy rain
  • Superb backing track with lots of rain sounds
  • The thunder and lightening vary the ambience
  • As there is very little visual action it’s mainly an aural experience
  • Very little variation on a theme, so easy to let the mind wander
  • Flickering candles
  • Soft strobing lightening
  • Monotonous, but in a good way
  • White noise effect will help you sleep
  • Long video, so if you are really struggling to fall asleep this one will keep running. No need to find a new video.
  • Length of video: 3:00:10

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Thunder and Rain

White noise, rain on glass, rain on roof, rolling thunder sounds, flickering light,

Style: peaceful, content, cosy, warm

Thunderstorm with Heavy rain sounds for Sleep by New Bliss

5. Relaxing music that will help you sleep

Synth and piano style, super calming music.

An animated setting of mainly blue hues, with a lake, trees glowing, butterflies or fairies dancing, a full moon, leaves falling and shooting stars firing across the sky.

Sleepy time Rating 4.5 – calm rainy night blues

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creator: Tranquil Relax

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed: 3:51:28 – nearing the end
  • Very calming and slow deliberate music
  • Soothing colours
  • Slow paced animation
  • Relaxing flow of music with little change in tempo
  • Long video length
  • No need to find new videos
  • Will work aurally, no visuals required
  • Length of video: 3:53:48

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Relaxing Music

Calming music, soothing visuals, repetition

Style: soothing, relaxing, calm, peaceful, gentle

Fall asleep instantly – relaxing music to reduce anxiety by Tranquil Relax

6. Extra close up ASMR to help you sleep

Sleepy time Rating 4.5 – up close and personal

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creator: ASMR Glow

An interesting approach from ASMR Glow with a super close up visual of her face and with very close to camera hand movements video.

There is a lot of whispering, semi audible sounds, clicks and face touching. It all combines really well for a super soothing 20 minutes. Quite a lot of use of soft and changing focus along with a fluffy mic for soft sounds.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed 9:59 – mouth sounds, clicking
  • Relaxing hand movements
  • Close up
  • Personal attention
  • Whispering
  • Soft voice
  • Repetitive semi audible sounds
  • Clicks and whooshes
  • Face touching
  • Brushing visuals
  • Brushing sounds
  • Length of video: 19:35

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Extra Close up to help you sleep

Whispering, semi audible sounds, personal attention, face touching, brushing

Style: personal attention, friendly, calming, happy

Extra Close ASMR for sleep by ASMR Glow

7. Cozy Library Ambience for Sleep

Sleepy time Rating 5 – page flipping fantasy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Creator: Gentle Whispering ASMR

The library is a wonderful, quiet calm setting for a sleepy time video.

And this is a great video as it has so many types of ASMR triggers. You are bound to find something that will get you tingles! Perfect for ASMR first timers!

Get taken by Gentle Whispering ASMR through a check in process and through to browsing and flipping through books, library card sorting, checking out and stamping your book. And all of this with some book browsing and writing as well.

Conducted in hushed tones, with quiet whispers and ultimately – silence.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed 27:26 – pen writing, page flipping
  • A quiet library setting
  • Typing and finger nail tapping
  • Lots of whispering
  • Page flipping and turning
  • Hand movements
  • Tapping on books
  • Inaudible whispers
  • Card sorting
  • Card stamping
  • Pen writing
  • Length of video: 45:43

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Cozy library ambience to help you sleep

Whispering, page flipping, crinkles, page turning, tapping

Style: personal attention, friendly, calming, happy, scratching, typing, page turning, smoothing, tapping , silence (it is a library after all!)

Cozy library ambience to help you sleep by Gentle Whispering ASMR

8. Hypnotizing Role Play for Deep Sleep

Sleepy time Rating 4 – Scottish sleep

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Creator: ASMR Shortbread

Role play of hypnosis from Scottish ASMR Artist ASMR Shortbread.

Using a pendant to help get you focussed and into a hypnotic state she takes you through various instructions and utilizes hand movements to induce sleep.

There is a lot of focus on your role and she also uses a lot of hand movements. So if that is your trigger get ready for tingles! And hopefully then some sleep.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed 26:26 – countdown to sleep 5,4 3,2,1 …
  • Softly spoken with some repetition
  • Hand movements
  • Hand brushing
  • Role play hand holding
  • Focus is on you
  • Deep breathing
  • Personal attention
  • Length of video: 26:42

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Hypnotizing Role Play for Deep Sleep

Soft voice, whispering, personal attention, hand movements, hand holding

Style: personal, touchy feely, Scottish accent, soothing

Hypnotizing Role Play for Deep Sleep by ASMR Shortbread

9. ASMR Deep Sleep In 15 Minutes

Sleepy time Rating 5 – breathe deeply

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Creator: Simply Kel

The promise of the ASMR video by Simply Kel is to get you to sleep in 15 minutes.

While only short there is a lot packed into this video. The focus is on getting you relaxed with some super simple exercises to start with. Shrugging shoulders, deep breaths and so on.

There are some nice mouth sounds, brushing, stroking and ‘clicks‘ to help you really relax.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed 10:22 – fluttering hands
  • Softly lit, candle
  • Personal attention
  • Breathing exercises (more should do this!)
  • Mouth sounds
  • Whispering
  • Nail tapping
  • Clothes brushing
  • Repetition of words
  • Hand rubbing
  • Soft voice
  • Length of video: 15:01

Sleep ASMR Triggers – ASMR Deep Sleep In 15 Minutes

Hand movements, softly spoken, nail tapping, whispering, mouth sounds

Style: Reassuring, calming, soothing, patient

ASMR Deep Sleep In 15 Minutes by Simply Kel

10.  Hair Brush, Scalp and Shoulder Massage for Sleep

Sleepy time Rating 4.5 – magnificent massage

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creator: certified mood asmr

The way this video is shot is really cool. It has a darker edge to it, looks a bit ‘Games of Thrones’ like. But it is a really good feel, with candles, mood lighting and good quality sound.

This is a massage focussing on the head and shoulders of his wife. It is a no talking video and John uses a lot of the tools, eg wooden combes and brushes to set off some good triggers for tingles.

Why this will help you sleep

  • Most replayed 19:39 – shaking water bottle
  • Nice scene setting, candles
  • Check out the use of wooden combes and brushes for good triggers!
  • No talking at all
  • Intro and exit soft music
  • Hair brushing
  • Gentle massage
  • Back rubbing
  • Spine tracing
  • Slow, even pace
  • Length of video: 34:28

Sleep ASMR Triggers – Hair Brush, Scalp and Shoulder Massage

Hair brushing, scalp scratching, water sounds, chopsticks, skin scratching,

Style: Deliberate, dark, really soothing, calm

Hair Brush, Scalp and Shoulder Massage by certified mood asmr

Here are all the great ASMR artists we have featured.

Check out their ASMR channels on the links below to see what other great content they can have to help you sleep, relax, de stress or just entertain you!


We hope these ten ASMR videos will have helped you relax and get some sleep.

We know how frustrating and tiring it can be not getting the right amount of sleep.

So if this has helped in even a small way that makes us happy.

*Remember, this information is for entertainment purposes only and not medical advice.

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