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We love the variety of ear cleaning videos that can be used for ASMR purposes so thought it would be useful if we featured a few that are favourites.

These aren’t necessarily the most popular or most viewed videos but are the top five that we like. At least the ones that we like this week. Probably different next week.

And we have mixed up the approaches so we have some regular massage based ear cleanings, some role play, some quirky and a short one, for that quick ASMR tingly fix!

Content of this post:

ShiliTV – Professional Ear Cleaning
Barber88 – Ear Clean & Massage
asmr august – Ear Exam and Clean
WhispersRed ASMR – Ear Cleaning Appointment
Lizi ASMR – Hearing Test

ASMR The Professional Ear Cleaning with Cloud Knife

Creator: ShiliTV
Duration: 21:50
Views: 16.6m

ASMR Triggers: Ear cleaning, feathers, brushes, tuning forks buzzing, knives picking, duel brushes on skin, moxibustion, massage, horse hair, tapping, chopping, hair brushing

What we like about this video: Rather than any one standout trigger what is great about this video is the flow, it is so relaxing as the whole process takes place.

The singing bowls get the video off to a nice start, the clinical unwrapping of the tools to be used, quiet whispering of the ear technician all leads into the twirling of the peacock feather.

That said when I first saw this video the whole ‘peacock feather with a tuning fork‘ was a new one to me. And while I now know that this is pretty standard fare it was a real eye opener for me at the time.

The video progresses between brushing, cleaning and massaging, watch out for the part where the alcohol, I think, swab is used as this is a bit of a shock as to how cold it is.

It also features some moxibustion on the ears and across the forehead and then some ear massaging and acupressure, which is really nice.

Finally there is a more normal face and neck massage followed by some hair brushing.

So a lot of ASMR triggers and the whole procedure is so calming and soothing which is why we have recommended it.

ShiliTV – ASMR The Professional Ear Cleaning with Cloud Knife

ASMR BarBer88 Dora & Shawn: Cut, Shave, Shampoo, Ear-cleaning, Massage

Creator: ASMR Japan
Duration: 5:20 (whole video is 1:36:32)
Views: 645k

ASMR Triggers: Ear cleaning, mini massage, towel rubbing, tapping, brushing

What we like about this video: While this is only a small part of the overall barber video (ear cleaning starts at 1:17:30) Dora, aka Baber88, always does a great little segment on ear cleaning with a nice little flourish at the end of each ear.

The ear cleaning part of the video starts after the shave with a bit of an ear trim to the right ear, followed by some general cleaning around the edges of the ear and then into the more central cavity.

This is then followed by a brush out of the debris using a fluffier style brush leading into the final mini massage using a towel and tapping of the ear. that’s always neat for some reason, he does it on every video!

This process is then repeated for the left ear in a similar fashion. Its a nice little segment.

Bonus ASMR segment: After the ear cleaning wait for the massage which is always totally excellent!

ASMR Japan – Barber 88 Dora, Cut, Shave, Shampoo Ear Cleaning and Massage

ASMR Deep Ear Clean, Ear Exam, Hearing Test (with super sensitive pro 3dio mic) Roleplay

Creator: asmr august
Duration: 26:58
Views: 73k

ASMR Triggers: Roleplay, ear cleaning, clicks, close up examination, sleep, pov, soft speaking, whispering, scratching, British accent

What we like about this video: Something a bit different here with a bit of Role Play being one of the latest ASMR videos on offer from the ever excellent asmr august.

So the setting here is a medical one, with a close up examination in a one to one configuration. As often with the role playing one to one scenarios there is a lot of slightly off camera close up cleaning takes place.

There is a lot of close ups of asmr august as the ear clean moves into an examination with a lot of soft, audible scratching sounds.

There is a fairly continuous levels of sounds from the rustle and scratches of check up, to the commentary and questions from asmr august. So this could easily be a sound only video, ideal for getting helping you fall asleep.

asmr august – ASMR Deep Ear Clean, Ear Exam, Hearing Test, Roleplay

Quiet ASMR Ear Cleaning Appointment

Creator: WhispersRed ASMR
Duration: 41:19
Views: 300k

ASMR Triggers: Roleplay, whispering, soft spoken, mouth sounds, rustle, crinkles, massage, lotion, rubbing, close pov, picking sounds, British accent

What we like about this video: the video starts of with some nice soft talking and then some good crinkles and rustling as a pillow, blanket and towel are offered.

Gloves are put on, again offering good brushing sounds, before the ear examination begins using an otoscope and ear speculum. There is continuous soft spoken sounds as the ears are cleaned with a syringe and then a pick.

Finally the ears are checked again and then massaged with lotion before you are left to sleep. Amazing and very effective ASMR!

WhispersRed ASMR – Quiet ASMR Ear Cleaning Appointment

ASMR The Most Detailed Ear Cleaning, Ear Exam & Hearing Test

Creator: Lizi ASMR
Duration: 28:10
Views: 868k

ASMR Triggers: Roleplay, ear tapping, ear cupping, mouth sounds, light drilling, electric toothbrush, sleep, tuning fork, fluttering, whispering sounds

What we like about this video: Lizi ASMR is really quirky and fun, love her ASMR videos. She always has a great take on different topics and this no exception.

This is a role play video with ear cleaning, an ear exam and a hearing test. And lots of triggers in between! And its all done at a realistic pace, no deliberate slow downs.

In particular there is a great trigger at 8:00 which is kind of like a light drilling or rapid fluttering sound. Not sure what it is but it really works! It’s all part of the cleaning process, maybe a drill with some sort of attachment?

And the tuning forks are quite a visual trigger as well as aurally round about the 16:00 mark.

The content is not as formally structured as others but is super effective and tingly. Really well worth a watch!


We hope you found these Ear Cleaning ASMR videos useful, fun, informative but above all tingly!

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