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Haircut Harry - Barber ASMR
Haircut Harry – Barber ASMR

About Haircut Harry

Haircut Harry is a well established barber channel producing some great ASMR content heavy on haircuts, shaves and massages from barbers all around the world.

He is filmed by the ‘mystery woman’ who we never get to see in full. And he is known for letting the barbers do what they want and for slick editing techniques that create Easter Egg illusions in mirrors..

ASMR Tingle Rating

We rate Haircut Harry 4.5/5 stars for ASMR tingles. You know what you are going to get and he always delivers. Tingles galore!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Haircut Harry Channel Information

Artist’s Name: Haircut Harry (although this isn’t his real name)

YouTube: Channel – here

Categories: Barbers, Massage, Haircuts, Ear Cleaning, Shaves

Is Haircut Harry married? I don’t know. Ask Mystery Woman!

Video Location: Barbers shop

Channel Live: 2006

Subscribers: 449k

Total Views: 207 million (December 2022)

Nationality: British, probably. May be Australian or South African! I am not sure!

Locations: USA, UK, Iceland, India, Ireland, Holland, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Greece, Turkey and many, many more!

Typical video Length: 30 to 60 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Most likely to say: ‘You can do anything you want’

Least likely to say: ‘The name of Mystery Woman is…’

Release schedule: Usually 1 a week

Haircut Harry ASMR Triggers

Haircut Harry spends a lot of time having haircuts, shaves and massages. Along with other associated treatments such as ear burning, nose and eyebrow trims.

So many of the triggers you get from Harry are aligned with those key elements. Here are some of the ASMR triggers I get from watching his videos.

  • Snipping sounds
  • Hair brushing
  • Scissor sounds
  • Shaving
  • Water sounds
  • Hand movements
  • Hand Massage
  • Ear cleaning
  • Razor blades
  • Hands through hair
  • Scraping sounds
  • Head massage
  • Neck massage
  • Arm massage
  • Buzzing sounds
  • White noise
  • Taps dripping
  • Vacuum noises
  • Tapping sounds
  • Soft voices

Key Benefits for you from Haircut Harry

For me the main benefit of watching any of Harry’s content is how it enables me to switch off and really relax. Hopefully this will work for you as well.

I don’t always fall asleep to his videos, often I just sort of doze away and then come to at a favourite bit.

My body seems to know it needs ASMR triggers!

What we really like about Haircut Harry

Harry always has the best locations for his videos dotted all over the world.

It’s great to see so many different styles of barber shops and the techniques used by each of the barbers.

He also produces very high quality videos, visually and aurally, and has a regular output of videos about every week or so.

Harry really understands how ASMR works and what people are looking for as well as creating such engaging content.

Quirks and features of Haircut Harry

Watch out for the slick editing in the mirrors, very cool!

And why does he always indent his YouTube titles?

We have written a post on Weird things in Haircut Harrys videos.

My favourite video from Haircut Harry

We love this video from Haircut Harry And as you know he has a lot of great ones!

What we really enjoy is how calm and precise this haircut and wet shave is. And it has a super relaxing head massage.

I have noticed in a number of Japanese videos how precise and particular they are with their work. It’s really inspiring to see and watch. Love the attention to detail.

And watch out for a surprising guest appearance at 38:38!

Haircut Harry - Tokyo haircut, shave and massage
Haircut Harry – Tokyo haircut, shave and massage

What to watch on Haircut Harry

Here are a things to watch out for on Harry’s channel:

Women Barbers – there are so many great women barbers out there and Harry features a lot of them. Definitely some of my favourite content. Playlist here.

Unintentional ASMR – although Harry knows what he is doing with ASMR many of his videos could easily be classed as unintentional ASMR.
Playlist here.

Wet shaves – good to mix up the haircuts with a few shaves as Harry does. I suspect because his beard grows back more quickly than his hair!
Playlist here.

What we would like to see from Harry next?

Harry has done occasional collaborations but it would be nice to see him do some more.

I also really like the French barbers so maybe a few more of those would be good!

Similar ASMR creators to Haircut Harry

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Jason Rupp – American in Thailand, Mexico and the US getting haircuts

Relax Han ASMR – South Korean haircuts and shaves

Nomad Barber – English barber who sometimes collabs with Harry

Other Haircut Harry Channels below

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