About Mad P ASMR

Mad P ASMR (Madalina) is a Chicago based American content creator producing ASMR videos focussing on Role Play, Pat Downs, Collabs and Medical processes.

Find out why we gave her a 4.5 star rating, what are her ASMR triggers and what are her quirks and features!

ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We rate Mad P ASMR 4.5/5 stars for a tingle rating. She consistently produces high quality ASMR content which is guaranteed to set of your triggers and give you tingles!

Mad P ASMR Bio & Channel Information

Mad P ASMR real name: Madalina

YouTube: Mad P ASMR here

YouTube ID: @MadPASMR

Categories: Role Play, Pat Downs, Medical, Dental, Make Up, Fast & Aggressive, Collaborations

Channel Live: 2021

Subscribers: 277k

Total Views: 92 million

Total Videos: 544

Country: Chicago, USA

Nationality: American

Family: Married with 3 children

Setting: Surgery, Airport set, house, optometrist

Most likely to say: ‘Hands up the groin’

Least likely to say: ‘No more medical videos’

Typical video Length: 25 minutes to 40 minutes

Typical number of people in video: 2 or 3

Release Schedule: Usually at least three videos per week which is really impressive!

ASMR Triggers

In my experience Madalina creates content that produces a wide variety of ASMR triggers including:

Patting, back stroking, brushing, gloves, whispers, soft voice, manipulation, medical examinations, measuring, scratching, rolling, taping, massage, dental, cranial nerve examination, stretching, hand movements, palpation, skin sounds

Most Popular Video

Her most popular video: ASMR Back Exam & Scalp Inspection – 1.2m views

Our favourite Mad P ASMR video: TSA Pat Down!

This was one of the first TSA pat down videos I had seen specifically for ASMR purposes.

In this one we see Madalina working with her husband as he comes across the TSA at border patrol!

Link here for the video.

Quirks and features

Mad P used to work in hospitals which is why her Medical ASMR videos are so believable. At least for me!

What we like about Mad P ASMR

As well as the believability of her medical videos there is also a really good variety. From ear checks, head to toe assessments, back exams for sciatica relief, cranial nerve exams and dental teeth whitening.

I also like the way she mixes up some of the topics as well. So the fast and aggressive types, but then also the strictly whisper ones as well.

And she has mastered the art of the TSA pat downs. This was how I first got introduced to Mad P as she does them really well.

She also does some nice TSA Pat Down and Medical collaborations with LunaLux ASMR and Katherina ASMR.

Similar ASMR artists to Mad P ASMR

There is a possibility that all of these artists are related. Just kidding, but you will often see them collaborate with each other which is great.

LunaLux ASMR – Queen of the TSA Pat downs and yoga pants
Katherina ASMR – Fast and Aggressive, in a nice way
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Kewas ASMR – Czech yoga enthusiast and quite varied ASMR content
KatieASMR – new on block and adds some interesting vibes

Mad P ASMR Social Channels

Mad P is on Instagram and also has a Patreon account here. So do support her if you can!

Mad P ASMR Instagram

Instagram: here for her account!

Instagram Channel Name: madpasmr

Bio: ASMR content creator on YouTube and TikTok

Posts: 146

Followers: 7,069

Following: 1,033

Located: USA

Date joined: August 2012

Mad P ASMR TikTok

TikTok channel here

TikTok Channel Name: madpasmr1

Bio: I breath sleep eat ASMR is my life

Following: 141

Followers: 1.4m

Likes: 46.4m

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Madalina’s videos!