About ASMR Living

I started watching ASMR videos about 10 years ago. At first I didn’t know what ASMR was. I was just watching videos which helped me relax and sleep.

Athena Jezik was really the first person I remember watching as part of the PsycheTruth channel.

After that I started looking at more of their videos and then the YouTube algorithm got involved and started suggesting different types of videos.

So that was where a very young Haircut Harry came in and also Whispering Rose (sadly no longer producing ASMR content) and I then became a bit more aware of ASMR.

And once I got a feel for what ASMR was, what the tingles were (I always wondered, now I knew!) and what sort of style appealed to me it was like a whole new world was open to me!

About ASMR Living
About ASMR Living

My ASMR Experience

Over the last 10 years or so I have watched countless ASMR videos. My personal preferences are for barber, massage, ambient sounds and roleplay.

Personal favourite ASMR Artists over the last few years are Haircut Harry, ShiliTV, Jason Rupp and Kent Survival.

More recently I am enjoying KatieASMR, Mad P ASMR, Chiropractic Medicine, ASMR August and Chili b ASMR.

Why ASMR Living?

The main motivation for doing this is that many people benefit both mentally and are entertained by the videos that ASMR artists create and publish.

Hopefully you will get a flavour for who we are and what we are doing by reading the posts we put out there!

But for those who are interested we are based in the UK, but we want to appeal to everyone Globally as the beauty of ASMR is it transcends languages and cultures. If you get it, you get it!

We want to help you understand ASMR, find and discover new ASMR artists and triggers. And bring you the latest ASMR trends and offers.

Simple as that.

And while the YouTube algorithm is pretty good at unearthing and surfacing new content it can get a bit repetitive. And we are sure, we know, there are some great new ASMR artists out there who need more exposure.

Which is where we come in. By giving them a platform to introduce themselves and what they do.

ASMR is a very personal thing. What appeals to one person may not work for another. I love unintentional ASMR but don’t really get the whole chewing thing. But it works for a lot of people which is great!

So we will cover and feature as many artists and styles as time allows.

ASMR Surveys

One thing I have noticed is that there isn’t a lot of information on ASMR – both informational and statistical.

So I conducted an ASMR survey at the end of December 2022 to find out more about what people are watching and why. Results in Q1 2023!

And more surveys will be taking place over the next 12 months to give greater insights for those who watch and those who create!

Contact Us

That’s it, if you know of any new ASMR artists let us know and we will happily check them out and review them. And make more people aware of them!

Use our email address: asmrliving.com@gmail.com, direct message us via our Instagram channel at asmrlivingdotcom or use the form below.


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