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2024 ASMR Survey Results now Live!

Thanks to all 1,277 who took part! It was really appreciated!

Our next survey will be our biggest one ever – watch this space!

Our 2023 ASMR Survey

I am a bit of a numbers geek and love messing around with data.

So here you will find the latest stats on ASMR, what is trending and access to surveys and the results and insights from them.

This will help you understand what content people are looking at, what they want to see and what will drive traffic and subscriptions to your channel.

ASMR Trends 2022

Here is a quick link to our ASMR Trends 2022 information we put together.

We take a look at the top 5 ASMR trends for 20022 including collabs, skincare, cranial nerve exams and fast and aggressive ASMR.