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  • 5 Best Female Barbers for ASMR

    Enjoy our choice of the 5 best female barber videos for ASMR. Guaranteed relaxing tingles for pure ASMR pleasure! Content from Haircut Harry, Jason Rupp, Nomad Barber & more!

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  • ASMR Survey – 2022

    Our 2022 ASMR survey is live. If you can take 1 minute to answer 9 super easy questions we would love it! No personalised data is collected, stored or shared. Survey ends 31 December 2022

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  • 6 Weird things in Haircut Harry videos

    The 6 weird but interesting things we found in Haircut Harry’s videos! May feature Rats, mystery woman and vacuum cleaners! We found these odd. Do you?

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  • ASMR – ‘Child of the Internet’

    ‘Weird Sensation Feels Good’ is an ASMR hands on interactive exhibition at the London Design Museum and runs until the 16th October 2022. Featuring some of your favourite ASMR artists!

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  • ASMR Trends 2022

    New ASMR trends. Find out what types of ASMR Video are getting ever more popular and why! And if you are an ASMR artist what content should you be creating?

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  • Best 5 ASMR Massage Videos

    5 of the best massage videos for ASMR and tingles! Different massages including head, body, flowers, back and face!

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