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Chili b ASMR -Hannah, Jeremy & Chili b!
Chili b ASMR -Hannah, Jeremy & Chili b!

About Chili b ASMR

Chili b ASMR is a super ASMR channel run by Hannah, Jeremy and Chili b the dog with a focus on real person roleplay (RP), medical and TSA pat downs.

Find out which are the three most popular videos on their YouTube channel, which is our favourite video and which triggers they use to give you tingles!

Chili b ASMR TIngle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Channel Information for Chili b ASMR

Artist Name: Hannah, Jeremy and the best bit Chili b the dog!

YouTube: Chili b ASMR here

YouTube Id: @ChilibASMR

Categories: Role Play, Real Person, Medical Exams, Pat downs, Beauty Treatments, Spiritual Cleansings, Palm Readings

Channel Live: 2020

Subscribers: 188k

Channel Views: 50 million

Total Videos: 234

Country: USA

Nationality: American

Setting: Studio, House, Airport, Surgery

Most likely to say: ‘Hi Jeremy’

Least likely to say: ‘Who’s a bad doggy!’

Typical video Length: 20 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2 (+ 1 dog)

ASMR Triggers

Soft voice, measuring, patting, palpation, face mapping, skin checks, massage, medical exams, hair cuts, scratching

Most popular video: Real Person Scalp and Skin Check Exam – 600k views

A 13 minute hair and scalp examination using brushes, combs and a very big, fully lit up magnifying glass. Tingles from scratching, brushing, soft voice and massaging.

Q & A’s with Chili b ASMR

We caught up with Hannah and asked a few questions about Chili b (the dog) as well as her channel. Thanks to her for taking valuable time out of her day to do this for us.

She has some great insight for those looking to start an ASMR channel.

  • Chili b’s favourite snack?  (our dog love carrots!)
    Chili also loves carrots, but most of all, chicken jerky.
  • Why did you get into ASMR? 
    I’m a huge ASMR fan. Decided to try it ourselves during pandemic isolation. Figured we had nothing else to do and nothing to lose. 
  • What is the most enjoyable part of creating ASMR content? 
    The community is so kind and welcoming. We love getting to be a part of it by making videos. 
  • What is the hardest part of running a YouTube channel? 
    The time! YouTube is a full-time job in addition to our full-time jobs. 
  • Favourite ASMR artist/s? 
    Shili is my go-to for sleep. Kewas and Katherina are my go-to for friendship.
  • Do you read all the comments? 
    Yes! Even the mean ones. 
  • Any plans for collaborations? 
    Yes! Always looking to meet and work with other amazing creators. 
  • Best tip for someone starting an ASMR YouTube channel 
    It’s an investment. Be prepared to make lots of videos that won’t get tons of views before you see success. Consistent posting is key to YouTube’s algorithm. 

Quirks and features:

Always good to see the dog Chili b in various videos. Sometimes even helping! There are not enough dogs in ASMR!

Check out their new lifestyle vlog channel ‘Hannah & Jeremy’ here

What we like about Chili b ASMR

There is a lot to like about the ASMR videos that Hannah produces. I first got into them when she had about 9k followers.

The thing that I really liked right away was despite the lack of budget was that the videos were always entertaining. And varied. Right from the get go you never knew what was coming next.

The variety is amazing, eye checks, imitating famous videos (Sandwich Breath), glove fittings, ring fittings, allergy testing, Gua Sha, Alexander Technique, papier mache mouldings and palm readings. Seriously, the list is endless.

And what is even more amazing is that when she does all this variety they are all totally believable. She must do a lot of research. And watch a lot of ASMR videos!

Co-stars on Chili b ASMR

I also like how Hannah’s partner Jeremy gets involved as well. Although it was a shock when he had his hair cut! Looks good though!

And of course Chili b, the dog. Often to be seen in the background in many videos. On April 1st he was in front of the camera giving Jeremy a special doggy massage!

And one of the most important thing is that Hannah and Jeremy are both really believable in what they do. And so nice.

So for example there is none of the forced whispering that can be prevalent in other ASMR videos. The tone is a natural and totally authentic one.

Our favourite Chili b ASMR video

Our favourite video: This was one of the first Chili b ASMR videos I saw. The TSA full body and bag check. A classic TSA Pat Down. It was really well done. I still watch it!

You can too here!

Other Chili b ASMR Channels below

Chili b ASMR, Hannah, have picked up their Social Media game since I first reviewed them.

So they are now active on Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and Patreon.

Chili b ASMR on Instagram

Instagram: here for their Insta account!

Instagram Channel Name: chilibasmr

Posts: 63

Followers: 2,557

Following: 45

Category: Video Creator

Located: United Sates

Date joined: February 2021

Chili b ASMR on TikTok

TikTok channel here

TikTok Channel Name: chilib_asmr

Bio: Your ASMR mom n dad. Full videos

Following: 31

Followers: 714k

Likes: 22.3 million

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