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What is Barber ASMR?

ASMR Barber is a popular way of getting triggers and tingles for ASMR by watching people getting haircuts, wet shaves and their hair styled.

You will also see other services such as massages, ear cleaning and skincare.

Typically the video is close up to the person getting their hair cut and the locations are usually in barbershops and spas.

Below we have highlighted some of the main ways to get tingles from Barber videos. And these will also work in real life as well!

Head over to our ‘Artists‘ section for a breakdown of our favourite Barber Channels that really deliver for ASMR, but are also super entertaining and fun to watch.

Main Features & Triggers of ASMR Barber

The beauty, pun intended, of barbering is that it actually covers off a lot of ASMR bases even though the principal is fairly simple, cutting hair.

So lets have a look at some of the triggers you will find in barbering videos or indeed real life situations when you are getting your own hair cut or watching friends and family have their cut.

Barber and Shaving ASMR
Barber and Shaving ASMR

Hair Cutting

Obviously the bulk of barbering videos are focussed on actually cutting the hair and there are lots of tingle trigger opportunities. The actual cutting of hair whether with scissors or with eclectic and sometimes a natural razor also create tingle moments.

Hair Styling

This is one action which tends to drive quite a lot of tingles as it is a soothing motion as the hair is styled into place. Often accompanied by whispering, hand movements and close ups and quite repetitive in nature it makes for a very relaxing experience.

Hair Brushing

Hair brushing is very popular with video artists, again it has the close up personal attention, the repetitive nature of the hand movements and the sounds of the brush on the hair.

Hair Washing

It’s quite interesting the variations of hair washing that take place in barber shops and hair salons throughout the world.

Often, its regular hair being washed in a basin, with repetitive hand movements and hands being run through the wet hair as shampoo is massaged into the hair. But a number of barber shops opt for the shampoo to be added while the client is sitting in the chair and then move to rinse the hair out at a separate basin area.

And who can forget Mr Lee’s famous watering buckets from Haircut Harrys video in Seongu Barber Shop, Seoul, South Korea?

Shaving ASMR

Shaving is all part and parcel of the barbering experience but also an experience in its own right.

From taking heated towels to soften up the bristles, applying the foam and lathering it up to then shaving it off, all with close hand movement, sounds of the brush on the bristles and of course the trimming around the neck and ears.

So lots of opportunities for ASMR triggers to be had from the full shaving experience.

Hand Movements

The nature of barbering and shaving is that it is by nature a very hands on experience and as such lends itself to supplying us with lots of ASMR triggers.

Close Personal Attention

Again, barbering is a very one on one situation so that close personal attention, and attention to detail are likely to set of an ASMR experience for many people.

Scissor Snipping Sounds

These are great triggers for many people with a fantastic example at Cliff’s Barber Coral in Las Vegas. The brush of the steel edges against each other supplies a really satisfying sound, particularly when the microphones are super close in to pick up the detail.

Water Sounds

If water sounds are a trigger for you then hair washing and rinsing will provide you with ample trigger opportunities.

Spraying: And of course no barber or hairdresser would be able to function without the water sprayer to dampen down the hair prior to being cut and styled.


I wish all barbers gave massages as good as some of those that we see on the barber videos. There are some really nice head massages, shoulder massages and often back, arm and hand massages. All while getting a haircut.

Baba Sen was one of the originators of ASMR barbers and he always managed to get in some good head, shoulder, back and arm rubs!

Ear Cleaning

This can be really satisfying and the ear cleaning ASMR is taken to a new level, in a barbering sense, by Baber 88 in Tsu City, Japan.

ASMR Barber Locations

Some of the locations for the videos are amazing, from a Barber shop in Seoul, to out doors in street markets in Thailand, in the heart of the City in Hong Kong or in the deserts of Nevada and on Route 66.

There are some really interesting and quirky shops which we will cover shortly but things like running taps or clocks ticking are excellent triggers.

Barber Tools

Many of the tools used in conjunction with the barbers offer some great triggers. In particular look out for trigger moments featuring scissors, hair brushes, electric razor, beard trimmer, razor blade, strop, water spray, water mister, cotton balls for ear hair singeing, threading, moisturiser and of course after shave.

Top 6 ASMR Barber channels:

Haircut Harry – Follow Haircut Harry as he travels around the world letting barbers cut his hair any way they want!

Nomad Barber – The nomad Barber is partial to a massage, a tattoo and meeting up with friends around the world.

Jason Rupp – Jason is keen on a shave, spends a lot of time in Thailand and often has time for a massage. Usually films himself and does a great job!

Relax Han ASMR – From South Korea, Relax Han ASMR is relatively new but always has a sharp haircut in some interesting barber shops.

Korean Barbers – Another South Korean barber channel, Korean Barbers are keen on shaves and traditional haircuts. They also highlight some of the more modern barber shops in Korea.

ASMR Japan – catch up with Victor and Barber88 with some really cool Japanese barber content!

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