ASMR Japan

ASMR Japan (Victor) featuring Barber88 (Dora)
ASMR Japan (Victor) featuring Barber88 (Dora)

Channel Name: ASMR Japan

About ASMR Japan

ASMR Japan is an ASMR barber video channel based in Japan and created and run by Victor Boggio with a focus on ASMR haircuts and shaving in Japan.

ASMR Japan is best known for introducing the highly stylish and most excellent barber ‘Barber88’ (Dora) as well as the very gentle and soothing Esther (Mitsuyo Obara).

And not forgetting SunWolf and Baikadou for quality Japan ASMR barbering!

Victor is an American who has lived in Japan for over 25 years so many of the videos are conducted in Japanese but do have subtitles.

ASMR triggers are based around haircuts, barbering, massages, shaving, ear cleaning and softly spoken languages.

Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

ASMR Japan Channel Information

Artist’s Name: Victor Boggio

YouTube: ASMR Japan – here

YouTube Id: @ASMRJapan

Categories: Barber, haircuts, shaving, massage, ear cleaning

Video Location: Barber shops

Channel Live: 2007

Subscribers: 167k

Total Views: 68 million

Number of videos: 2.1k

Country: Japan

Nationality: American Ex Pat

Most likely to say: ‘Let’s not rush this’

Least likely to say: ‘No’ – to Dora’s massage!

Typical video Length: 60 to 120 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Release schedule: Usually 1 a month when active

ASMR Japan – ASMR Triggers

Barbers are really great for ASMR and I found the triggers below when watching Victor’s content. Hopefully these triggers will work for you as well!

  • Hair cuts
  • Scissor sounds
  • Beard trimming
  • Clipper noise
  • Head massage
  • Scalp massage
  • Neck massage
  • Deep shoulder massage
  • Wet shaves
  • Combing
  • Brushing
  • Ear picking
  • Ear cleaning
  • No talking
  • Whispering
  • Soft voice
  • Hair wax styling
  • Shampoo

Key Benefits for you from ASMR Japan

Relaxation – most of the content that Victor shoots is really relaxing and really calms you down.

I think the reason for this is that the settings are always interesting whether the older style used in Baikadou content or the more ‘hipster‘ style from Dora in his old and new barber shops.

Sleep – the content is usually quite long and helps you get to sleep without having to find and start new videos.

Triggers – I find that most of the videos on the ASMR Japan channel give me multiple tingles from a number of triggers. I think that is why barbers are so popular for ASMR as there is always a new trigger around the corner!

What we really like about ASMR Japan

I love how Victor has found such great barbers with different hair cutting styles.

The majority of the barber videos are quite long, about 2 hours for Barber88 and Esther.

This makes it really easy to fall asleep to as you really get deep into the content and forget where you are. At least I do!

I love the different settings for the videos. It gives a real insight into what Japan is like for regular people and not just the touristy bits.

Occasionally Victor will do a mini travelogue, like when he is visiting Dora’s new shop. That is really good to see how Japan is away from the touristy bits. (Very green for the most part!)

Quirks and features of ASMR Japan

Victor quite often has multiple cameras recording so you will often be able to view the same haircut from a number of angles.

I really like how Victor is able to chat with the locals in their native language. It’s cool to hear him talk in Japanese as for me he enunciates the words quite clearly compared to the locals. So you can sort of follow along with the subtitles.

Watch out for the large Goldfish! You have been warned!

My favourite video from ASMR Japan

We love all things ASMR Japan so here is our current favourite video featuring, of course, Dora from Barber88!

There are a lot we could have chosen from but I miss the old barbershop so this is one I have picked.

And it doesn’t include Victor getting a haircut and shave. Instead it is Shawn. This is actually a re-issue of an older video but with new camera angles.

There are lots of really good ASMR moments in this video but one which I always find amazing is when Dora gives a massage.

It looks really deep and intense and a lot stronger than you would expect in a barber shop where they are usually quite superficial.

The massage starts at 1:23:00 right after the ear cleaning and picking which is what usually happens with Dora.

So there are some great ASMR triggers including shoulder massage, ear cleaning, face massage, scissor sounds, brushing, crinkling, wax hair styling (I love that part of these videos as well!) and hair drying.

There are also lots of nice little touches that trigger me such as the tapping at the end of the ear clean and the spraying of something into the hair. No idea what it is!

Check out the video here!

What to watch on ASMR Japan

Here are our top recommendations on what to watch on ASMR Japan

Barber88 – Dora is the star of this channel. A super stylish dude he has a great way of working with people, is super intense but relaxed at the same time.

His massages are legendary as is his dress sense. I am sure he had kilt and leather jacket combo in one video!

Barber88 videos here, here and here.

Esther – Mitsuyo Obara who owns Esther is sooooo nice. She has a lovely voice which we dont hear enough of – ASMR stops her speaking too much!

She also has a really nice manner and like Dora doesn’t rush her work with many of her videos over two hours long. Perfect for sleep!

Esther videos here, here and here

SunWolf – has amazing hair himself and has his own way of cutting

Check out one of his videos here

Baikadou – Iwagaki has sadly retired but there are some lovely old school barber videos of him cutting with his wife helping out. Watch out for the large goldfish! A good video here for you to try out.

Similar ASMR creators

Jason Rupp – US origin but spends a lot of time in Thailand, Mexico and US getting haircuts, shaves and eating local food

Relax Han ASMR – South Korean based , classy haircuts and shaves

Nomad Barber – from the UK and does good collabs with other barbers

Haircut Harry – travels all over the world with the mystery woman getting shaves and interesting haircuts

Other ASMR Japan Channels

ASMR Japan on Instagram

Instagram: here for his personal account!

Instagram Channel Name: gimmeabreakman

Bio: Godfather of Jvlogging, King of the Morons, The Original Gaijin.

Posts: 3,333

Followers: 7,750

Following: 892

Account Start date: May 2012

Located: Japan

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Victor’s videos!