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One of the great things about ASMR is that many of the videos combine a couple of topics. This makes for great viewing and interest on one level and ASMR on another.

Take barbering videos for example. On their own these are really superb ASMR triggers. But combine with travel and you get great insight into other countries. And of course new, unexpected triggers as well.

Baba Sen is of course well known for his own, unique style. But what makes him special is not only the setting in his barbershop. But the external sounds, well the car horns. Which actually become quite soothing. And over time you actually miss them when they are not there!

So these barber travel videos not only create of opportunities to experience ASMR. But also to get an insight into different cultures, ways of life, barber techniques and some amazing barber salons.

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Jason Rupp – Thai Rice Farm
Nomad Barber – Singapore Shave
Haircut Harry – Cliffs amazing Scissors

Jason Rupp – Haircut on Thai Rice Farm by Mr. Wang (bonus House Tour & market visit!) 

ASMR Star Rating 4.5 – Thai trimming

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Travelogue Star Rating 4.5 – farm, food, fun!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Creator: Jason Rupp
Location: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
Duration: 39:34
Views: 1.2m
Most Replayed: 13:51 – close neck shave with razor blade
Our ASMR highlight: 16:51 – dry flicking of neck hair with a paint brush

ASMR Triggers: Scissor blade sounds, hair brushing, hair cutting, neck hair trimming, buzzing sounds, electric buzzing, new razor blade being fitted, brushing with paintbrush

Jason Rupp is the consummate ASMR artist who travels, and get his hair cut. And a shave, and a hair colouring, and a massage. And a beard colouring.

Jason Rupp – Haircut on Thai Rice Farm by Mr. Wang

Jason’s videos are usually a real travelogue, often with an introduction from the area where he is filming . And always with great interaction with the local people.

And quite often there is really great bonus footage at the end of his videos on the local area. The sort of insights you don’t get with many ‘glamorous’ YouTube influencers.

The Setting

Outside a barn in a rice field. This is a pretty ramshackle set of building, with lots of dogs. But all looks pretty cool. Great place for a haircut!

Again you get a real insight into a working farm and how the local population live. It’s interesting to see the barn where the power for the clippers is. As like most farms throughout the world its full of old bits of machinery!

The Haircut

Jason is assessed by Mr Wang and decides he doesn’t need a shave as. Mr Wang get down to business with the scissors, clippers and razor blade.

There are some really good scissor sounds despite it being an outdoor location.

The haircut part lasts for about 16 minutes as Jason and Noochi are then shown around the house and his farm. They are seen checking out the chickens, cashew plants and herb garden.

Finally they go and visit a local food market which looks really interesting.

This is a really good way to see how people actually live, work and eat in Thailand. A great video with lots of top ASMR thrown in!

Nomad Barber – Female Barber Relaxing Sultans Shave, Singapore.

ASMR Star Rating 4.5 – Pampering pleasure

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Travelogue Star Rating 4 – Singapore Style

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Creator: Nomad Barber
Location: Singapore
Duration: 12:14
Views: 2.2m
Most Replayed: 9:40:52 – Light patting and palpation on cheeks after shave has ended
Our ASMR highlight: 2:25 – soft rubbing and towel cleaning of face mask

ASMR Triggers: Scissor blade sounds, water spraying, hair brushing, hair cutting, neck hair trimming, buzzing sounds, razor scraping, electric buzzing, hair dryer, background white noise

The Nomad Barber is exactly that. A barber that travels the world giving and receiving haircuts. Miguel Gutierrez has been doing this since 2013 and has visited over 40 countries.

Nomad Barber – Female Barber Relaxing Sultans Shave – Singapore.

The Setting

This video is set in the barber shop ‘Sultans of Shave‘ Flagship Store at 11 North Canal Road, Singapore.

This is a classic, nicely styled barber shop with a female barber working on the Nomad Barber.

The feel is one of luxury, with matt blue panelling, deep leather barber chairs and black wash basins.

The Shave

This is a super relaxed luxury shave. A lot of pampering going on. It starts off with a cream being applied. This has some nice ASMR trigger points. And then moves into the new razor blade being opened and attached to the razor. Which is nice.

It then progresses through eye patches and a facemask being applied to the top half of the face. And then a lather is worked up using a ‘badger hair’ brush on the lower half of the face.

This is then covered with a towel, let to rest and then removed. And then the shaving starts. There are some really good close ups at 6.00 minutes.

Once the shave is finished more cream is applied, a hot towel is placed over the face and left. And then the cream is removed using the towel.

The light tapping and palpating then starts, really good ASMR from that. And then a final run of the razor, a hot towel. And the shave has ended!

Haircut Harry – Scissor Slinging Las Vegas Haircut Experience at Cliff’s Barber Corral

ASMR Star Rating 4.5 – Scissor Sorcery!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Travelogue Star Rating 3 – Yee Haw!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Creator: Haircut Harry
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Duration: 16:49
Views: 5.3m
Most Replayed: 4:52 – Cliff spraying water and twirling his scissors
Our ASMR highlight: 6:51 – loud razor on hair scraping sounds

ASMR Triggers: Scissor blade sounds, water spraying, hair brushing, hair cutting, neck hair trimming, buzzing sounds, razor scraping, electric buzzing, hair dryer

This is a simple haircut video. nothing else. So no massage, no ear cleaning, no shave and no moisturising! But it is all the better for that. There is hair spray!

Haircut Harry – Scissor Slinging Las Vegas Haircut Experience at Cliff’s Barber Corral

As a result the focus is all on Harry and Cliff, the barber, in his Las Vegas barber shop.

The Setting

Cliffs Barber Shop in Las Vegas is a classic old school western gunslingers saloon. It even has the swinging double (horse head shaped) doors.

There is a lot of Western paraphernalia on the walls. Think cow hides, agricultural tools, mining lamps and lots of old black and white photos. And a grandfather clock.

What I like about this from a travel point of view is how Cliff has recreated a real old school barber shop feel in a modern shopping mall.

The Haircut

Be under no illusion, this is all about Cliff’s scissors. They are huge. I have real scissor envy! Almost like shears. And the way he twirls them like a gunslinger between cuts is really cool.

What makes the video so great for ASMR is the sound quality. Harry has really excelled in this. So the swish and grind of the scissor blades is captured perfectly.

Probably the best aural scissor experience for ASMR that I know of. This is complemented by liberal use of water spraying. And hair spray at the end of the haircut.

And there is also a really neat segment at 6:40 where he uses a razor blade to layer the hair. Again, this is great visually but also sound wise it is spot on.


I hope this introduction to a few travel, nomadic, barbers will encourage you to view more of their content.

Lots of countries are covered by just these three barbers alone including:

Mexico, China, Singapore, USA, England, South Africa, Berlin, South Korea, Japan, The Azores, Amsterdam, Myanmar, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, Romania, Portugal, Vancouver, Budapest. And Many more!

The list is pretty impressive and you will learn something about the country in each one.

Happy watching and good tingles!

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