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Nomad Barber - Haircuts & Shave ASMR
Nomad Barber – Haircuts & Shave ASMR

Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About Nomad Barber

The Nomad Barber (Miguel Gutierrez) is a British based barber who travels the world giving and receiving haircuts, shaves and head massages.

He is known for his attention to detail, working with some great barbers and also for collabs both abroad and in his London barber shop.

Channel Information: Nomad Barber

Artist Name: Miguel Gutierrez

YouTube: Nomad Barber here

Categories: Barbering, Travel, Haircuts, Massage

Channel Live: 2012

Subscribers (December 2022): 375k

Channel Views: 130 million

Country: UK

Nationality: British

Setting: Barber shop, outdoors, overseas, spa, hairdressers, salon

Most likely to say: ‘No talking video? OK!’

Least likely to say: ‘No more head massages please’

Typical video Length: 20 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

ASMR Triggers

As you would expect there are lots of great barbering triggers on Nomad Barbers channel.

The ones that work best for me include:

Hair cuts, hair brushing, shaving, massage, water spraying, dusting, head massage, arm massage, face touching and hand movements

Most Popular Video

The most popular video on the channel is the World’s Greatest Head Massage – 37m views

Featuring the one and only Baba Sen and his amazing cosmic energy!

Just under 12 minutes of pure Baba magic including his famous cosmic energy, a shave, head massage, RELAX and of course lots of horns.

Quirks and features:

Miguel really like to travel, hence his channel name. But did you know he also has barber tutorials as well? So if you want to learn some new barbering techniques check them out on his barber tutorial playlist.

What we like about the Nomad Barber

The nomad Barber has a really chilled vibe to his his barbering videos.

And he always seems to be at ease either with his clients or when he getting a haircut.

Whilst he obviously knows about ASMR the main focus is always on the barbering. And like many of the best, purest ASMR videos, these are the ones that work the best where there is no artifice.

And I also really liked the way he cuts hair as well. It’s theatrical, without being over the top. There is always a sense of performance about what he does.

I always liked his travel barbering videos as well. You got to see some interesting barber shops and places whether in Hong Kong, Cape Town, Taiwan or Thailand.

Hopefully he can do more of these soon. Pretty please!

Overall some of the videos are really brilliant for ASMR. Try this one from Taipei – lots of face and hand massages. As well as a great shave!

And do look at this one in Lytham from a couple of years ago with some really neat face and head massages as he is pampered in a spa. Watch out for the wee dog as well!

My favourite Nomad Barber video:

This is an amazing head massage video from back in 2014 with 4.5 million views. And one of the early ones that introduced me to the Nomad Barber.

Shot in Jakarta it is 13 minutes long, but always seems longer, in a good way! It is a really thorough massage. And with the main focus on the head, neck, face and temples. But the shoulders get a really good work out. And there is the obligatory cracking of the neck as well.

He finishes off with some hand chopping, neck rubs and a combing to style the hair.

Guaranteed to set off lots of triggers for some great tingles!

Amazing barber head massage by the Nomad Barber
Amazing barber head massage by the Nomad Barber

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Miguel’s videos!