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Relax Han ASMR - Barber & Shave
Relax Han ASMR – Barber & Shave
릴렉스 한 ASMR

About Relax Han ASMR

Relax Han ASMR is a South Korean ASMR artist who produces barber and massage ASMR videos as he travels around Seoul and South Korea getting haircuts to help you relax and sleep.

The main benefits of this channel are for relaxing and calming down as the slow pace and soft voices help you sleep as well as the haircuts, shaves and massages.

Relax Han often has additional content showcasing the area close to the location he is having his hair cut at.

Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Channel Information: Relax Han ASMR

Artist Name: Relax Han

YouTube: Channel here

YouTube ID: @RelaxHanASMR

Categories: Barber, Massage, Ear cleaning

Video Location: Barber Shop

Channel Live: 2020

Subscribers: 88k

Total Views: 20 million

Total Videos: 40

Country: South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Most likely to say: ‘More hairspray please’

Least likely to say: ‘No more wax’

Typical video Length: 45 to 60 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Relax Han ASMR – ASMR Triggers

Relax Han has all the ASMR triggers you would expect from someone getting haircuts including:

  • Running water
  • Massage
  • Water sounds
  • Scraping
  • Shampoo
  • Water spraying
  • Scissor sounds
  • Foam face cleaning
  • Clippers
  • Soft voice
  • Foreign language
  • Towel rubbing
  • Pressing legs
  • Hair dryers

Key Benefits for you of the Relax Han ASMR channel

  • Relaxation – a nice slow pace and gentle approach makes these videos super relaxing
  • Soothing voices – South Korean soft voices are super soothing
  • Background noise – there are some really nice ambient sounds to help you relax

3 most viewed videos from Relax Han ASMR:

Haircut & Shampoo massages & Neck trim

This is a quirky little barber shop and none the worse for it. I liked the intro tour around the shop showing posters, wax tins, tools and photos of the barber Raon in various locations cutting hair.

The actual haircut is really cool as well. Classic clipper work to start out, some scissor cutting eyebrow trimming and then some edge work and nice face cleaning at 28:32.

There are lots of other good ASMR triggers, with Clippers at 8:30, scissor work at 16:00 and hair drying at 33:53 and aftershave patted onto the neck at 28:58. This is the most replayed part of the video.

Haircut & Shampoo massages & Neck trim from Relax Han ASMR
Haircut & Shampoo massages & Neck trim from Relax Han ASMR

Men’s premium nail care shop

A bit of a change for Relax Han here as he gets his finger and toe nails cleaned, scraped, massaged and clipped.

The most replayed part of the process is the examination and exfoliation of the foot at 28:05

There are some good scraping sounds after the examination, and Han gets his legs and feet rubbed and massaged around the 31:53 mark.

All in all some nice ASMR triggers here. Watch out for lots of close personal attention and hot towel work at the end of the video with some nice patting at 44:35.

Mens premium nail care with Relax Han ASMR
Mens premium nail care with Relax Han ASMR

Haircut & Shampoo massages & scissors sounds

The Barber K Barber Shop in Seoul is well known apparently as the barber, Kang Sun-wook, appears on TV quite a lot.

The haircut follows the usual process of clippers, thinning, scissor work, edging, eye brows, shampoo and head massage, drying and finally styling.

There is some nice spinning action of the scissors at 37:22, a bit like Cliff in Las Vegas!

Kang Sun-wook is well known for his scissor work so check it out at 21:22!

And there is nice ASMR triggers at 22:15 where he uses a big brush to ‘chalk‘ out the hair to make it easier to style.

Haircut & Shampoo massages & scissors sounds by Relax Han ASMR
Haircut & Shampoo massages & scissors sounds by Relax Han ASMR

Quirks and features

Han often does short intros which include small travelogues of the area he is visiting. Nice idea, more please!

He also will include a panoramic view of the barber shop he is in. This is a good idea as you get to see what décor and tools are there.

What we like about Relax Han ASMR

Even though he is new he quality of his videos is really good. Both visually and aurally.

He is always super relaxed himself, which makes it easy for you to relax.

As he is South Korean it is useful having the information and subtitles in English.

He visits some interesting barbers and they all do a really thorough job.

This means lots of ASMR triggers as you usually get a massage.

Scissor sounds are always really high quality!

Check out his ear cleaning and face massage videos!

Love the mini travelogues and views of the barber shops.

Our favourite Relax Han ASMR video – Jeju Island, Mica, Haircut

I have to say this is currently my favourite Relax Han barber videos. The introduction was really cool as I had never heard of Jeju Island. It is actually South Korea’s largest island. And looks really nice!

The interesting named McQueen barbershop (제주바버샵) is really cool.

And the haircut that he gets is spot on. The barber, Mica, does a great job and there are some really good ASMR triggers in this very relaxing video. I am surprised it doesn’t have more views. Although it is only a month old at the time of this being written.

Key ASMR moments are at loud scissor work 19:37, shampoo and massage (lots of water spraying) 36:05 and hair styling at 48:22.

This is a super relaxing video and a really good haircut. Let’s all go to Jeju island!

Jeju Island's best female barber 'Mica' from Relax Han ASMR
Jeju Island’s best female barber ‘Mica’ from Relax Han ASMR

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Other Relax Hans Channels below

Instagram: here for his Instagram account!

Instagram Channel Name: relaxhan_asmr

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Date joined: May 2021

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