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Welcome to the best ASMR Artists (aka ASMRtists) producing content in 2023. Find out Bio’s, Stats and Info.

These are the ASMR creators that I actually watch and enjoy. And get triggers and tingles from. So you may also!

Show me the ASMR artists!

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I handpicked these and created Bio and stats on each of them. I also look at their processes, how they work, where they work, who they are, what their style is, which are my favourite videos, what are their quirks & features.

Find out all of their key stats. How many subscribers? How many views? Are they married? Do they have pets? How long have they been on YouTube? Which are their most popular videos? How often do they release content?

I then allocate a tingle rating so you know just how likely you are to get triggered!

For new ASMR artists and channels try our New Artist Reviews page.


The Best ASMR Artists in 2023

LunaLux ASMR
Medical Roleplay
asmr august
Roleplay POV
Kewas ASMR
Real people RP
Jason Rupp
Kent Survival
Tokyo Massage ASMR
Barber & Shave
ASMR Japan
Joe Robinet
Bushcraft & Outdoors
Jocie B ASMR - Sleep, Roleplay & Makeup ASMR
Jocie B ASMR
Makeup & Roleplay
Alex FaBB - Italian ASMR Artist in China
Alex FaBB
Barber & Massage
SemideCoco - ASMR Artist
Real Person Medical
(Fe)MaleASMR - Weird ASMR
Unusual Styles
ASMR Shortbread - Close Personal Attention
ASMR Shortbread
Close Personal Attention
Lizi ASMR - Personal Attention ASMR

Personal Attention

Phoenix from Explore More Massage

Explore More
Massage, Spa & treatments

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We know there are a lot of good ASMR artists out there so we are covering the ones that we watch and listen to first.

If you want to have your channel featured or know of one you think is good, let us know!

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