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What is ASMR Massage?

ASMR massage videos are one of the most popular ways to trigger ASMR tingles by stimulating the visual and aural senses.

By using massaging treatments such as Sports massage, Thai massage or Chair massage the massage therapists use techniques such as effleurage, tapotement, rubbing and kneading on their clients.

Types of Massage good for ASMR

There are quite a number of massage styles that are ideally suited for ASMR. These include:

Body Massage – typically a Swedish style massage which is a gentle stroking style
Sports Massage – a more energetic and physically engaged massage
Thai Massage – physically active, fully clothed and take place on the floor
Chair Massage – nice vibes and a different ASMR angle from sitting down
Moxibustion – indirect heat often used alongside regular massage
Cupping – creating a vacuum to release the ‘Qi’ as part of a massage treatment
Limpia – South American style part massage, part ritual – I love it!
Turkish Massage – getting hot and wet in a Turkish Hamman bath house

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It was all new to me before I got into ASMR and there are some really good tingles to be had from watching someone have their ears cleaned and massaged!