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Cupping Therapy ASMR
Cupping Therapy ASMR

What is ASMR Cupping Massage Therapy?

Cupping Massage Therapy is really effective for ASMR as the rituals of the ‘cupping’ process & massage along with background noise create triggers & tingles!

ASMR Cupping Therapy is where ‘cups’ are placed on the body and a vacuum is created drawing the skin into the cup and dilating blood vessels.

Said to help with anxiety, migraines and other medical issues its ideal for ASMR as there is usually a massage to go along with the cupping process.

Mainly used in Asia but can be seen in use in the Middle East and South America. It involves heating cups or glass bowls to create a vacuum and therefore suction when quickly applied to the skin.

There are some cupping tools that do not require heating but operate using a pump to extract the air and create the vacuum.

Sometimes the cups are manipulated to stretch the skin particularly on the back and feet as it is a form of deep tissue massage primarily aimed at relaxation.

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ASMR Cupping Therapy Massage Artists to watch

For me some of the best cupping videos are the ones for $2 on the streets of Vietnam.

You get some great background ASMR usually from traffic but also get some good deep tissue massages.

YHR TV always has some good cupping on the sidewalk type content

I really like this video here – super relaxing. I have watched it loads of times!

ShiliTV has a really chilling cupping content whether on her back, feet or stomach! Usually she is in a Spa.

ASMR Triggers for ASMR Cupping Therapy Massage

ASMR Cupping Therapy Massage creates some great ASMR Triggers.

These include flame lighting, brushing, whispering, scratching, close contact, skin stretching, oil on skin, rubbing, white noise, background noise, car sounds and of course massages.

Benefits of ASMR Cupping Therapy Massage

When I am watching any cupping therapy content for ASMR purposes I really like the rituals that go with it.

Something slightly mesmerizing about it.

I find that this sort of content can really help me relax and chill out.

The background noise is always good or the quiet of a Spa setting is very restful.