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ASMR Sports Massage
ASMR Sports Massage

What is ASMR Sports Massage?

ASMR sports massage is a much more energetic and physically engaged massage. This induces ASMR triggers and tingles and is used to help people relax and improve their sleep.

Often looking to resolve muscle issues, relieve pain and increase flexibility through a deeper contact from the massage therapist by using increased pressure and manipulation of the affected area or limbs.

From an ASMR point of view this deeper contact is often filmed in close up and can be non talking.

So while the manipulation and movements can be a bit quicker than those of a typical Swedish massage they are still very relaxing.

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ASMR Triggers for Sports Massage

ASMR Sports Massage creates some great ASMR Triggers.

These include brushing, spraying, hand movements, scratching, sticky sounds, measuring, manipulation, close contact, skin on skin contact and use of tools to dig into the muscles.

ASMR Sports Massage Benefits

The benefits of watching an ASMR sports massage includes a feeling of connection with the person getting the massage. Almost like the massage therapist is working on your body. At least that is what I feel!

Also, sports massage can be non talking so you can really focus on what work is being done and the sights and sounds of the massage.

I find sports massage are really good for a quick decompress as they are really easy to get into.

ASMR Sports Massage Artists to watch

If like me you like watching sports massages then have a look at these two massage therapists who conduct sports massages.

Timur Doctorov is a Russian guy who gets some of the most extreme, but also relaxing to watch, sports massages!

This is a good sports head massage video of his here by Anastasia.

Explore More is an Aussie who travels around Thailand getting some pretty deep sports massage.