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Timur Doctorov

About Timur Doctorov

Timur Doctorov is a Russian ASMR artist who makes ASMR videos featuring massages, chiropractors and alternative therapy.

Timur travels the world getting massages and spa therapies showcasing the various massage techniques used by each specialist and in each country.

The main benefits for people watching his video content are one of relaxation, calming and as an aid to better sleep.

Tingle Rating

Timur always has an interesting variety of spa and massage treatments.

And he always enjoys himself, well apart from the painful bits, and is super positive about the people he works with around the world.

So I give him a solid 4.5 stars!

Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Channel Information Timur Doctorov

Artist Real Name: Timur Doctorov (ТИМУР ДОКТОРОВ)

Timur Doctorov YouTube: Timur Doctorov Live – here

YouTube ID: @timurdoctorovlive4602

Categories: Massage, Chiropractic, Alternative Therapy

Video Location: Spa, Studio, Outdoors, Barbers

Channel Live: 2019

Subscribers: 520k

Total Views: 218 million

Total Videos: 208

Country: Russia

Nationality: Russian

Typical video Length: 20 to 40 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Most likely to say: ‘Here is a new massage table Lyuda’

Least likely to say: ‘I’ll wear red shorts!’

Timur Doctorov Live ASMR Triggers

Timur has a wide range of treatments and I get a load of good tingles from triggers such as back cracks, neck crack, shoulder cracks, chopping, kneading, hand cracks, massage, hammering, tapping, scratching, oil on skin and body and limb manipulation.

Key Benefits of the Timur Doctorov Live channel

In my experience there are several key benefits from watching Timur do his thing.

New Experiences – he has introduced me to some really great new spa treatments such as the Turkish baths.

Relaxation – from an ASMR perspective I find watching his content really relaxing. I particularly like it when he has really deep and strong massages.

Cracks – always guaranteed a good pop and crack on some of his chiropractic videos – and his face is always priceless!

3 most viewed videos from Timur Doctorov Live:

ASMR Strong Thai Massage with Mega Cracks

This great video filmed in Phuket, Thailand has 4.7 million views. And they have probably all come for the cracks!

There are some great neck, shoulder, ear and back cracks. And lovely sounds of birds and nature in the background!

Timur Thai Massage
Timur Doctorov Thai Massage with Strong Cracks!

Hardest adjustments in my life

This is a tough watch as the ‘bonesetter‘ get to work on Timur. With 3.3million views watch as Timur is bent and cracked in lots of different ways!

Key features of this video are the back and neck cracks, again, but also some really, good deep massages.

Timur Doctorov Scoliosis treatment ASMR
Timur Doctorov Scoliosis treatment ASMR

ASMR Chair head and back massage with neck cracking

We like a good chair massage, as the 3.3 million views of this video shows so do a lot of other people.

Alyana ,who is a regular masseuse on Timur’s channel, performs this chair massage. And get a lot of typically deep massages in.

She also get some good neck, finger, hand and wrist cracks for some good ASMR triggers.

Timur Doctorov Chair head and back massage with neck cracking
Timur Doctorov Chair head and back massage with neck cracking

The actual most popular video is one of Timur getting a street massage and cupping. It is really good and one of our favourites. But YouTube, for some reason, (i.e. broken algorithm and puritanical owners) think this is only for mature audiences and has to be viewed on YouTube.

Anyway, it’s a great video so watch it here – it is perfectly safe for anyone to watch! And the massage is brilliant!

Quirks and features:

Timur always has the toughest styles of massages and chiropractic adjustments.

I am not sure how his body doesn’t react against it – I think mine wold just say stop!!

What we like about Timur Doctorov Live

Timur travels around a lot so you get to see different techniques as well as interesting countries and locations.

He is really up for anything and will try new treatments – even if they hurt and don’t do any good!

So if you want to be stretched, bent in half, pulled apart by ropes, cracked, beaten, hammered and generally abused in the name of relaxation – Timur is your man!

He seems to be a really nice guy, relaxed and considerate to those he is getting treatments from.

I like the way he has regular contributors and collaborations like Alyana and Lyuda.

And something Timur does which I think we should get more of is that he often comments on how the treatment made him feel. Too often the videos just end when the treatments are finished and that is it, no feedback.

Our favourite Timur Doctorov video

This back massage video is typical of the intense type that Timur regularly has on his channel.

It is Polina who is providing the massage this time and she doesn’t hold back.

You really feel that she is kneading and getting under the skin and working out those knots! Even the effleurage looks pretty intense!

The chopping was really satisfying as well.

Timur Doctorov Super Intense Back Massage
Timur Doctorov Super Intense Back Massage

Similar ASMR creators to Timur

Timur is pretty unique in the styles of massages he gets. And the locations.

But if you like his videos try these other ASMR artists as well.

Nomad Barber – British based but travels the world getting haircuts, massages and spa treatments

Explore More – Aussie/ Thai dude travels the world getting massaged – now that’s a good job!

Jason Rupp – always entertaining, very funny and great travelogues as he gets haircuts and a lot, lot more – often in Thailand!

Timur Doctorov Instagram

Timur occasionally posts on Instagram so worth checking him out there as well.

Instagram: here for his Instagram account!

Instagram Channel Name: timur_doctorov

Posts: 135

Followers: 4,264k

Following: 0!

Category: Blogger

Located: Russia

Date joined: January 2015

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Timur’s videos!