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Moxibustion ASMR
Moxibustion ASMR

What is Moxibustion ASMR?

Moxibustion is a Chinese based therapeutic treatment that is often used as part of a massage session. ShiliTV is the Queen of moxibustion!

I find that it is really soothing to watch and there are many triggers that set of my ASMR tingles.

Moxibustion is where an indirect heat is applied to parts of the body by burning mugwort or sometimes with type ceramic tools.

The aim is to regulate the flow of ‘Qi’ to improve patient well being.

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ASMR Moxibustion Artists to watch

I got into Moxibustion from the ever brilliant ShiliTV as she has loads of Chinese Spa treatments in South Korea.

She has some really unique Moxibustion content with treatments focussed on her feet, head, stomach and back.

This is one of my favourite videos here – where Shili has a Moxibustion Ear Spa. Note how they are using a more modern tool to heat up Shili.

ASMR Beauty has also had a few Moxibustion sessions which are well worth checking out.

ASMR Triggers for ASMR Moxibustion

ASMR Moxibustion is good for tingles and has many ASMR Triggers.

These include flame lighting, sticky sounds, manipulation, close contact, skin on skin contact, oil on skin, skin pulling, white noise, ear manipulation, tracing, and unintentional real person ASMR.

Benefits of ASMR Moxibustion

As a lot of Moxibustion treatments takes place as part of a massage I find them really calming. Also very interesting as well! I would love to have a Moxibustion session.

For me the overall benefits are chilling out, dozing off and I find them really rhythmical and soothing.