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Chair Massage
Chair Massage

What is a ASMR Chair Massage?

ASMR chair massage is where a person sits on a massage chair and gets a massage while you get the tingles.

I really like chair massages for ASMR as you get a different set of triggers away from the usual massage routines.

For example there is a greater concentration on back massages, head massages, arm and leg massages.

These are different in that you get unique angles on the body as the patient is seated and the therapist is standing up.

Typically they are shorter than usual massages, 10 to 15 minutes, so offer a quick ASMR trigger and tingle hit if you want one!

The chair massages tend to take place in barber shops or shopping malls.

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ASMR Chair Massage Artists to watch

I used to love the massage chair content from German Beate Holzer Massage here – she doesn’t produce many videos but they are all good.

I also really like the Turkish ASMR chair content from ASMR çambeyli massage here – check out his use of tools and an axe!

PithoTv here is another Turkish channel that produces a lot of in chair ASMR content particularly in shopping malls.

ASMR Triggers for ASMR Chair Massage

There are a lot of the usual ASMR triggers you get from massages such as rubbing, stretching, patting, manipulation, skin on skin contact.

But as most of the chair massages are taking place with the patient fully clothed you also get clothes rustling sounds, squeaky clothes sounds and fabric sounds.

Benefits of ASMR Chair Massage

For me the main benefits of watching chair massages is that they are usually quite quick and they offer a different type of massage tingle.

I find them very relaxing but sometimes I just want to watch a few different videos so can jump form one chair massage to the other quite quickly.