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ASMR Body Massage
ASMR Body Massage

What is ASMR Body Massage?

ASMR body massage is a generic term for any type of massage which induces ASMR triggers and feelings and can enable better sleep.

Typically this will be a ‘Swedish Massage‘ style from a massage therapist which would be an unintentional ASMR style.

Or it may be deliberately created to induce ASMR triggers and tingles.

The more relaxing Swedish style massage often uses longer flowing strokes, effleurage, in order to warm the body and muscles up.

The hand on skin contact, soothing sounds of the brushing of hand against skin and general hand movements are really good for triggering ASMR tingles.

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ASMR Triggers for Body Massage

ASMR Body Massage creates a lot of very calming and soothing ASMR Triggers.

These include whispering, brushing, spraying, hand movements, scratching, sticky sounds, manipulation, close contact, skin on skin contact, ambient sounds and oil on skin sounds.

ASMR Body Massage Benefits

Benefits of ASMR body massage includes creating relaxing and calming feelings. Often to enable you to get to sleep easier.

Also, the whispering or soft spoken talking, massage sounds and music create great ambient background sounds to help you focus or study.

ASMR Body Massage Artists to watch

If you like watching and listening to ASMR Body Massage content then check out these ASMRtists who produce very effective ASMR content.

I prefer real massage styles so here are two of my favourites!

Athena Jezick is an amazing real massage therapist who practices Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish Massage, Lymphatic drainage as well as massage tutorials on the best massage techniques.

This is a good back massage video of hers here

Dr Lucys ASMR Massage Office is well worth a watch as she does some very deep and relaxing massages on real, regular people.