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Rain, thunder, water, ocean wave & cosy sounds

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  1. Rain, thunder, water, ocean wave & cosy sounds
  2. What are ASMR ambient sounds?
  3. Benefits of Ambient Sounds
  4. ASMR Triggers from Ambient Sounds
  5. Types of Ambient Sounds
  6. Rain and Thunder Sounds
  7. Water Sounds
  8. Garden Sounds
  9. Seasonal Ambient Sounds
  10. Black Screen / Dark Screen Rain Sounds
  11. Ocean Wave Sounds
  12. Best ASMR YouTube channels for Ambient Sounds
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What are ASMR ambient sounds?

Ambient sounds in ASMR are softer sounds such as running water, rain on tarps, wave sounds, garden sounds and seasonal sounds.

These are used to help with getting to sleep, reduce stress or anxiety.

Or as background noise for those working at home or studying where some light distraction is required.

There are quite a few types of ambient sounds. Some are just that. Sound only. This where the dark, black or dimmed screen videos come into play. These are videos aimed at helping you get to sleep and typically involve rain and thunder.

There are also more visually soothing videos, such as waves crashing or streams running.

And some have a more ‘role play’ element where visually they are paintings or graphics which may have small animated or moving elements. for example shooting stars or leaves falling from trees.

So quite a few variants on the theme of ‘ambient sound’. We have detailed these below into a soundboard for ASMR. And also added in some of the best ASMR channels for you to have a look at and discover new ASMR artists.

Rain on a window - ambient sounds for ASMR
Rain on a window – ambient sounds for ASMR

Benefits of Ambient Sounds

  • Sleep – wave sounds are really good for this!
  • Relaxation – ocean waves and thunder works for me here
  • Study at home – light rain sounds or running rivers
  • Calming – garden sounds are ideal
  • Working from home – dark screens if you don’t want to be visually distracted
  • Meditation help – water sounds work for me
  • Stress reduction – seasonal sounds
  • Insomnia relief – oddly rolling thunder with waves works for me
  • Anxiety reduction – got to be garden sounds!

ASMR Triggers from Ambient Sounds

  • Waves
  • Rain on roof
  • Tapping
  • Leaves falling
  • Trees rustling
  • Dripping
  • Running water
  • Rolling thunder and wave sounds combined
  • Birds singing
  • Insects chirping
  • Coffee pouring

Types of Ambient Sounds

Rain and Thunder Sounds

When you are looking at ambient sounds to help you relax or sleep then slightly counterintuitively heavy rain and thunder works really well.

Whether it is the pitter patter of the rain against the windows, or the rolling thunder in the background you are sure to be relaxed by the soothing sounds.

Visually these videos tend to be quite static. So it’s more of an aural experience. The video we feature here has a nice dark, sombre mood as the rain trickles down the window pane.

The video is 8 hours long so if you are looking for uninterrupted sounds or thunder and rain to help you study or sleep this is ideal.

Water Sounds

It’s funny how we as a race gravitate towards water. Whether the sea, or lakes or rivers there is something that we all seek from reconnecting with nature.

This video featuring running water flowing down a small gully. As it is filmed at night it also has some crickets chirping in the background.

There is something really relaxing about the sound of running water.

This would be perfect background noise if you were working from home or perhaps just looking to cancel some other noise.

This video is 3 hours long so you can just leave on in the background although the video is actually of the running stream so that is quite nice to watch as well.

Garden Sounds

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in a garden on a hot summers day? There is something really pleasant about just drifting off to sleep in the sun.

Garden sounds are especially soothing as they are all natural and multi layered as many different birds are singing away.

This would be another video that would be ideal for background noise cancellation or playing softly to help you drift off to sleep.

Seasonal Ambient Sounds

The different seasons each bring with them their own sounds and images.

With Winter there is the crunch of snow underfoot and hearty fires burning. In Spring we have light rain and in Summer birds singing and gentle streams running through fields. In Autumn we have leaves falling, stronger winds and cooler days.

It is fascinating to see how the ASMR video interpret the sounds of each season.

The video here is set in Autumn/Fall with a warming cup of coffee to help fight off the blizzard sounds as the leaves fall to the floor and the birds sing in the background. There is a nice, rich Autumnal glow to the visualisation of the sounds. And you can hear the coffee being poured!

I can just imagine curling up on a sofa, fire burning and reading a book with this playing in the background.

Black Screen / Dark Screen Rain Sounds

For those of you looking to get to sleep then the pure ASMR dark screen rain falling video will be ideal.

The dark or black screens mean there is no intrusive light from your cell, mobile or tablet. And, as in the case of the video here, the heavy rainfall on a roof for over 10 hours should give you enough time to relax and not worry about having to reset the video.

Of course being a black or dark screen does mean that visually there is nothing to look at but this is purely an aural experience.

Ocean Wave Sounds

The sounds of waves rolling and crashing onto the shoreline are just blissful! And add in thunder sounds and that is a bonus!

The video I like here is really special as the it was shot in Playa de Piticabo in the Dominican Republic. And the beach is actually pebbles so you get a really accentuated sound from the waves when they hit the shore.

Visually it is also stunning, so if you want to feel super relaxed and chilled like you can get on holiday this is the perfect video for you. The blue colours of the sea and sky are stunning.

I love the calm bits where the wave has rolled in, and then is on it’s way back out before the next wave arrives!

This would be the best ASMR for studying and I see in the comments it is being used in hospitals to help create a calm, soothing atmosphere.

Best ASMR YouTube channels for Ambient Sounds

A quick run down of links to the best Ambient Sounds YouTube channels for you to explore:

Before you go here is a handpicked post just for you!

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