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ASMR Thai Massage
ASMR Thai Massage

What is ASMR Thai Massage?

ASMR Thai Massage is typically a more full on style of massage, comprising of Acupressure, Yoga and Indian Ayurvedic styles to create ASMR triggers and tingles.

Sometimes Tok Sen therapy and implements are also used.

The massage is usually conducted on the floor to allow for a greater range of body movements and access to different parts of the body.

Those taking part will usually be fully clothed, albeit with loose fitting clothes to allow for those extreme body manipulations.

From an ASMR point of view the rustle of clothes, the close ups, the hammering of the Tok Sen tools, the focus and the manipulations as well as the often very nice settings make for some great trigger opportunities.

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ASMR Thai Massage Artists to watch

If like me you like watching Thai massages then have a look at these two ASMRtists who often get a Thai massage with lots of tingles!

ASMR Beauty has a lot of variety of massages and she gets a few really nice Thai massages.

This is a good Thai and Tok Sen massage video of hers here

Explore More get a load of Thai massages actually in Thailand – so the real deal!

ASMR Triggers for ASMR Thai Massage

ASMR Thai Massage creates some great ASMR Triggers.

These include body manipulation, hammering, tapping, brushing, soft spoken voices, clothes rustling sounds, spraying, hand movements, scratching, close contact, skin on skin contact, background noises and rhythmic beating sounds.

ASMR Thai Massage Benefits

When I watch ASMR Thai massage content I find them super relaxing.

They often send me if not to actually to sleep but to that space where you are almost asleep and every thought drifts to the back of your mind.

I think it’s partly the tapping, the rustle of clothes and soft voices.

And the background noises all make this a really nice way to totally chill out.