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What is Limpia ASMR?

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What is Limpia ASMR?

Limpia is a form of cleansing to remove blockages such as negativity, bad luck and bad karma from your body, mind and soul.

Limpia uses a lot of massage techniques that create ASMR triggers so that people watching will get ASMR tingles.

Limpia ASMR works really well due to the close personal interaction between the patient and the healer.

Eggs are used in Limpia to remove bad energy
Eggs are used in Limpia to remove bad energy

Traditionally from South American countries such as Ecuador and Mexico the Limpia process varies. It typically involves a physical healing by patting the person with local plants sprayed with flower water.

And inhaling essential oils rubbed in their hands.

A raw egg is often used to suck out the bad energy by rolling it over their body.

The egg is then broken open and ‘read’ or ‘interpreted‘ by the person conducting the Limpia.

My experience of Limpia for ASMR

I find that Limpia ASMR works really well for me in a number of ways.

Firstly the whole process which is very ritualistic is very soothing. While there are a lot of variations in how Limpia is given and received it actually follows a broadly familiar pattern. And this is predictable and super relaxing.

Limpia is of course very ‘hands on’. And as such really good for generating triggers and tingles.

And there is also the uniqueness of the Limpia process. It’s quite different than a lot of other ‘Spa’ treatments. So offers up a great variety of massaging, brushing personal, contact and interaction.

Also, the majority of Limpia content is filmed outside and you get to experience the maxing countryside sights and sounds. Like running rivers, wind in the trees and birds singing. So relaxing!

Massages in Limpia

Massages will often accompany the Limpia process and incorporate many different techniques including hair pulling, tapping, kneading, rolling and manipulation.

So the key benefits are helping with addictions, phobias and fears as well as cleansing the mind, body and soul.

Limpia ASMR Triggers

In my experience Limpia is one of the best ways to get ASMR triggers. Here are a few that I get from watching Limpia content.

  • Skin brushing sounds
  • Scratching
  • Dry brushing
  • Smudging
  • Gua Sha
  • Patting
  • Running Water
  • Humming

Limpia Process

The Limpia process varies a lot but there are some basics routines that are used to perform the ritual. These include:

Location: What I like about the Limpia ASMR videos is that the locations are quite varied. They often take place outdoors, whether in a market, town square, by a river or in a garden.

They can also take place indoors at homes or in Spa’s.

Shaman or Healers: Almost always women with lots of experience handed down through generations.

Position: The recipient is usually seated on a chair but can also be lying down. Particularly if the Limpia being performed is more massage based.

Fire circle: A circle of fire may sometimes be used as part of the Limpia ritual

Background: Singing or chanting is often used alongside the actual treatments.

Candles and Incense: These are used to help set the scene and are lit as part of the healing ritual

Limpia chants and singing

Chants: Repeated chants of ‘quisha’, ‘quisha’, ‘quisha’ and incantations to the spirits.

Songs and spells: These are also sung alongside the ritual taking place

Recipients: People of all ages take part in the Limpia ritual. From babies with their mothers at markets (often to help get over birth traumas) to older people in their homes and teenagers in parks.

Limpia is used by every age

Flowers used: Some use just the flower heads and some just the branches. Typical flowers include Santa Maria Silvstre, Poleo, Laurel Grande, Romero, Ruda, White Wandug, Pink Wandug & Cholo Valiente

Essentials Oils: Oils are used alongside the flowers.

These are often rubbed into the hands and the aromas inhaled. Jasmine, Rose and Eucalyptus are typical.

They can be sprayed over the body as well.

Limpia Ritual

The actual process, techniques and order do vary depending on the shaman or healer and what is required. A typical treatment or ritual flow may be something like this:

Chanting, often repeating ‘quisha’, ‘quisha‘, ‘quisha’

Rubbing of oil in hands and inhaling

Spraying of petals from the mouth of the Shaman over the client

Spraying of flower water over the body

Beating, patting and waving with the flowers and branches

Rolling the egg over all of the body to remove the evils

Reading or interpretation of the egg

Head massage, shoulder massage, neck massage

Shaking maracas over the body

Stones run over the body and tapped together around the body to remove bad energy

Hair pulling or sacar los soles

Tapping of the head

Hair Brushing

Chopping massage

Stretching of the arms, cracking the fingers

Petals and spraying of water, flavoured with flowers, from the mouth of the Shaman onto the face and body of the client (seems to be less of this in a post Covid world)

There are so many triggers for ASMR tingles using Limpia videos.

The whole process is very much aligned with how ASMR works in terms of relaxing the body.

Limpia Benefits

The benefits of Limpia are focussed around cleansing the mind, body and soul.

Limpia ASMR videos are great for relaxing, sleeping, anxiety relief and reducing stress and also include:

Treatment of addictions

Treatment of Phobias

Treatment of Fears

Reduce negative energies


Clear Bad Air


Healing the person

Remove tiredness

Relieve stress

Reduce nerves

Free the body of evils so it can absorb good vibes for health and harmony in home work and life

After the process people may enter a trance like state but most just feel happier, peaceful and possibly energetic

The benefits of Limpia and Limpia ASMR are very similar. The triggers that are used to relax people having a Limpia healing will also help you relax and get those tingles!

Note: Limpia is not a medical solution so always speak to your Doctor first about any issues you may have

Best YouTube channels for Limpia ASMR

Ecuador Live ASMR

Ecuador Live – has consistently high quality and regular ASMR output with some great healers including Doña Esperanza, Nelly ASMR, Doña Rosa and Doña Isabel.

Doña Esperanza's energy cleansing with whispering, hair play, scratching from Ecuador Live
Doña Esperanza’s energy cleansing with whispering, hair play, scratching from Ecuador Live

Alfredo Uno ASMR

Alfredo Uno – where I first got into Limpia with Martha Pangol. Always interesting, authentic Limpia in great locations.

Limpia practitioners for Alfredo Uno include Martha Pangol, Doña Blanca, Nelsy and Paulina.

Marth Pangol - Classic Limpia ASMR in the marketplace from Alfredo Uno
Marth Pangol – Classic Limpia ASMR in the marketplace from Alfredo Uno

Cuenca Limpia

Cuenca Limpia – different videos from some familiar ASMR artists including Nelsy, Paulina and Doña Rosa.

Doña Rosa - full body massage, whispering, energy healing and sleep by Cuenca Limpia
Doña Rosa – full body massage, whispering, energy healing and sleep by Cuenca Limpia

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