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What is an ASMR Turkish Bath?

An ASMR Turkish bath, or Hammam, is primarily a relaxing and cleansing experience where your body is deeply massaged, scrubbed and exfoliated using a glove (called a Kese) salt and soaps.

You are rinsed down using a lot of foam as well as hot and cold water.

There are lots of great ASMR triggers such as massage, scrubbing, water sounds, close personal contact, whispering and slapping sounds.

The benefits of watching a ASMR Turkish bath video is one of relaxation, stress relief and calm.

Creating suds in a Hammam using a Torma
Creating suds in a Hammam using a Torma

ASMR triggers from a Turkish Bath

There are some really great triggers from watching a Turkish, Moroccan or Hammam bath.

There are often really quite deep and punishing massages with a lot of pummelling and stretching. Always full body massages which is great.

I really like it when they are being exfoliated as there are some really good scratching ASMR triggers as the Kese is scrubbed up and down the body.

You will get lots of scrubbing with soapy water, often taps will be left running filling up the rinsing bowls so there are water sounds and dripping taps. Great as background and ambient sounds.

And of course there is a lot of close up personal attention and quite often some unintelligible sounds. I always think this is the masseuse muttering under their breath!

What can you expect from Turkish bath ASMR video?

The setting is usually in a Spa style large room usually fully lined with marble.

The room temperature is likely to be warm and humid with most Hammams having a cool room, warm room and a hot room you work your way through.

The person who is having the Turkish Bath is usually clothed in swimming trunks, shorts or often they are given a thin cotton towel called a peshtemal for the duration of bath.

The person giving the bath is also usually wearing a peshtemal.

Typically, but not always, the participants are both male as both male and females can give and receive a Turkish bath.

ASMR benefits of a Turkish Bath

The ASMR benefits of watching a Turkish bath or Hammam is one of relaxation. A bit like those taking part but not as hot and wet!

I also find them really good for de-stressing quickly as a lot of the videos get straight to it. No big build ups with over long previews.

They can also be quite therapeutic as I find I get into the flow of the massages in particular.

And they are also usually quite short videos, so perfect for a quick ASMR hit.

Hamman glove bath with lots of foam from ASMR Münür Önkan
Hamman glove bath with lots of foam from ASMR Münür Önkan

The Hammam process

The Hammam process will vary but typically it will begin with an exfoliating damp scrub using the Kese to remove the dry and dead skin cells. The recipient will be lying on a marble slab to receive the treatment.

The exfoliation and massage will cover all parts of the body including the head, back, front, shoulders, arms legs and feet. Water is applied at intervals to keep the skin semi lubricated.

After a cleansing shower a lot of soap is applied to the body and rubbed in with a vigorous massage.

The soap suds are then rinsed off and the guest then showers off the suds.

Example of soap suds creation using a ‘torma’

There are also different ways to apply the soap suds with perhaps one of the best know ways is to use a pillow type cover called a torma.

Just dip it into the suds, fill it full of air and then squeeze off the suds that build up on the torma.

This is so effective and very satisfying to watch!

Below is the ever excellent Timur Doctorov having a Turkish Bath where the lady giving the bath creates the soap suds using the torma.

It’s a really clever process and does the job brilliantly; creating really thick and plentiful suds.

Timur Doctorov getting suds added as part of his Hammam
Timur Doctorov getting suds added as part of his Hammam

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