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What is Alternative Therapy ASMR?

Alternative therapy ASMR is where various types of healing such as acupressure, moxibustion, reiki, acupuncture and Ayurveda are performed on clients and this generates ASMR triggers for those watching.

Alternative therapy content often delivers unintentional ASMR triggers but some ASMR Artists create content through roleplay to achieve the same effect.

Alternative Therapy  - Moxibustion ASMR
Alternative Therapy – Moxibustion ASMR

ASMR Triggers from Alternative Therapy

  • Massage
  • Hand fluttering
  • Whispering
  • Palpation
  • Plucking
  • Scratching
  • Brushing
  • Head tapping
  • Herbal compress
  • Raking

Types of Alternative Therapy for ASMR

There are many sorts of alternative therapies or alternative medicine and we are going to feature these including examples of the best ASMR videos for each one.

Included in these therapies are Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Gemstone Therapy, Reiki, Moxibustion, Ayurveda and Kinesiology.

Whether or not you believe in alternative therapies, or perhaps have faith in some and not in others, is immaterial for ASMR purposes.

Although it may help if you believe in their therapeutic qualities to make the videos seem more authentic.

Acupressure ASMR

This is a classic unintentional ASMR as Integrative Medicine nurse Carol Joy shows you how to perform acupressure on family and friends.

Acupressure is very similar to Acupuncture but instead uses pressure from the fingers instead of needles to release blocked energy, or qi.

The benefits of Acupressure treatment include stress relief, help with insomnia, menstrual cramps, nausea, fatigue and headaches.

The benefits from watching Acupressure ASMR videos are relaxation, calmness and tingles.

Acupressure Video for ASMR

The video featured here has been incredibly popular racking up over 7 million views. A lot of the success is due to the voice of the nurse being so soothing.

Triggers included in the video include soft voice, hand movements, palpation, manipulation, pressing, silence, whispering, neck adjustments, hand pressing, leg holding, toe holding and foot pressure.

Gemstone Therapy ASMR

Gemstone therapy is based on the premise that gemstones have a natural vibration. And when placed near to or in a persons Aura it can change it.

The human Aura is believed to be made of nine colours and when these are out of balance then illness occurs. The Gemstones are said to rebalance the colours and thus heal the Aura.

Gemstones are often worn on the body to be fully effective in their healing powers.

Gemstone Therapy Video for ASMR

The Gemstone video we are featuring here shows a full gemstone therapy session. In this the practitioner places gems on the body of the patient in order to rebalance the Aura using necklaces.

She then uses clearing sprays and a wand to further clean the whole body. And finally the client is in a seated position for a final spraying and check with the client.

ASMR triggers are hand movements, water spraying, soft voice, wafting of wands over her body, placing of necklaces on her body.

Reiki ASMR

Reiki is a Japanese based type of energy healing where there are blockages causing physical or emotional pain.

The Reiki therapist channels energy into the patient by touch in order to assist the natural healing process.

Conditions that Reiki is used to help include depression, fatigue, anxiety, pain and heart disease.

Reiki Video for ASMR

The video here by ediyasmr showcases a Reiki session aimed at negative emotion removal.

Triggers for ASMR from Reiki include, hand movements, whispering, hands fluttering, crystal use, plucking, raking and scratching.

Acupuncture ASMR

Acupuncture is believed to stimulate the central nervous system which then releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain.

Like acupressure the Qi is believed to be stuck and so fine needles stimulate the nerves in muscles.

This assists the body’s natural healing abilities, frees the Qi and enables the recovery of physical and mental well being.

The benefits of acupuncture are reduced stress, back pain relief, headache and eye strain relief, improved immune system, digestive, cigarette and allergy suppression.

Acupuncture ASMR is often focussed around the ears, more acupressure really. But acupuncture using needles can be super relaxing for both those receiving the treatment and for those watching!

The main triggers on the short acupuncture video here are of soft voice, stroking, brushing, touching of hands, neck, feet and head.

Moxibustion ASMR

Moxibustion is often used alongside acupuncture and acupressure.

But it is also used in its own right like acupuncture and acupressure the focus is on freeing the flow of Qi around the body.

By burning rolled up Mugwort leaves and holding them close to the body (or sometimes on it or against the needle in acupuncture) it heats the immediate area and expelling the cold.

This frees up the flow of blood around the meridians and so the Qi energy is improved.

The benefits of moxibustion include gastrointestinal issues, urinary incontinence, asthma symptoms, eczema and menstrual cramps.

Moxibustion Video for ASMR

The ASMR moxibustion video we like here is one by one of our favourite ASMR artists ShiliTV (시리TV Shili).

Being Chinese she has great access to lots of different moxibustion techniques. This one is on her face, very brave! The contraption they use is something else!

ASMR triggers include face massage, soft music, head massage, skin scraping, hair scraping sounds(very good), shoulder massage, hand massage and face wiping.

Naturopathic Medicine ASMR

Naturopathy medicine really should lend itself well to ASMR as it a way of treating illness without using drugs or surgery. It emphasises the use of physical intervention by tissue manipulation (so massage) and electrotherapy as well as healthy diets and Phytotherapy.

So using of natural agents such as air, water and herbs for treatment purposes.

The benefits of Naturopathy include treating allergies, headaches, obesity, pain, hormonal imbalances and digestive problems.

Naturopathic Medicine Video for ASMR

The video we have chosen to demonstrate Naturopathy is a fairly recent addition to ASMR classics. Albeit it that the original was probably shot in the 19980’s.

This is a short 17 minute recording of treatment of two patients, repeated for over an hour.

The video shows ‘assessment’ and ‘treatment’ of the two patients. And it is really ASMR gold. The Naturopath has an amazing. deep rich timbre of a voice. He has some really cool hand movements, a few chiropractic moves and some neat massages.

And the comments section is one of the best you will ever see – over 5,600 of the funniest comments ever.

I’ll let you be judge of whether this treatment is valid therapy or not. But it is great ASMR! Check it out here.

Kinesiology ASMR

Kinesiology uses a process of checking the muscle strength (biofeedback) to notice any imbalance. If detected this may be causing ill health. Like a lot of the alternative therapies Kinesiology looks to address the imbalance to aid recovery.

The main areas that Kinesiology aims to correct are around stress, anxiety, depression, nutritional defects and minor injuries.

Kinesiology Video for ASMR

The video we feature is from well known, and always entertaining, Australian Madonna Guy of the New Leaf Heath Team.

In this video she actually treating someone who isn’t actually there, using a surrogate. Again, up to you if you think this works but for those taking part if it works for them that is the main thing.

From an ASMR point of view the main triggers are around hand movements, body manipulation, tapping, hand holding, leg pressing, abdominal pressure, tuning forks, head tapping, chest tapping

Madonna works quite quickly, so its not super relaxing like some ASMR videos but it is always quite calming to watch her work.

Ayurveda ASMR

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian belief that balance between mind, body and spirit will promote good health, rather than actually fight against disease.

The three life energies, Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, are all linked to specific body functions. And if these are out of balance they need to be treated.

For ASMR this is usually in the form of massage although in ‘real’ life this may also be treated by using oils, laxatives, herbs for blood purification or ‘panchakarma’. More information here.

Benefits are said to be reduced stress, toxins, better love for yourself, better digestion and cleaner energy.

Ayurveda Video for ASMR

As we said for ASMR it is usually through ayurvedic massage that we come across this practice.

We are featuring a video showing this process for relieving back and spine pain from Phoenix at the ever excellent Explore More channel. Here, a lot, of hot oil is poured onto his back and held in by a wall of dough!

This is massaged in and the excess removed. A hot herbal compress is then used to massage the back and spine. I bet this felt so good!

The ASMR triggers are massage, pouring hot oil, moulding dough, spine pressing, shoulder massage, herbal compress patting.

This is such a good, relaxing video and I am very envious of Phoenix!

Please remember these videos and information are for entertainment purposes and if you have any medical or emotional issues to seek the right help.