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What are background noises for ASMR?

Background noises for ASMR are a mix of ambient sounds and unintentional ASMR. The way they are used varies from studying, sleeping, reading, PTSD, insomnia, tinnitus and eliminate noise when you need to concentrate!

They are the sounds that add depth to the videos we watch and often are the main reason why we end up staying engaged.

The sounds can come in all shapes and forms from dripping taps, road sounds, water sounds or clocks ticking.

Clock hands ticking  - tick tock
Clock hands ticking – tick tock

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Background noise ASMR Triggers

The ASMR triggers from background noises are quite varied from softer sounding running water to more industrial sounds. Some of the most often used sounds are:

  • Fans
  • Dripping taps
  • Running water
  • Car horns, bike horns, van horns
  • Traffic sounds
  • Clocks ticking
  • Industrial sounds
  • White noise

Types of background noise

ASMR Clock sounds

This is one of our favourite ASMR videos which is a really cool barber video.

But right from the start there is the tick tock sound of an old clock in the background.

It has a really solid sound as well and you can see the clock and hear it chime a 3 o’clock at 1:18:56.

You can even hear it when the barber is playing the piano (not kidding,) just before the chiming which is cool.

I think the tick tock of the clock, like a metronome, just lends itself really well to creating a peaceful and relaxing vibe. It’s a great video all round!

I think this video would be really well suited for playing in the background while trying to get some sleep or relax.

ASMR Old Japanese Barbershop from Tokyo ASMR Massage
ASMR Old Japanese Barbershop from Tokyo ASMR Massage

ASMR Road sounds

There are quite a lot of these $2 massage by the side of the road videos out now. This is one of the best though and as it says in the title the road sounds could be ASMR – I agree!

Again right from the start the sounds of the cars whizzing by really close to where the massage is taking place can be heard.

I do worry that they are so close to the kerb and not sure could actually relax if I was there in real life!

So the sounds are of cars, a lot of motorbikes, trucks and the occasional bus. These are all quite loud but the sounds of the massage over the top can be heard easily enough as the masseuse starts chopping and pummelling away.

There is no talking as such so it wont distract in that way.

And don’t forget the odd horn sounding, not quite on India level but then nowhere is!

This video would be suitable for someone looking to concentrate or perhaps drown out the sound of something which was a bit more distracting.

As an ASMR video its is a good one in its own right but the car sounds are really just giving it another level.

$2 Vietnam Street Massage from 임한량 YHR TV
$2 Vietnam Street Massage from 임한량 YHR TV

ASMR Dripping Taps and Water

What an amazing setting for a classic Haircut Harry trip to the barbers. This time in Dublin at the Waldorf Barbershop.

Although the barber shop has been recently restored they may need to get a plumber back out as there is a leaking tap!

Actually I hope they don’t because the drip, drip, drip of the tap is the perfect accompaniment to the wet shave a hair styling that Harry gets.

This is a really good confident shave and as always with Harry’s videos well shot and the sound is crisp.

This video would work well for someone who has insomnia and just needs to relax a bit before hopefully dropping off to sleep.

There is minimal conversation, just good wet shaving action with a nice massage and styling of the hair.

(Spoiler, the leaking tap has been repaired – boo!)

Haircut Harry Hot Towel Shave & Head Massage At  Waldorf Barbershop
Haircut Harry Hot Towel Shave & Head Massage At Waldorf Barbershop

Horns beeping ASMR !

Well if you mention horns being honked and beeped then you just know that Baba Sen is going to have to feature.

This video from the Italian ASMR Barber is a good one. It’s a typical Baba massage video with lots of hand waving, cream and shaking of the head.

But I defy you to find a 10 second gap where there are no horns being blared out! And there is a quiet drone of cars and people talking as well.

This video would be a good one for people looking to cancel out other sounds.

The horns are weird though, as after a while you get used to them and actually miss them if they are not there. Maybe its just Baba’s videos when this happens!

Baba the Cosmic Barber from ASMR Barber
Baba the Cosmic Barber from ASMR Barber

ASMR White noise – industrial

This is an eye test video and from an ASMR point of view is strong on the soft voice and personal attention to detail.

There is however a background noise which is like an industrial sounding white noise throughout the video.

I suspect it is all the eye inspection machines that are running that are making the noise. Fans whirring away to stop them over heating.

This background fan noise along with the chat would probably work quite well at a lower level for concentrating or studying as there are no sudden loud sounds.

Eye Scan at Clamp Optometrists from ASMR Beauty
Eye Scan at Clamp Optometrists from ASMR Beauty

Best sites for background ASMR noise

Some links to the best YouTube channels for background noise and are the best ASMR for studying:

Before you go, check out this handpicked article!

Whether you are looking to focus, study, relax or sleep using background noises its worth checking out some ambient sounds as well.