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Katherina ASMR – TSA Patdowns
  1. About Katherina ASMR
  2. Tingle Rating
  3. Channel Information: Katherina ASMR
  4. Katherina ASMR – ASMR Triggers
  5. Key Benefits for you from Katherina ASMR
  6. 3 most viewed video types from Katherina ASMR
  7. 1. One minute Cranial Nerve Exam
  8. 2. TSA Pat Down collaboration
  9. 3. Real Person Back Exam & Scalp Inspection
  10. Quirks and features
  11. What we like about Katherina ASMR
  12. Our favourite Katherina ASMR video – 5 minute ASMR for people with ADHD
  13. Similar ASMR creators:
  14. Other Katherina ASMR Channels
  15. Katherina on TikTok
  16. Katherina on Instagram – sort of!
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About Katherina ASMR

Katherina is an American ASMR artist specialising in TSA Pat-down videos, Medical and cranial nerve examinations and short form videos suitable for those with ADHD.

Discover which are her best videos for triggers, what are her quirks and features and what the benefits for you are when watching her content.

Tingle Rating

Katherina has perfected her style and knows her niche well.

Always tingly and always slightly awkward ‘how are you doing?’ – fun!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Channel Information: Katherina ASMR

Artist Name: Katherina

YouTube: Katherina ASMR here

Categories: Medical, TSA Pat Down, Cranial Nerve Exam, Role Play

Video Location: Studio, house

Channel Live: 2013

Subscribers: 146k

Total Views: 36 million

Total Videos: 440

Country: USA

Nationality: American

Most likely to say: ‘this won’t take long’

Least likely to say: ‘no more collaborations!’

Average video length: 30 seconds to 30 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1 or 2

Katherina ASMR – ASMR Triggers

  • Soft spoken
  • Mouth sounds
  • Fast and aggressive
  • TSA Pat downs
  • 1 minute tests
  • Brushing Sounds
  • Body tapping
  • Sensation testing
  • Fabric scraping
  • Latex gloves
  • ADHD triggers
  • Collaborations
  • Role play
  • Crinkles

Key Benefits for you from Katherina ASMR

  • Calming – very soothing and great for a de-stress
  • ADHD friendly – nice fast and aggressive videos
  • Great variety of triggers – from a good selection of videos

3 most viewed video types from Katherina ASMR

These are the three most viewed ASMR video types from Katherina ASMR.

She has created quite a few short (1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute) form videos.

So we have looked at the different types of video she produces so you get a good idea of what she is doing for ASMR.

1. One minute Cranial Nerve Exam

This one minute Cranial Nerve Exam is packed full of tingles – and all in just one minute!

What I found interesting was, having watched a lot of cranial nerve exams, was just how many of the tests she managed to get in without it seeming really rushed.

Included are eye test, colour recognition, heart rate, breathing, visual test, smell test and sensation testing. And some great mouth sounds.! Phew!

Check it out here.

2. TSA Pat Down collaboration

A nice collaboration with LunaLux ASMR for this TSA Pat down. Lot of good triggers even though the pace is fast and aggressive.

The ‘most replayed’ part of the pat down is at 6:35 where there is a body patting and brushing.

Some nice triggers including massage, body touching, back tapping, material scratching, zipper sounds and spraying sounds.

Get those pat down tingles here

3. Real Person Back Exam & Scalp Inspection

I like the length of this video, just over 17 minutes. So gives you enough time to get into it but also, if you like to make it to the need before sleeping, a chance to do so!

That said this real person back exam is really good so you may well drop off before the end.

It starts off with taking information, checking vital signs, some nice touches on the neck, and then onto the back exam using a light.

There are some lovely soft tapping and rolling segments, some measuring and sensation – sharp or dull, testing. I really liked the dual back brushing at around 9.00.

It finishes off with an electric massager and tuning fork before starting a head and hair examination. A very nice and underrated ASMR video.

Sleepy time here

Quirks and features

Check out Katherina’s second channel for POV ASMR videos here.

Love the animated videos with Smash ASMR Light!

A good quirk and feature, more of a feature really, is her use of short length videos for a quick hit of ASMR. Her 1 and 3 minute videos are a good idea and packed full of triggers and tingles.

She has a good selection of pink, blue and purple latex gloves!

What we like about Katherina ASMR

Katherina has a nice soft voice and a gentle manner.

She has made a lot of very good Pat down videos.

She has also created some nice medical and cranial nerve exams.

Has some good collaborations with LunaLux ASMR, Mad P ASMR and Smash ASMR Light

Her quick and short ASMR videos are really good and packed full of tingly goodness!

Varies between talking and no talking, which is cool. Good to have a choice.

The videos for those with a short attention span such as ADHD are a really good idea.

Does fast and aggressive style really well!

Our favourite Katherina ASMR video – 5 minute ASMR for people with ADHD

I haven’t come across too many videos like this one. A rapid fire, chaotic 5 minute blast of triggers for people with ADHD.

Looking at the comments it seems to work as well which is fantastic.

I suppose we all tend to fast forward ASMR videos looking for the triggers.

But this type of video potentially stops you doing that by hitting you with trigger, after trigger after trigger. So no need to fast forward as this is all done for you!

Great ASMR video for ADHD! Watch it here!

Similar ASMR creators:

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Other Katherina ASMR Channels

Katherina has a variety of Social channels some of which she is active on. Others, not so much!

Katherina on TikTok

TikTok channel here

TikTok Channel Name: katherinaasmr


Following: 470

Followers: 46k

Likes: 413.9k

Katherina on Instagram – sort of!

Instagram: here for her Instagram account!

Instagram Channel Name: katherinaasmr

Bio: Blank!

Posts: 0

Followers: 0

Following: 0

Category: You need to follow as the account is set to Private.

Located: Probably USA!

Date joined: April 2023

Hey, before you go! Here is a handpicked post for you!

We all love Katherina, so maybe you would be interested in some chiropractic ASMR content?

They don’t mess around. A bit like Katherina when she is doing her fast and aggressive styles!

Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Katherina’s videos!