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What is ASMR Collaboration?

ASMR collaborations, or collabs, are becoming increasingly popular where two or more ASMR artists combine to produce content together that both adds a new dimension to the video and exposes the artists to new viewers.

We all love ASMR. But what is better than one ASMR artist or channel? Two! Kind like a reverse Spice Girls song, ‘when 1 becomes 2’.

So we have found the best and hottest collaborations between the best ASMR artists where they join forces to produce epic ASMR video content!

Epic ASMR Collaboration – Lunalux ASMR and Mad P ASMR

Types of ASMR Collaboration

Medical ASMR Collaboration – LunaLux ASMR & asmr august

This is a really good, and somewhat unexpected, collaboration between LunaLux ASMR and august asmr that takes place in England. I’m just surprised it wasn’t a TSA Pat Down!

These two ASMR artists are really well suited to work together. Both have very similar soft voiced and gentle approaches to their content.

And both have done these types of ‘Head to Toe’ medical examination before.

One of the things I really like about this video is the two different accents at play. From LunaLux ASMR with her Romania/USA accent contrasting well with the English accent of asmr august.

Just as side note for those quick tingle hits the most replayed part of this collab was at 7:49 when asmr august’s head was being measured.

Video here

Bonus medical collaboration

Bonus medical ‘Back examination’ collaboration video between Mad P ASMR and asmr august! Bound to happen as Mad P and LunaLux are cousins so assume they were travelling together!

Video here

Barber ASMR Collaboration – Haircut Harry and Nomad Barber

Haircut Harry and the Nomad Barber have actually done a few collaborations. There is a playlist here from Haircut Harry’s channel.

But this was actually the first one I saw and recognised that it was the Nomad Barber doing the haircut and styling. It’s still one of my favourite haircut videos.

This collaboration between Harry and Miguel takes place in the The Village Barbershop in Escondido, California.

It’s a nice looking traditional barber shop. I think its good that there are other people there getting their haircuts done as well.

Gives the video a bit of an atmosphere.

Again, Harry and Miguel are both very well suited to work together. Both are really into their hair cuts, albeit different angles! And both do a lot of travelling visiting new barber shop locations.

What works really well between them is that they are so clearly comfortable in each others company. And really enjoy the experience together.

Sometimes ASMR videos can be a bit serious and earnest. But these two are obviously having a fun time. And Harry gets a really sharp haircut and styling as well!

My favourite part is also the most replayed when Miguel is styling Harry’s hair with some wax at 8:37.

As one of the comments says ‘Two YouTube barbering legends together’ – indeed!

Ps I think the background music was also used in the Jack the Clipper episode as well. Little bit of trivia there!

Video here

Massage ASMR Collaboration – Timur Doctorov and Murat

Timur Doctorov has also done a couple of combined videos with Murat at ASMR çambeyli massage in Turkey.

As the name of Murat’s channel suggest he is all about the massages. Most of these are done in a chair in his barbers shop.

These two are well suited as we know Timur can take a bit of pain. And is pretty good at toughing out some of the more extreme massages he gets.

Murat can be pretty full on with his massages. And he always has interesting implements with with to conduct his massages. 9:09 for example – it’s axe time!

And speaking of pain watch as Murat tries to wrench Timur’s arms for their sockets at 17:05 – ouch! But they both found it funny!

Video here

Real Person ASMR Collaboration – Scottish Murmurs & Creative Calm ASMR

Lauren (Scottish Murmers) and Lucy (Creative Calm) combine here for some real person back tracing, tapping, scratching and tickling.

This pair have worked together before and their good chemistry shows on screen.

Lucy is pretty ticklish and it makes for a fun and tingly watch as Lauren uses a variety of tools to torment/soothe Lucy!

We are talking feathers, plastic fish, hair brush, wooden sticks at 12:43 (watch as Lucy tries not to laugh!), massagers, balls, scrubbing cloth and rollers – you get the idea!

This is a particularly tingly video so well worth a watch if you are looking for some triggers or to get to sleep!

Video here

Chiropractic ASMR Collaboration – Dr Johnson, Dr Beau Hightower & Chiropractic Medicine

Ok, so this is a three way collaboration of Chiropractors. Sounds like fun.

We have Dr Brent Binder from Chiropractic Medicine, Dr Gregory Johnson from Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC and Dr. Beau Hightower.

And they are all meeting up in Houston at the home of the ‘ring dinger‘ to see how it is done.

There is a bit of a travelogue segment so the Chiropractic segment starts at 4:24. The ring Dinger is at 10:24 with Brent on the table having his neck ‘adjusted’!

Brent than has the ‘pleasure’ of being tapped by Beau with a hammer and chisel, 14:28. It’s quite funny!

There are then quite a few neck and arm adjustments, but everyone seems to be having a good time!

Video here

Best YouTube channels for ASMR Collaboration

Some links to the best YouTube channels for collaborations for you to explore:

Summary of Collab ASMR

It is great to see so many of our favourite ASMR artists coming together to make such great videos.

I think this is something we are going to see more of over the coming months.

People are always looking for a new angle and working with similar minded ASMR artists offers up and opportunity to explore new areas of content.

I hope you enjoyed this collaboration special! Thanks for reading.