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SemideCoco - ASMR Artist
Semide – ASMR Artist

About Semide

Semide is a Canadian ASMR artist based in Toronto who creates ASMR real person medical content; often working with her sisters, cousin and Dad.

Semide is a natural medicine student who has been making ASMR content since 2018 . She currently has over 302 thousand subscribers and has amassed 75 million views.

She was previously known as SemideCoco but changed to Semide in 2023

ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Semide Channel Information

Artist’s Name: Semide

YouTube: Channel – here

Categories: Real Person, Massage, Medical, Role Play, Nature, Naturopathic Medicine

Occupation: Semide is a student in natural medicine

Video Location: Bedroom, Spa, Balcony Garden

Family in videos: Two sisters, Dad and Cousin Ediyasmr

Channel Live: 2018

Subscribers: 302k

Total Views: 75 million

Total Videos: 193

Nationality: Canadian

Location: Toronto, Canada

Typical video Length: 35 to 60 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Release schedule: Usually 1 a week

Semide ASMR Triggers

Semide focuses on alternative therapies, medical and Spa treatments. This lends itself to creating a number of ASMR triggers.

I find the following triggers work really well for me when I watch her content.

Key Benefits for you from Semide

Sleep – Semide has a really chilled approach and I find her content super relaxing. I find her sleep videos really do work and she has quite a good variety from sleep clinics, craniosacral therapy, massage or just arranging objects. I am sure you will find something that works for you.

What we really like about Semide

There are a couple of things that make me really enjoy Semide’s content.

Firstly she has a really nice manner and way of conducting herself in front of camera. I find it really relaxing and she has a great interplay with patients and other people starring in her videos.

She makes first person roleplay really believable. I totally get sucked in to her world!

She has a good variety of types of ASMR she uses. Whether full medical assessment, massage, scalp check, drawing and tracing or Gua Sha massage. There is something for everyone.

Quirks and features of Semide

Something which I never really ‘got’ until I saw a comment about it is that Semide shoots her videos and uses a filter to create a yellowy tint. Which is far more relaxing than using much harsher natural light.

I am sure there is a technical term for it but its like a sepia warm light and pretty much all of her content is shot/produced this way. Works for me!

It also creates a typical Semide look and feel, great for her branding!

And check out her lovely animated intro! It too is also using these colours as well.

She also makes video content around subjects close to her which are Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and androgenetic alopecia.

My favourite video from Semide

I really like this video from Semide ASMR as she does a shoulder joint examination with Julia. And Julia has a great soft voice as well, so perfect for ASMR tingles!

It’s a really nice, soft approach from Semide with quiet talking, lots of palpating, examinations, brushing, range of motion and orthopaedic testing.

I find it really relaxing and very soothing although I dont think I have actually fallen asleep to this video as I enjoy it so much!

I also learned a new word as well – myotomes – which it would appear are part of somatic nervous system!

SemideCoco & Julia Shoulder Examination
Semide & Julia Shoulder Examination

What to watch on Semide

Here are a couple of things I like to watch on Semide’s channel:

Collabs with Julia – as per the video above I really like it when Semide works with Julia. So here is a playlist covering just that!

First person medical roleplay – Semide does the whole first person roleplay so well. Lots of medical tests and examinations for you here.

What we would like to see from Semide next?

More content with Julia would be really nice!

How about content form the Yurt?

Also, more snoring puppies please!

Similar ASMR creators to Semide

ediyasmr – hey, its Semide’s cousin! She is very spiritual and does great sleep countdowns!

itsblizzz – LA based lifestyle and massage channel. Always interesting!

ShiliASMR – a great variety of spa treatments from China. Guaranteed some of these will be new types of ASMR to you!

BeBraveBeYou – UK ASMRtist with an interesting approach to lifestyle, beauty and health video content

Semide on Instagram

Instagram: here for her Instagram account!

Instagram Channel Name: semideasmr

Bio: Farmer🌻 Mother of chickens🐥cats🐱dogs🐶 Kazakh/Uzbek ancestry
I live in a yurt Natural Builder Aspiring Shaman

Posts: 47

Followers: 8,485

Following: 89

Category: Video creator

Located: Canada

Date joined: December 2017

Other Semide Channels below

Semide is active on a variety of other channels including Patreon, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Semide’s videos!