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About ediyasmr 

ediyasmr is a Canadian ASMR Artist who creates ASMR content to help you heal and connect with your spiritual side.

She focusses on content involving Meditation, Alternative Therapy, Reiki and Personal Attention.

ASMR triggers include personal attention, hand movements and a soft voice.

ediyasmr Tingle Rating

ediyasmr is seen by some as starting the whole Fast ASMR thing.

Just for that she deserves 4 stars on the ASMR Tingle ratings!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

ediyasmr Channel Information

  • YouTube: ediyasmr here
  • YouTube ID: @ediyasmr 
  • anoASMR real name is ediya daulet
  • Categories: Alternative Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, Tarot, Personal Attention, Collab with Semide Coco
  • Channel ASMR Benefits: Helping you to heal and connect with your Spiritual side, also sleep
  • Channel Launch: 2008
  • Subscribers: 358k
  • Total views: 42m
  • Total Videos: 257
  • Country: Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Location: Toronto
  • Setting: Studio
  • Video Production: 1 per week
  • Average video length: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Typical number of people in videos: 1

ASMR Triggers from ediyasmr 

ediyasmr has quite a few ASMR triggers which are more spiritual in nature and include soft voice, crystals and sleep countdowns – love those!

Also hand movements, singing bowls, rain sounds, stroking and brushing.

Did you know this about ediyasmr?

ediyasmr is the cousin of SemideCoco and has a series of really good collabs with her! Check them out here

ediyasmr most popular video here is ‘ASMR Reiki: Release the Ego Mind + Negative Thoughts (Hand Movements, Singing Bowl, Rain Sounds)‘.

It currently has over 3m views. So get ready to sleep!

ediyasmr on Instagram

Instagram: here for her account!

Instagram Channel Name: ediyasmr

Bio: a fragment of your consciousness

Name: Ediya Daulet

Posts: 204

Followers: 17.8k

Following: 891

Located: Canada

Date joined: March 2012

Please note tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching ediyasmr’s videos!