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We know massages are such as good way to get ASMR tingles.

So we wanted to find some of the best massage videos for you.

We have chosen the ones that work for us and hope they work for you!

And we have varied them a bit as well. So face, back, head, body, neck, arms. All bases covered!

We know each person is different so you may or may not react in the same way as we did.

But hopefully there will be something here for you. And you may have found a new ASMR artist to check out.

Enjoy the tingles!

Hands on back for massage ASMR
Back massage ASMR

Content of this post:

1. Face Massage by Athena Jezik

Tingle Rating 5 – short ‘n’ sweet face time

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Athena Jezik has been producing top videos for quite some time so you may well have come across her videos on Psyche Truth channel – playlist here.

But this a face (ok, and a bit of neck) massage video from her own channel. It’s only a short video, 7:09, but a really relaxing one.

If you have come across Athena before you will know she has a wonderfully relaxing voice and manner.

This video has some lovely ASMR triggers. For example there is some great palpation of the neck and jaw line at 0:55, chin manipulation at 2:25, lymphatic technique on her patients eyeballs (!) at 3:48, forehead at 4:57, ears at 5:31 and finishing up with neck rolls at 6:50.

Why you will like this face massage video

  • Soft voice and calming manner
  • Palpation of the face and neck
  • Feint fountain in the background
 Face Massage Therapy by Athena Jezik

2.  Strong back massage and cupping by Lyuda

Tingle Rating 5 – deep tissue & cupping

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A bit more of a well known video from Timur Doctorov. But it’s a good deep massage by Lyuda with some cupping thrown in there as well.

We like this massage because it is a real massage. And not just a bit of stroking and light effleurage. Which is what a lot of the massages we see online are.

As for the ASMR tingles form this video. We think the best ones are some fascia work with the elbow at 8:07. Then some nice deep back massaging at 9:05. At 27:18 there is a really nice head massage and at 32:16 some cupping.

Why you will like this back massage video

  • Proper deep tissue massage
  • Good fascia work, long flowing strokes
  • Uses strong kneading techniques
Strong back massage and cupping by Lyuda

3. Full body soft & deep massage

Tingle Rating 5 – chair, back, drainage

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Dr Lucy is known for her strong massage technique. Normally she massages people on their back while they are lying down. But this one starts on a chair and is a bit more relaxed than usual.

As for the ASMR we found the highlights were at 3:22 where she is working the back and neck with some nice sort of chopping moves.

Some really nice arm massaging at 12:38. It looks really invigorating! this followed y some nice towel stretching. The legs are beaten, gently, at 16:53. And this continues again with chopping once the legs have been wrapped for lymphatic drainage at 24:23.

Why you will like this body massage video

  • Lots of (gentle) patting and beating!
  • Deep stretches
  • Lymphatic drainage
Full body soft & deep massage

4. Nelly’s flower massage with henna art

Tingle Rating 5 – flowers and henna

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We couldn’t have a Top 5 massage videos without having a ‘Limpia‘ massage included. We could have chosen any but we felt this one from Nelly, a favourite of ours, was a good example.

It’s a bit more relaxing than the previous massages as well. And has some added Henna art work at the end!

Highlights for us are forehead tapping at 4:06. Arm stroking at 9:04, nice! Flower tapping and brushing at 17:29 and Henna art applied at 21:24.

Why you will like this flower massage video

  • Bangles jingling
  • Soft whispering
  • Lots of tapping & stroking
  • Flowers!
Nelly & Karen’s massage with henna art

5. $2 Vietnam Street Massage

Tingle Rating 5 – car noise is great!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There are now quite a few of these $2 street side massage videos. And they are all pretty much the same. Cigarette, massage, car noise, cupping, car noise, cigarette, car noise massage!

Bu the good thing is they are all really relaxing and watchable. And the background noise from the very close cars is soothing. A bit like Baba’s horns!

We like the following segments. Pummelling of the back at 0:52, deep strokes at 2:35. Cupping at 4:12 and head chopping at 10:55.

Why you will like this street massage video

  • Strong massage and stretching action
  • Great background noise, honest!
  • Cupping and chopping aplenty
$2 Vietnam Street Massage

Here are all the great ASMR artists we have featured.

Check out their ASMR channels on the links below to see what other great content they can have to help you sleep, relax, de stress or just entertain you!


We hope that the five massage videos and artists we have featured were entertaining and useful for getting ASMR tingles! they work for us so hopefully will for you as well!

*Remember, this information is for entertainment purposes only and not medical advice.

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