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What is Chiropractic ASMR?

Chiropractic ASMR is where chiropractors examine and manipulate their patients which produces ASMR triggers such as spine cracks, crunches and ‘pops’ which induces tingles for people watching the videos.

The processes involved include spinal checks, neck adjustments, massages, SI testing, Gua Sha, Ring Dingers and back alignments.

Types of ASMR Chiropractic content

Chiropractic ASMR breaks down into three types of ASMR content. Those that are there purely for the ASMR, those that are there as genuine patient clinical sessions (unintentional ASMR).

And those that probably started as the latter but realised they get more traffic if they targeted the ASMR audience!

Depending on what actually triggers you there are some really different types of chiropractors out there.

So have a look below at our own Top Five Chiropractors to see which ones work for your ASMR needs.

Chiropractic ASMR Triggers

Chiropractic videos produce number of ASMR triggers that people really seem to react to. Here are a few of the actions and events that we find trigger ASMR in a chiropractic setting:

Back cracks, neck cracks, crunches, pops, stretching, manipulation, kneading out knots, bone cracking, spinal cleansing, scraping of skin, muscles being massaged, jaw cracks, y strap use and ring dinger action!

Back check by a Chiropractor
Back check by a Chiropractor

Best Chiropractic Videos for ASMR

The most effective chiropractic videos for ASMR purposes seems to be those that are into problem solving for the patient. But the chiropractor is aware of the the effects needed for ASMR.

So they fulfil both of these requirements. They are also more believable as well.

Typical of this would the excellent Chiropractic videos by Dr. Brenda Mondragon (Mondragon Chiropractic) and Dr. Brent Binder (Chiropractic Medicine)

While both are not pure ASMR chiropractors, they are actual chiropractors, they both know the value of ASMR so do play up to that.

Both have their own approach for each patient session but typically a chiropractic session starts off with a consultation. And then moves into the treatment.

Dr. Brenda Mondragon is perhaps the most flexible, in both ways, in her approach to helping the patient. She really listens to what the issue is and responds to this in an appropriate way by really varying the treatment path.

One of the aspects of chiropractic work that I have noticed is that the treatment can be very formulaic. So the same process no matter what the issue is. With little room for any variation of treatment.

Which does beg the question – is this really the most effective way to treat the medical issue? I am not convinced. But this is all about ASMR so I am not stressing over it!

Undoing Joint Stiffness with Major Crunches by Dr. Brenda Mondragon
Undoing Joint Stiffness with Major Crunches by Dr. Brenda Mondragon

Chiropractic Treatments

Anyway, back to the sort of treatments you may see when watching a chiropractic video. Many of these will feature in some way in most Chiropractic ASMR videos. Just probably not all of them.

Spinal Check

At the start of each session a check will be made on the spine for scoliosis, posture and general condition of the supporting muscles. This involves some light manipulation, some palpation and massage.

Neck Adjustments

These always freak me out a little. Often starting off with gentle manipulation looking for knots. Or any restricted movements.

This will then lead into the treatment which many ASMR purists will be delighted with. Which is the pops and cracks as they neck is sharply manipulated to the left and right. Ouch!

Toe Adjustment

This is an interesting one as its a bit like cracking your fingers. Only with your toes! And there are usually a lot of pops and cracks with, usually, ten toes per person!

There is sometimes the additional pops and cracks from the adjustments of the feet and ankles as these are sharply pulled into position.

Ring Dinger by Dr. Gregory Johnson

Christened by Dr. Gregory Johnson, of Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston. This is a fairly violent use of the Y-Strap.

Essentially the neck is ‘lengthened’ or ‘released’ by pulling back sharply on the Y-Strap which is located around the neck.

This can produce some fairly dramatic pops and cracks. And usually squeals from the patient.

Not one for me to have I think. But the ‘Ring Dinger‘ is good for ASMR.

Back & Shoulder Blade Crunch

Perhaps the classic way to get those pops, cracks and crunches beloved by ASMR viewers is through the back and shoulder blade manipulation.

This involves the patient lying face down on the treatment table. And then the Chiropractor applies pressure on the back and shoulder areas until the area ‘gives’. Thus producing a crack or pop as the muscles and bones move into place.

This crunch can be accentuated by using the treatment table adjustments to increase the height of the ‘drop’. Classic ASMR!

Gua sha

This treatment is used to increase the blood flow by scraping a smooth edged knife like tool across the skin. It often produces small red dots under your skin called petechiae.

This technique is used to relieve pain all over the body but in chiropractic settings it is mostly used on the back, shoulder and neck.

Think of it being like a really intense, deeply focussed massage.

Ear Cracks & Pulls

Usually fairly brief, this is always guaranteed to surprise the patient and get pops and cracks. Simply hold the ear, usually in a cloth to get a better grip, then twist and pull.

Lower Back Alignment

This is a movement that usually produces a few cracks and pops. The patient lies on their side and opposite pressure is applied on the sacrum and shoulder. Which then aligns the back. In theory.

SI Joint Adjustment

Pressure is applied to the SI (sacro iliac) joint while the patient is lying face down on the treatment table. The table is often adjusted to a higher position to allow the drop to increase.

When pressure is applied the SI joint often pops into place. This is a very popular form of adjustment, for some reason.

Leg Length testing

Many Chiropractors are obsessed with getting legs to be the same length. The tests will be conducted at regular intervals after treatments to see how the legs are literally measuring up.


Often massages are part of the treatment. Usually these are little mini micro massages that take place after a particular treatment has taken place in order to relieve the pressure.

Sometimes lengthier massages do take place as part of the healing process.

Jaw Manipulation

Quite often used to relieve headaches. This is where the jaw is manipulated externally and also internally as well. It looks fairly intense but people receiving the treatments seem ok with it.

Unintentional Chiropractic ASMR

There are lots of unintentional ASMR videos out there. And Chiropractors are no different. In fact some of the best videos for Chiropractic ASMR are those that are not intended for anything other than information or study.

Classic example of this below for a first time chiropractic session. It’s errr, interesting!

First Time Chiropractic Adjustment Appointment by Dr. Dana
First Time Chiropractic Adjustment Appointment by Dr. Dana

Role Play Chiropractor

There are quite a few role play, or made for ASMR, chiropractor videos. And these can work very well for ASMR.

The only problem I have with them is having seen real chiropractors at work you just want to correct some of the actions they take!

ASMR Real Person Chiropractic Adjustment & Back Cracking from Katherina ASMR
ASMR Real Person Chiropractic Adjustment & Back Cracking from Katherina ASMR

Top 5 Chiropractors for ASMR

Here are a few of our favourite chiropractors for ASMR purposes:

Mondragon Chiropractic – top quality Chiropractic channel with lots of variety

Chiropractic Medicine – straightest posture on the planet and quirky buzzes

Advanced Chiropractic Relief – originator of the Ring Dinger!

Dr. Scott Hoar – cracks, tingles with a focus on fitness

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti – where the beautiful people go to get cracked and popped!

Before you go here is a handpicked article just for you!

I know a lot of folks like to watch the chiropractor videos to help them relax and sleep better.

So here is a top 10 of ASMR videos to help you sleep.