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LunaLux ASMR - TSA Patdown ASMR
LunaLux ASMR – TSA Patdown ASMR

About LunaLux ASMR

LunaLux is an American/Romanian ASMR artist focusing on creating medical, real person and role play ASMR videos with a speciality of TSA Pat downs.

Key benefits from LunaLux are as a sleep aid, calming and soothing stress relief.

Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Channel information: LunaLux

Artist Name: LunaLux

YouTube: LunaLux ASMR here

YouTube ID: @LunaLuxASMR

Categories: Pat Downs, Medical, Real Person, Role Play

Video Location: Doctors Surgery, Studio

Channel Live: 2021

Subscribers: 99k

Total Views: 25 million 

Total Videos: 302 million 

Country: USA

Nationality: American/Romanian

Most likely to say: ‘Next person please’

Least likely to say: ‘Walk through customs, no need for a check’

Typical video Length: 30 to 40 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

LunaLux ASMR – ASMR Triggers

  • Pat Downs
  • Massage
  • Palpation
  • Face Tapping
  • Brushing Sounds
  • Skin Sounds
  • Soft spoken
  • Sensation testing
  • Writing sounds
  • Material scraping
  • Scratching sounds

Key Benefits for you from the LunaLux ASMR channel

  • Sleep inducing – really helps with sleep issues
  • Soothing approach – her gentle manner in most videos is really calming
  • Stress relief – great role plays are really easy to get into and are very entertaining

3 most viewed videos from LunaLux ASMR

We thought you may like to quickly access the current three most popular videos from LunaLux.

If you don’t know her this should give you an understanding of the type of Role Play, TSA Pat Down and Medical Examination content she produces.

1. Real Person Old School Medical Exam Role Play

This is a very thorough role play medical annual assessment. There is a lot packed into the 23 minute video. And a bonus is it features Mad P ASMR as the Doctor!

It starts with introductions and vital signs checks. Then moves on to the head, neck and face checks. And this is followed by mouth, nose, eye, heart, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, feet and finishing off with a mouth and dental check! Phew!

There are a lot of good ASMR triggers throughout the medical examination. Some nice ones to watch out for are at 4:38 (head and neck palpation) 7:22 (face touching) and 13:53 (hair brushing and scalp check).

2. TSA Pat Down – Fast & Aggressive Roleplay

LunaLux has become, rightly, well known for her TSA pat down role plays.

This is again another collaboration with Katherina ASMR role playing the traveller who is entering customs for a pat down.

As with many of these role play pat downs this is fairly fast and aggressive. But still very relaxing!

The TSA pat down begins with a document check then proceeds with the palpation, patting and brushing from head to toe.

The most replayed segment is on the checking of the feet at 20:08. There are good ASMR trigger moments at 8:14 (back brushing), 13:53 (leg pats) and 23:30 (arm pats and brushing).

The role play video finishes off with a luggage check at 25:30.

3. Real Person Cranial Nerve Exam & Head to Toe Assessment

The third most popular video from LunaLux this time features two guests. The first is her husband and the second is (Dr) Mad P ASMR.

So this is a real person cranial nerve exam and it goes through all the examinations you would expect. Starting with heart and lung checks, moving on to the face and neck palpation – but with two doctors!

This dual action continues with sensation testing on the face and neck, skin test and swabs taken from the mouth and nose. There are additional eye test, most replayed at 22:16, and then ear and tuning fork tests.

ASMR triggers are also good at 26:24 with some body tapping by both Doctors. After some strength testing we end with some abdominal and more feet checks. I think the ‘patient‘ enjoyed this session!

Quirks and features:

LunaLux does some really good collaborations with Mad P ASMR, Katherina ASMR, asmr august and her Mom! (PS, her Mom is a star!)

What we like about LunaLux ASMR

We love her gentle introduction to her videos with the soft piano music and moon image.

LunaLux has a a really soft voiced, not a whisper, approach to all her video content. Really soothing.

The content she produces is really high quality. The sound is always good and the videos are well shot.

The content is quite varied. There are a few TSA pat down videos but all are interesting in their own way as they feature different people, or travellers!

She has some of the most thorough medical and cranial nerve examination videos. Really convincing – thank goodness for the disclaimers!

The collaborations she has with other ASMR artists are really good. Both on her own channel and when she features on other peoples videos.

Has a nice line in FBI t shirts.

Our favourite LunaLux ASMR video – TSA full body & bag check

Well we had to have one featuring LunaLux’s Mom and this was really the first video where I became aware of LunaLux.

I think she had done a collaboration with Mad P that I had seen. But this was the first TSA Pat Down I saw that came across as realistic.

Anyway, This is a TSA pat down and it follows the usual role play pat down routine. And if that doesn’t happen in real life I am going to be so disappointed!

This has the added bonus of being shot at Christmas so there is a Christmas tree in the background which does seem odd in the middle of summer!

Key ASMR trigger points are at 6:00 for upper body and arms brushing. At 13:47 Luna is allegedly looking for illegal substances. Using a pet hair remover. But we will suspend belief as there is some good roller sounds and back stroking.

Most replayed is at 28:36 which is the jacket inspection for some brushing sounds.

All in all a really relaxing and very entertaining video!

TSA Full body and bag check – Real Person ASMR from LunaLux ASMR

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