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Dr Brenda Mondragon ASMR
Dr Brenda Mondragon ASMR

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Mondragon Chiropractic

Dr Brenda Mondragon ASMR is a Florida based American Chiropractor and ASMR Artist.
She is known for her high energy and fun filled videos, cracks and pops as well as her amazing selection of leggings.
And the really enthusiastic and professional way she helps her patients.

Mondragon Chiropractic Channel Information

Artist Name: Dr. Brenda Mondragon

YouTube: Mondragon Chiropractic

Category: Chiropractic, Massage

Age of Channel: 2014

Subscribers: 1.54m

Channel Views: 386 million

Country: USA

Nationality: American

Setting: Chiropractic Studio, Orlando, Florida

Typical video Length: 25 minutes to 35 minutes

Number of people: 2

Dr Brenda Mondragon Personal Information

Is Brenda married? Yes!

Does she have children? Yes

How many children? 4, 1 girl (Linnea) and 3 boys (Diego, Hector and Locklin)

What else? Nothing, don’t be creepy

ASMR Triggers

Crunches, cracks, pops, manipulation, massage, scratching, friction, scraping, palpation, y-strap, skin cracking, knots

Most popular video

Most popular video: 95 year old man receives chiropractic care (shorts) – 15m views

Quirks and features:

Brenda really, and I mean really , likes her leggings. they are loud, funny and you never see the same pair twice.

Her daughter Linnea Mondragon is on YouTube here.

What we like about Mondragon Chiropractic

The variety of techniques and tools that Brenda uses to help her patients is amazing. Many of the online chiropractors have a routine that doesn’t vary. It’s like they have a routine that fixes every situation. Which is is pretty hard to believe.

The way that Brenda listens to her patients, assess their needs and adapts so she can hep them as individuals is great.

She really does troubleshoot her patients issues thouroughly!

It also means from an ASMR trigger point of view that we are exposed to many different types of triggers in one session.

And she is clearly very empathetic to her patients. Really listening, and then responding directly to how their body and mind, are dealing with the chiropractic process.

I wish more general medical practitioners were as considerate.

She also uses a number of tools such as the Gua Sha scraping tools, rollers, cupping sets and electric massagers.

And it is all done with a smile and a laugh with her patients.

At least once they get through the gnarly bits of the treatment.

If you had to describe the sessions in one word for me it would be ‘uplifting‘.

Most likely to say / Least Likely to say

Most likely to say: ‘Where are my new leggings?’

Least likely to say: ‘I can’t fix this’

Our favourite video – Back Cracks Help Restore Balance to the Body 

Crunchy time! Crack time!

Lots and lots of crack in this video form the neck, toes, ankles, hips, shoulders, back and pelvis!

Brenda really goes to town on this lady’s back with some really strong and deep massages. And some Gua Sha that really brings the blood to the surface of her skin!

I really like it when the massages are super deep. I can almost feel the pressure myself!

There is some really good rolling on the hamstrings as well which I get triggers from.

Back Cracks Help Restore Balance to the Body 

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