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Dr. Brent Binder Chiropractic Medicine

About Chiropractic Medicine

Dr Brent Binder is an American Chiropractor who creates ASMR content for his channel Chiropractic Medicine.

His main area of focus is on helping people achieve pain relief with back and body problems through his chiropractic services.

But he is also know for his ability to empathise with his patients and assist with mental health issues.

Find out which is his most popular video, what we like about him and what his best ASMR triggers are!

ASMR Tingle Rating

We rate Dr Brent Binder 4.5/5 stars for ASMR tingles. His great way of dealing with patients and hitting those ASMR triggers works every time.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Chiropractic Medicine Channel Information

Artist’s Name: Dr. Brent Binder M.S., D.C

YouTube: Channel – here

Subscribers: 595k

Videos: 291

Views: 187 million

Categories: Chiropractic, Massage, Medical, Alternative Therapy

Is Brent Binder married? Yes, Dr Brent Binder is married with a daughter

Wife: Britni Myhre – model and yoga – channel here

Video Location: Chiropractic Studio, Los Angeles

Channel Live: 2018

Nationality: American

Locations: 4909 Louise Dr, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, USA

Typical video Length: 38 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Most likely to say: ‘External rotation on the right hand side’

Least likely to say: ‘I’ll be done in 5!’

Release schedule: Usually one video a week on a Thursday

Chiropractic Medicine ASMR Triggers

Dr Brent Binder’s main focus is pain relief via his chiropractic treatments.

This lends itself well to a number of ASMR triggers, at least for me, some of these are listed below.

  • Manipulation
  • Scratching
  • Cracking
  • Pops
  • Crinkles on paper
  • Brushing
  • Massage
  • Friction noises
  • White noise
  • Tapping
  • Ring dinger
  • Whistling
  • Ring Dinger
  • Stretching
  • Back rubbing
  • Toe cracks

Key Benefits for you from Chiropractic Medicine

I think you will find Dr Brent Binder a really interesting and very empathetic person to watch.

He really gets to the detail of what the issues for the patent are so if attention to detail are you thing you are in luck.

He also has a set routine. So this makes for very easy and relaxing watching as you pretty know what is coming next.

With some people this annoys me, but not with Dr Brent.

So I think you will find that his easy going manner, soft spoken words, attention to detail and very hands on approach will chill you out big time!

What we really like about Chiropractic Medicine

Brent always produces good quality ASMR videos.

And he has such an obvious real interest and care for his patients. So it’s not a conveyor belt which you often get the impression with other chiropractors.

There is a close attention paid to the aural quality. The settings are pretty much always the same in his studio.

As mentioned above what I like is the routine of the chiropractic process he follows.

This typically is an assessment, a study of the patients walk, a check on the back temperature and possible scoliosis.

It then moves to some massage, manipulation of neck, back and legs. And then some stretching, watch out for his classic pose at this stage!

Next we get into some leg length testing, alignment and neck manipulation on crinkly paper. Top for ASMR!

Finally some heavy duty abdomen manipulation, occasionally a ring dinger, head alignment and then pulse and resting.

And it is all done with a really empathetic manner.

Quirks and features of De Brent Binder

Uses a technique of mouth noises and whistling to keep patients here ‘in the now’.

You have to read the video description. they are epic. It’s like a steam of consciousness telling a story. Always super entertaining!

What’s the deal with videos lasting 38 minutes? Is this the magic YouTube algorithm maximum performance time?

Like a lot of people I really like the way he moves away quickly from his patient once he has performed a specific treatment. Drama!

He has the worlds straightest sitting posture. Seriously. Leads by example!

Loves his ‘watch’ cufflinks. So do a lot of other people in the comments. Neat.

My favourite video from Chiropractic Medicine

The patient being helped here has seems to have had a tough time.

I think this video brings out the best in Dr Brent Binder as he helps her process some of these issues.

Dr Brent is all about pain relief, and that pain can manifest itself in many ways.

So a session with him can be like a little bit of mental therapy alongside the chiropractic elements.

I like this element of alternative therapy where you are able to bridge the two disciplines.

And there are some great cracks, back rubbing, spine adjustments, ‘shues‘ and whistles.

Dr Brent binder helps out a patient who has had a tough time

What to watch on Chiropractic Medicine

Here are a things to watch out for on Dr Brent’s ASMR channel:

Crinkly paper – does nothing for me but loads of folks seem to like the sounds it makes!

The ‘catwalks‘ at the beginning of a lot of the videos seem particularly well received.

Watch out for some weird editing at the end of some of the videos – fun, but weird!

What we would like to see from Dr Brent next?

More collabs, but I say that about everyone!

I think I would like to see more male patients. But appreciate these don’t get as many views.

Also, in real life, he does shorter 15 minute consultations. So it may be good to see a few of these – joined together to make a longer session?

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Dr Brents’s videos!