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Dr Brenda Mondragon
Dr Brenda Mondragon
Dr. Brent Binder - Chiropractic Medicine ASMR
Dr. Brent Binder

Mondragon Chiropractic vs Chiropractic Medicine

I think this could be a really close challenge. I am writing this ahead of knowing what the categories will be but even so I don’t think there will not be a lot between them!

Mondragon Chiropractic – based in Florida Dr Brenda Mondragon is known for her infectious humour, very hands on approach and her ever changing collection of very colourful leggings!

Chiropractic Medicine – Dr. Brent Binder is based in Pennsylvania and his chiropractic treatments are characterised by his ability to understand his clients emotional state and adapt his treatments to help those as well as the physical side.

Chiropractic Style

Which style will generate the most tingles?

Brenda: Has quite an energetic, always fun filled, approach and uses a variety of implements to help her dig really deep into the patients issues.

Brent: More methodical and with perhaps more of a nod to ASMR as he uses crinkly paper and lots of brushing and at a much slower pace.

Score: 1 point to Brent for his temperature readings!


Now you may think this is an odd category but if you know, you know.

Brenda: You have to love her leggings and outfits as they are just so colourful. And match her personality so well. Really entertaining and you honestly will not be able to guess what she comes up with each video.

Brent: Old skool braces (suspenders for US viewers) , shirt and tie and often with some interesting cufflinks. The clock ones got a lot of comments.

Score: 1 point to Brenda for being so effervescent in dress and manner!


It’s not just about the Chiropractors. The patients are of course an integral part of the whole treatment.

Brenda: Typically they present with ongoing back issues and Brenda gets to work after a brief consultation. She tends to find out more as she manipulates the patient and work from there.

Brent: He usually starts out with a deeper approach to understanding the reason for them being in his clinic which goes beyond the physical. Often seems like mini therapy for his patients.

Score: 1 point to Brent but can we have more male patients!!

Quality of Video content

Rating the production quality of content created, visuals, sound and props

Brenda: She always offers up something different in the way of treatments. Whether its Gua Sha or a variety of rollers and implements there is often a departure from regular chiropractic treatments.

Brent: He tends to stick to his routines with more subtle adjustments and uses of medicinal tools.

Score: 1 point to Brenda for mixing it up!

Pops, cracks, bangs and crunches!

Brenda: She really goes to town to get those big money hitting pops and cracks. And crunches!! Kerpow!

Brent: Stylish as always he tends to emphasise the cracks and pops with a dramatic move away once the body has been manipulated. Subtle.

Score: 1 point to Brenda for being in your face!

Quirky Factor

Just how weird and unusual is the content?

Brenda: Definitely interesting to watch and very entertaining. And she has her legging thing.

Brent: Unusually studious and understated appraoch . He really has a quirky vibe going on so it’s …

Score: 1 point to Brent for his unique approach

Stats attack!

Let’s look at some stats – subs, # of videos, views per video, frequency etc

Brenda: 1.71m subscribers, 674 videos, 485 million views, joined 2014 – 720k vpv

Brent: 589K subscribers, 266 videos, 182 million views, joined 2018 – 685k vpv

Score: 1 point to Brenda – close on the views per video though!

Matchup Result!

So that was really close! 4 to Brenda and 3 to Brent. Brenda wins!

I really enjoy both of these for their different chiropractic approaches and treatments.

And for me what sets them apart from many others is they are totally focussed on the patients and their wellness.

If I ever get back trouble I know where I am going!

CriteriaDr Brenda MondragonDr Brent Binder
Chiropractic Style1
Pops & Cracks1
Final Scores of the match up between Mondragon Chiropractic and Chiropractic Medicine

ASMR Matchup Rules!

Each category has 1 point available – most points wins!

Remember, this is only a bit of fun and I watch both of these channels every time they release new content!

Who would you like to see feature next?

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