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Nicola of Be Brave Be You
Nicola of Be Brave Be You

About Be Brave Be You ASMR

Be Brave Be You ASMR is an ASMR channel hosted by Nicola from England focussing on role play content in medical, hair, make up and spa treatments.

She regularly published high quality roleplay ASMR content to help you relax and sleep. And get tingles!

We have a look at her most watched videos, what are her triggers, how you will benefit and what are her quirks and features!

ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Channel Information: Be Brave Be You ASMR

Artist Name: Nicola Passey

YouTube: Be Brave Be You ASMR – here

YouTube Id: @BeBraveBeYouASMR1

Categories: Roleplay, Medical, Spa, Hair, Make Up, Entertainment

Video Location: House, studio

Channel Live: 2019

Subscribers: 183k

Total Views: 46m

Total Videos: 628

Country: UK

Nationality: England

Most likely to say: ‘hello lovelies’

Least likely to say: ‘I’ll not respond to the comments this time’

Typical video Length: 35 to 70 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1

Release schedule: Sunday 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST Wednesday 9pm GMT / 4pm EST

LifeStyle YouTube Channel: here

Golden Life of Max (Dog) Channel: here

Twitter: here

Be Brave Be You ASMR – ASMR Triggers

  • Soft spoken
  • Scalp check
  • Scratching
  • Combing
  • Massages
  • Head massage
  • Hair brushing
  • Role play
  • Spa treatments
  • Personal attention
  • Make up
  • Facials
  • Skin Touching
  • Palpation
  • Tapping
  • Typing
  • Patting
  • Hand movements
  • Sensation testing
  • Writing sounds

Key Benefits for you from Be Brave Be You ASMR

  • If you have trouble sleeping or getting to sleep these videos will help a lot
  • Super relaxing style and natural of presentation – so you will feel safe and chilled
  • Lots of visual and audio triggers so whatever works for you will be here

Quirks and features of Be Brave Be You ASMR

Check out her two other channels:

Be Hasty ASMR which is fast, aggressive and unpredictable ASMR role play

Be Brave Be You Lifestyle which offers content related to Lifestyle Beauty, Fashion, Health & Mental Health

What we like about Be Brave Be You ASMR

We have to start with her channel name Be Brave Be You – which is so great and positive and we think is a brilliant name for a channel!

All her videos are done in a very natural style

We love the way she talks about mental health, whether from her own point of view or with regards to other people

Her videos have a very high rate of trigger and tingles – wonder if we can measure that in some way?

She has a lovely manner and way of presenting that is super relaxing and makes you feel at ease

She responds to a lot of the comments and engages well with her community

I think she does the ‘one on one’ role play in a really believable way

Has a regular release date twice a week for her videos

Enjoy the three most popular videos from Nicola at Be Brave Be You.

You can see why these are so popular as they are all really natural, something we really appreciate, and are jammed packed full of tingles!

Nicola has a nice variety of styles and types of content and these three represent her really well.

If you haven’t seen her work before give her a watch as she has her own unique and believable style. We really like her!

1. Scalp check and treatment

Scalp checks really are popular ASMR content and Nicola has a lot of this style of content on her channel.

Her most popular video is this scalp check and treatment one which sees her brush the hair, check the scalp and then give it a couple of treatments. She really gets deep into the scalp and covers it with some tin foil which makes lots of nice crinkling sounds!

What I like about this is how she makes the ‘models’ head believable. I mean, I know it’s not and you are asked to suspend belief. But often I can’t do this but somehow Nicola makes everything seem so realistic.

There are lots of good triggers with brushing, patting, combing and lots of detailed scalp checks. Nice.

2. Real Person Medical Examination – Orthopaedic

A nice little collab here with asmr august with a real person orthopaedic examination.

Nicola is the Orthopaedic Doctor and august the patient who is examined with some really nice soft touching, palpation and hair brushing. There is also some neck adjustments and arm and shoulder pressing.

The blue latex gloves come in good use for face touching as you can see from the screen capture below!

All of course conducted with in a quiet and softly spoken way.

What I like about this video is how calming it is and how seamless the transitions are between the different tests. Sometimes it feels very staccato and not at all natural. This does feel very natural!

Loads of triggers here, brushing, palpation, hand movements, sensation testing, neck manipulation, arms pressing, hand and finger stretching. And lots more!

3. A Detailed Doctor Roleplay

Nicola is on fine form here as a Doctor doing a role play full annual check up.

This is a long video at 1 hour 42 minutes so settle in and relax. I am sure sleep is on its way!

There are lots of good writing/scratching sounds so if that is what you like you are in luck. We do so that’s cool!

The examination is very relaxed, natural as you would expect with lots of close up and personal interaction during the examination.

I really liked, again, how natural all of this felt. Like being there in person and not rushed with lots of attention being paid.

And as someone in the comments said it’s nice how Nicola enunciates her words, something cool about that!

Tingles all over the place here but pride of place must go to the writing and scratching noises. Loved them!

Our favourite Be Brave Be You ASMR video – A Realistic Tattoo Shop

This is our favourite video from Nicola for a number of reasons. Firstly its a great ASMR video with lots of good role play and plenty of ASMR triggers and tingles to be had.

But she also raises the issue of mental health and her own situation about her borderline diagnosis and autism. It’s really good how these issues can be talked about now particularly within the ASMR community as we know many people have their own issues and they use ASMR to help deal with them.

Anyway, enjoy the video as it is packed full of ASMR goodies as usual.

Some of the tingles here are writing, tapping, drawing, tracing, crinkles, gloves and rubbing out.

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Be Brave Be You ASMR on Instagram

Instagram: here for her account!

Instagram Channel Name: bebravebeyouasmr

Bio: • ASMR • Lifestyle • Beauty • Health • Pets •

Posts: 647

Followers: 6,417

Following: 3,489

Located: UK

Date joined: October 2014

Verified: June 2023

Be Brave Be You ASMR on TikTok

TikTok channel here

TikTok Channel Name: bebravebeyouasmr

Bio: •ASMR • Lifestyle • Beauty • Health • Pet

Following: 850

Followers: 2,533

Likes: 13.5k

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Nicola’s videos!