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About Starling ASMR

Starling ASMR (real name Valentina Samoylenko) is an Uzbekistani ASMR Artist who creates Medical Roleplay, Makeup and Personal Attention ASMR videos in English and Russian.

Starling ASMR will help you relax, sleep and be totally entertained!

Her ASMR triggers include tracing, hair brushing, inaudible whispers and fast and aggressive styles. And loads more.

She has over 510k subscribers and more than 85 million channel views.

Starling ASMR Personal Information

Starling ASMR real name is Valentina Samoylenko

Starling ASMR age is 31

She was born on August 28th 1992

Starling ASMR’s nationality is Uzbekistan

Starling ASMR speaks Russian

Starling ASMR has visited Italy, Switzerland, Uzbekistan

Starling ASMR may live in Italy

Her contact email is – dont spam her, business only please!

What I like about Starling ASMR

I really like how just realistic her roleplay content is – her hair cutting, brushing personal attention is one of the best.

The unpredictable roleplay is an interesting ASMR variation

Her backgrounds are always different and entertaining!

She has a couple of other channels as well to vary things up a bit. Makeup here and Russian speaking here

I have done some research into what styles and benefits Starling ASMR has been creating over the last two years.

I looked at all of her video titles over the last 24 months and sorted them into the most popular sets of words – see her word cloud below!

1. Roleplay
2. Sleep
3. Cranial Nerve Exam
4. Face
5. Eye
6. Unpredictable

Starling ASMR Word cloud of Video Titles
Starling ASMR Word Cloud of Video Titles

And if we look at the overall ASMR style groupings here are the results:

1. Cranial Nerve Exams – eg Roleplay medial exam
2. Roleplays and Personal Attention – eg Ear Cleaning, Face Touching
3. Hair and Scalp Care – eg Shaving, Scalp Massage, Shampoo Massage
4. Medical Exams and Eye Exams – eg Eye Exam, Allergy Test, Eyeball Exam (ewwwww!)
5. Makeup and Beauty – eg Makeup for the red carpet
6. Unpredictable and Unique ASMR – eg Roleplay, Getting something out of your eye

Benefits of of watching Starling ASMR content

There are few key benefits to watching Starling ASMR’s content.

Stress Reduction, Improved Sleep, better Focus & Concentration, Help with coping with Medical Issues and Creativity & Relaxation.

ASMR Triggers from Starling ASMR

Starling ASMR uses ASMR triggers styles such as hair brushing, massage, clos personal attention, hair cutting, scalp massage, tracing, makeup, inaudible whispers and eye exams

Similar ASMR Artists to Starling ASMR

Here are some ASMR artists that I think are similar to Starling ASMR that you may want to check out.

Celaine’s ASMR – Medical Roleplay, Whispering and in French & Greek as well!

Fairy Char ASMR – Roleplay, makeup, beauty and medical exams!

Celaine's ASMR from ASMR Living
Celaine’s ASMR
Fairy Char ASMR
Fairy Char ASMR

Starling ASMR Tingle Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Starling ASMR creates some brilliantly realistic roleplay content

So she gets 5 stars on our ASMR Tingle ratings!

Starling ASMR YouTube Channel Information

Starling ASMR has a very popular YouTube channel here and her ID is @StarlingASMR.

She has over 510k subscribers and has 86 million views from nearly 300 videos she has published since she joined YouTube in 2019.

She is always alone in her videos which she records in her in her video studio.

Her ASMR videos are typically about 30 minutes long and she publishes new content about every month or so.

Starling ASMR’s most popular video here is ‘ASMR The Most Realistic Hair Cut of Your Life™ (Scalp Check & Shampoo Massage) – Roleplay For Sleep’ from 2021.

It currently has over 3 million views and is a hair cut roleplay which is super realistic.

Triggers include cutting, brushing, flicking, crinkling and combing.

Starling ASMR other channels

Starling ASMR has a number of other social channels including:

Instagram here and TikTok here , Facebook here and Spotify here.

Please note tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching Starling ASMR’s videos!