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What is fast and aggressive ASMR?

Fast and aggressive ASMR is where ASMR triggers are performed very quickly one after the other with very little time from one type of ASMR activity to the next.

Typically each activity is also executed at speed so the effect is one of very quickly moving and changing content, delivering multiple triggers in a short space of time.

We like our ASMR fast and short!

Fast and Aggressive ASMR
Fast and Aggressive ASMR

Why do people like fast and aggressive ASMR

There are a number of reasons why people like this style of ASMR. Those who have a short attention span are said to benefit from the rapid switch from one trigger to the next.

It is also possible that those with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) find this style more suitable than the typically slow delivery of a lot of ASMR content.

The slower delivery of ASMR content also tends to be quieter so people who can’t hear so well may also find that the louder volumes are more suited to their own listening preferences.

Some folks prefer the faster style so they dont’ go to sleep!

There is also the unpredictability of more rapid turnover of content which can be a trigger for some folks.

And of course some people just need a quick hit of ASMR and the shorter videos can do this. We like the 1 minute fast and aggressive styles!

What we like about fast & aggressive ASMR

One reason for me is that sometimes I find the deliberately slow paced and slow talking ASMR styles really annoying. I just want them to get on with it!

I often find myself fast forwarding to the next clip to get to a trigger and can be a bit impatient sometimes!

You also get different effects, visually and aurally, from doing things more quickly. For example chewing or chopping sounds may be louder.

And for fast TSA Pat downs the rapid brushing of clothes has a different feel to slower methods. It, for me at least, has a much sharper feel to it.

Many styles of ASMR lend themselves to a quicker paced delivery.

Below are a few of the different sorts that we like along with some channels to check out who specialise in this style.

TSA Pat Down ASMR Fast and Aggressive
TSA Pat Down ASMR Fast and Aggressive

Best ASMRtists for Fast & Aggressive ASMR

I really got into fast and aggressive ASMR so here are my recommended best ASMRtists for each type of ASMR.

Personal favourite is @JulesAsmr8 of Jules ASMR fame!

TSA Pat downLunaLux ASMR, Mad P ASMR, Katherina ASMR
Cranial Nerve Exam Mad P ASMR, Dr James Gill, Celaine’s ASMR
Haircut ASMR Mosha, Makayla ASMR, Celaine’s ASMR
Make upJulesASMR, Lyssie ASMR, Makayla ASMR
Personal attentionLuna Bloom ASMR, Brittney May ASMR, Ozley ASMR
Tapping asmrvilla, Elena ASMR, Jules ASMR
Roleplay Starling ASMR
Mouth sounds beebee asmr, April’s ASMR
Scratching Luna Bloom, AmberCourt ASMR
Mic SoundsJules ASMR, PleasantASMR
Hand movementsASMR Sharm, beez asmr
Collab Makayla ASMR, Maddie Leigh ASMR
Challenge MixCaroline ASMR

And a special mention to Gibi ASMR who has a fast medical roleplay killer video here

What are the main triggers from fast & aggressive videos?

The main triggers of fast and aggressive ASMR as very similar to those of ‘regular’ ASMR. But they may just be a little faster, and little louder and delivered a bit more quickly.

So typically massages, whispering, hair brushing, tapping, personal attention, fabric sounds, hand movements, scissor sounds and medical examinations.

Cranial Nerve Exam ASMR
Cranial Nerve Exam ASMR


Fast and aggressive style ASMR is not for everyone. Many people want the slow and deliberate ASMR style to help them relax and sleep.

But for some people the quicker delivery helps them relax in their own way or get the triggers they want.

I like the surprise element and also the quick change from one type of trigger to the next. Perfect for those quick tingle hits!