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About (Fe)MaleASMR 

(Fe)MaleASMR  are a German ASMR couple who create highly unusual and unique ASMR video content. They specialise in using props out of everyday objects and toys.

Their style of ASMR is very personal and will help you relax and sleep.

They currently have over 460 thousand subscribers and have nearly 200 million views since their channel launch in 2014.

ASMR Tingle Rating

We have to rate (Fe)MaleASMR highly on our tingle score as they are so unique!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

(Fe)MaleASMR Channel Information

Artist’s Name: No one knows!

YouTube: Channel – here

Categories: Medical, Roleplay, Measuring, Hairdressing, Alternative Therapy, Make Up

Video Location: Studio, Doctors Surgery

Channel Live: 2014

Subscribers: 470k

Total Views: 202 million

Total Videos: 389

Nationality: German

Location: Germany

Marriage status: Unknown

Typical video Length: 20 to 25 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 2

Release schedule: Usually 1 a week

(Fe)MaleASMR Triggers

(Fe)MaleASMR have possibly the widest and weirdest, in a good way, types of ASMR content. This leads to an incredible variety of ASMR triggers.

The following triggers work for me whenever I watch and experience, their content. But honestly there are so many I guarantee you will find some which work for you!

  • Massage
  • Measuring
  • Skin checks
  • Reiki
  • Tailoring
  • Tracing
  • Head massage
  • Back massage
  • Tattoos

Key Benefits for you from (Fe)MaleASMR 

I know we are supposed to focus on ASMR but really for me the main benefit is seeing what the will come up with next!

That said they really do ASMR content very well and I find it distracting and relaxing.

And I think that this is what most people who watch their content find as well.

That it is super relaxing and will help you get to sleep.

And interestingly some people in the comments say how much it helps them cope with anxiety and depression.

What I really like about (Fe)MaleASMR 

I always find this channel one of the most interesting as they have so many different types of ASMR content.

The couple have a really good chemistry between themselves so it makes for really easy, relaxed watching.

Their use of props is, unique. I always end up watching and thinking they cant get any odder than the last video. And then they do. Brilliant!

Some props they have used include (not making this up btw!) a rolling pin, garden implements, pet hair removers, pens. So far, fair enough.

Now how about a mini chainsaw? Or golf balls? Or screws? A meat tenderizer? And one of the best ones is when they somehow recreated Marge Simpsons hair!

And if you want to see more odd things being used check out their own personal channels. See below for details.

Quirks and features of (Fe)MaleASMR 

I think that working as a couple is a bit of a quirk but also a feature.

Of course it seems normal now, as it is how we are used to watching them.

But there aren’t too many ASMRtists who work as couples all of the time.

And of course just the sheer variety of styles and objects used is pretty unique!

My favourite video from (Fe)MaleASMR 

My personal favourite and one which I think is a really good introduction to how they work is the ‘ASMR Face Modelling & Sculpting With Tingly Toys’.

This video is pretty relaxing, very interesting and they use a lot of different toys and objects to create some great ASMR tingles.

Fe Male ASMR - tingly toys session
Fe Male ASMR – tingly toys session

What to watch on (Fe)MaleASMR 

There are a few things I always watch out for on the (Fe)Male channel:

Measuring – they feature measuring quite a lot and I find this really relaxing. No idea why! Probably close personal attention.

Doctor check ups – medical exams are often featured and as well as the usual they, of course, throw in some odd ones as well. Such as the neck product tests.

What I would like to see from (Fe)MaleASMR next?

I do like a collab to mix things up an bit. I cant ever remember seeing them do a collab with anyone so that would be cool.

And I quite like the occasional role reversal when he is treating her!

I would quite like it, and surprised they haven’t already got, an Instagram or TikTok account.

More work though so can understand why they may not have other social channels.

Similar ASMR creators to (Fe)MaleASMR 

There aren’t many couples in ASMR but here are some similar ASMRtists to them.

Chili b ASMR – closest thing to another couple for ASMR. And a dog!

LunaLux ASMR– can go slightly off piste with some of her collaborations

Gibi ASMR – some great roleplays, medical and toaster coaster content!

KatieASMR – she is getting odder (yay!) by the day. Check out her self exam content!

Scottish Murmurs ASMRhas a fairly eclectic take on ASMR and always funny!

Other (Fe)MaleASMR  Channels below

Unusually our friends at (Fe)MaleASR do not have any other social accounts.

They do each have their own Female and Male YouTube channels though.

Before you go – here is a handpicked article just for you!

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Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching (Fe)MaleASMR ‘s videos!