6 Weird things in Haircut Harry videos

What we spotted & thought were a bit odd, but interesting!

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Some fun things about Haircut Harry videos!

I love Haircut Harry. He always produces great content which is both interesting and full of ASMR goodness!

But as I have watched ALL of his videos (and I mean all and each one loads of times) I have noticed a few things. Things that are a bit odd, or different or just unusual. At least to me!

So here are some of them. You may think that what I am seeing is normal. But it’s not for me, or at least it wasn’t!

Mirror Easter Eggs

Harry is well known for his slick editing skills and one area which everyone always seems to enjoy is his use of mirrors and creating amazing Easter Eggs with them.

He somehow manages to edit the content in such a way that what you see in the mirror is not what you see in real time.

A classic case is in his 2020 re-visit to Matts Barber Parlor. See below at 13:37.

In this video Matt is brushing off the electric trimmer in the main ‘live’ content but his reflection in the mirror he is actually doing something different.

He also explains it all in this video if you are interested in the technical side of things.

Check out weird mirror tricks from Haircut Harry in Matts Barber Parlor

Vacuum Cleaners – for your hair!

So I thought that it was just in Wayne’s World that a vacuum cleaner type thingy existed for sucking hair away.

Turns out these actually exist in the real world. But without cutting the hair.

Maybe I have lead a sheltered life but the idea of having a vacuum cleaner suck my hair trimmings away is a bit odd!

Anyway, for some great vacuum cleaning action go to 13:41 of this Haircut Harry video and watch the cleaner in action!

This is a much underrated barber video for ASMR – love the use of the razor blade on the hair just before the vacuum cleaner starts!

Also a vacuum is used in this video in Kazumi’s Barber Shop, Moscow Idaho. Great!

Vacuum Cleaner sucks up Haircut Harry’s hair in Eastman’s Barbershop Utah

Mystery Woman – who is she?

Aaah, the Mystery woman. I get why people don’t want to be seen. I myself don’t like being on camera.

But I love how Haircut Harry has made a thing of it and I wonder if like me other people look at the pixelated images and wonder what she really looks like?

Below is a screen grab which really doesn’t show up anything new. But she is in there in the mirror reflection holding the camera!

Mystery Woman!

Rat in the barber shop?

Ok, bit of an odd one here but I am never quite sure what it is they see at 38:38 – is it a rat, a mouse or some other exotic misplaced animal? Any ideas?

Either way, a great shave, haircut and a brilliant massage that has loads of ASMR triggers. I watch this one regularly. Love Harry’s Japanese intro!

Green bottles of Talc for barbers

I kept seeing these Green bottles of talc appear – I think I may have first spotted when he did the collab with the Nomad Barber.

Since then it seems they are everywhere! Must be the thing to have a bit like the Jack Daniels water spray bottle!

I am tempted to buy one just for the fun of it! so for the record they are called Pinaud Clubman Talc!

Pinaud Clubman Talc – a Haircut Harry favourite!

No Intros or previews – phew!

I have no idea whose idea is was to introduce previews but surely that ruins the surprise?

I get you may want to know what sort of content is going to be in the video but that is what the title and description is for!

Or maybe this is just me? Does anyone like previews?

Either way I really like the way Harry gets right down to business right after a ‘how are you doing’. Nice and simple.

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