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What is ASMR Tattoo?

ASMR Tattooing is where people watch videos that show tattoos being created or traced to generate ASMR tingles.

Sometimes these videos are made for ASMR purposes using Role Play (RP) and ASMR Tattoo tracing but often they are genuine videos that unintentionally create ASMR triggers.

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Tattoo on hand & arm
Tattoo on hand & arm

Why do people like Tattoo ASMR?

People like ASMR tattoos as they provide a number of more unusual tingle triggers.

While there are the more typical ones such as up close and personal contact, skin rubbing, crackles and crinkles from the latex gloves and soft voice or whispering there are also some others.

These include the sort of white noise buzzing you get from the tattoo machine, wiping visuals and sounds from the paper used to clear the ink from the skin.

There are also unintelligible mutterings and mumblings as well as occasional heavy breathing.

At a higher level the constant buzzing of the tattoo pen makes for a really relaxing vibe. It can be quite hard for the asmrtists to get the sound levels right on this but when they do it is great and super soothing.

It is certainly easier to watch and get triggered than actually having a tattoo done!

What I like about Tattoo ASMR

The best ASMR experience I get is from the unintentional style of content.

While the roleplay works very well there is something about the authenticity of real life tattoo situations that works for me.

I find the soft buzzing of the pens very soothing and relaxing as well as the wiping of the skin. These are my best triggers!

The most popular style of ASMR tattoo content is that of role play and the unintentional videos of real life tattooing taking place.

There are also variants of tattooing that may be considered as well such as body art and body piercing.

Tattoo Gun Antique Style
Tattoo Gun Antique Style

Tattoo Role Play ASMR

Roleplay is super popular and effective for ASMR and tattoo roleplay (RP) is no different.

The beauty of roleplay is that it allows the asmrtists to focus their energy onto what they know are the main trigger points for their audience.

A typical process, like the one below from the ever excellent and inventive (Fe)Male ASMR), for roleplay may be starting with the set up of the ‘studio’ and ensuring it is sterile and clean.

Then tracing out of the tattoo, sterilizing the area on the person to be tattooed.

And then ‘inking’ out the design, fake on roleplay of course, and sealing and sterilizing the tattoo again.

Triggers on the roleplay include bottle water spray, hand rubbing, tracing on paper, inking out the design, brushing and rubbing the body part, cleaning the studio area before and after the tattooing.

Tattoo artists roleplay from Fe MaleASMR
Tattoo artists roleplay from Fe MaleASMR

Unintentional Tattoo ASMR

I really enjoy watching unintentional ASMR videos as they are real life and the tingles seem so much better because they are happening in a natural environment.

I used to really like the TV show LA Ink with Kat Von D. At least before it became a bit over dramatic and less believable.

I wasn’t too interested in the ‘personalities’ and the fake confrontation they set up.

But the actual process of deciding on a tattoo, the reasons for them and then getting inked was really enjoyable and tingly!

I think the close up interaction, the skin touching and stretching as well as the hum of the tattoo pen are all really good triggers for me.

In the video we feature from BehindtheMoons as it is a no talking video you really get to hear the buzz of the tattoo pen. There is also some really nice crinkly sounds from the plastic covering the pen wires and the plastic film covering the supporting cushion.

And there is a lot of really good close up shots including those of the skin and tattoo being wiped.

I find it really easy to get into a ‘zone‘ with this type of content. Hopefully it will work for you as well!

Unintentional ASMR tattoo session, no talking from BehindtheMoons
Unintentional ASMR tattoo session, no talking from BehindtheMoons

Tattoo Tracing ASMR

Tattoo tracing is where the person with tattoos runs their fingers, hands, pencil or a brush around the outlines of the tattoos on their body.

Occasionally they will also brush over the filled in area of the tattoo.

This is very soothing and relaxing process and is often accompanied by soft voice or whispering.

The main triggers are from the tracing, brushing, whispers and sense of calmness and satisfaction from ‘filling in’ the tattoos.

The video below from Feline ASMR is a really good example of tattoo tracing that is super relaxing.

Tracing tattoos and soft whispering from Feline ASMR
Tracing tattoos and soft whispering from Feline ASMR

Traditional Kākau and Sak Yant Tattoos for ASMR

Of course tattoos were around well before the modern electric tattoo pens came into existence.

Fortunately there are still a number of indigenous tribes and people who still maintain the method of tattooing that their ancestors practised for many generations.

For example there are the Polynesian tattoos, including those of Hawaii called Kākau or the Samoan face tattoos called Tā moko.

Or those of the Thai monks called Sak Yant which every college kid on their gap year seems to get when travelling.

The process for applying these tattoos is different than those currently used by Western tattooists.

The Kākau method for creating a tattoo is where a dense wooden or bone tool with sharpened (now typically metal) points is tapped into the skin with repeated dipping into the ink.

Unlike many western tattoos the person doing the tattoo will choose the design. And there are a lot more cultural protocols to follow.

Check out this traditional Hawaiian tattoo below

Traditional Hawaiian tattoo being created
Traditional Hawaiian tattoo being created

The Sak Yant tattoo uses a similar method where a metal spike or a bamboo shard which have been sharpened to a point. The implement is then dipped into the ink and the tip is tapped into the skin. I am told it can be quite painful!

A super video below showing how a Sak Yant tattoo is applied but in this one there is no ink! The process is still very soothing!

Sak Yant tattoo but without ink!
Sak Yant tattoo but without ink!

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