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Joe Robinet bushcraft & Outdoors ASMR
Joe Robinet bushcraft & Outdoors ASMR

Who is Joe Robinet?

Joe Robinet is a Canadian YouTube artist who is known for his outdoors, bushcraft and canoe adventures with his his dogs in his native Canadian forests and lakes.

ASMR triggers for his bushcraft videos are based around the processes for camp builds, natural sounds of the forest, rain and snow on tarps as well as relaxed and his easy going nature which makes the whole watching experience so comforting.

Tingle Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Joe Robinet Channel Information

Artist’s Name: Joe Robinet

YouTube: Joe Robinet – here

Categories: Outdoors, Bushcraft, Canoe Trips, Country Camping, Backbacking, Wilderness, Dogs

Video Location: Forest, Wilderness, Snow, Lakes, Outdoors

Family: Wife is called Wilhemina Robinet, Children called Emerald and Autumn

Dogs: Previous dogs owned by Joe: Scout (German Shepherd), Tripper (Dutch Shepherd)

Current dog: Wolf (Shepherd/Husky mix)

Channel Live: 2007

Subscribers: 1.55 million

Total Views: 218 million

Total Videos: 534

Country: Born in Ontario, Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Most likely to say: ‘Hi folks, Joe here!’

Least likely to say: ‘No dogs on this channel’

Typical video Length: 45 to 60 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1, plus dog

Collabs: Often with ToshSelfPropelled and his family a few times a year

Release schedule: Usually 1 a week

Shop online: Robinet Outfitters – (not sure if this site is still live)

Joe Robinet – ASMR Triggers

While Joe Robinet isn’t a pure ASMR channel there are elements of the content he creates which do produce a feeling of calm, ease, relaxation and ASMR triggers.

You will find it really easy to chill out and lose yourself in his content!

  • Camp preparation
  • Wood fires crackling
  • Rain sounds on tent/tarp
  • Hot tenting
  • Wind sounds
  • Background noises
  • Woodworking
  • Wood chopping
  • Crunchy snow sounds
  • Wood whittling!
  • Thunderstorms
  • Fire building
  • Meditation
  • Water sounds
  • Sawing wood
  • Ambient sounds
  • Building work
  • Close up views
  • Hand movements
  • Relaxed pace

Key Benefits for you from Joe Robinet

Calming and Soothing – Joe’s content is at a pace that is in direct contrast to todays fast paced society. Not that it lacks action or doesn’t keep you involved.

More that being outdoors with no real deadlines, outside of the odd seaplane pick up, lends itself to a more relaxed vibe.

The camp builds and fire preparation are also very relaxing and offer ASMR triggers via the sawing and shaving of the wood ahead of the fires being built.

What we really like about Joe Robinet

Joe has a really easy going, Canadian, laid back way of presenting. There are very few false dramas or ‘jeopardy’, or things done for effect and views.

The settings for the videos are amazing. As a non Canadian, who has only been there once, it is great to see countryside and the environment which is both lovely to look at but also so big as well.

The winters look pretty brutal but I love the way Joe goes off and does a 24 hour camp with no tent or sleeping bag!

I love how he always has a dog with him when its possible to do so. I do worry about the swinging axes and falling trees even though you ‘know’ nothing is going to happen!

I like the occasional collabs he does as it creates a different dynamic. But I do prefer the solo trips more.

All of his content is so relaxing and a great distraction from day to day pressures.

I really like how honest he is. So when things don’t go well he tells you, whether for the camp, himself or his family.

I am sure there are things he does keep private and rightly so, but it’s still nice to feel a bit more involved with his story than you are with other YouTubers.

It was heart breaking when he lost Scout and also Tripper (didn’t see that one coming) but hopefully he felt the support of his community of followers.

Quirks and features of Joe Robinet

IBS – Joe has been pretty open with his earlier (and probably still ongoing) issues with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It has on occasion cased issues with filming schedules or even while his out in the wild. Its is good he is so open as it brings wider awareness that anyone can suffer from this illness.

He was a contestant on the History channel TV Show Alone in 2015

I really like how he is constantly battling to catch fish – he often returns from trips empty handed or with just some small Walleye (aka yellow pikes) to show for his trouble. But at least he enjoys his fishing!

Joe likes Ray Mears TV shows – who didn’t like them?

My favourite video from Joe Robinet

My favourite video from Joe is actually the mini series he created called ’10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness’.

It’s actually his pinned video and has over 3 million views so far.

It follows Joe as he starts out on his 10 day trip after having been dropped off pretty much in the middle of nowhere and with only a few items to help him survive!

I hope he catches lots of fish or he will go hungry!

So no spoilers for those who haven’t seen this series!

It’s a really good intro into what for me is Joe at his best. Solo, canoe trips, survival mode and some stunning scenery and wildlife!

There are probably more ASMR triggers in some of his building style content but this is great for getting lost and living vicariously through Joe!

What to watch on Joe Robinet

Here are our top recommendations on what to watch on Joe Robinet to get those tingles!

Solo Trips – watch as Joe goes it alone, battling to stay alive, or at least fed and dry!

Canoe Trips – serene lakes, rapids, capsizing and amazing scenery!

Dogs – not a real outdoors episode without one of Joes, or friends, dogs!

Fort building – love the fort building and other build projects.

Collabs – Joe and friends get together to set up camp and explore together

Winter trips – deep, deep snow, frozen lakes and ridiculously low temperatures!

Rain on tarps – the rain and snow on the tarps are a particular favourite

What we would like to see on Joe Robinet next

There has been criticism (well, it is the internet) that Joe causes damage to insect and other creatures habitats. Even though he only uses dead wood for his fires and projects.

I think it would be nice if he was to address this, as he has done in the past, occasionally so people know what the impact is.

But it’s a hard line to get right as you don’t want to be negative or ram ideology down peoples throats when they are looking to relax and be entertained.

So a tough one that hopefully we may see addressed and best practice made clear for those wishing to follow in Joe’s footsteps with their own out doors adventures.

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Other Joe Robinet Channels below

Joe is on Instagram, see below and alos has his own

Joe Robinet Instagram

Instagram: here for his channel!

Instagram Channel Name: joerobinetbushcraft

Bio: Campin’ Content Creator🏕️

Posts: 1,392

Followers: 142k

Following: 1,975

Located: Canada

Date joined: December 2014

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