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What is Outdoors ASMR?

Outdoors ASMR uses Bushcraft skills, camping routines and the sounds of nature to enable us to escape from our own personal pressures.

ASMR can help us, even if just for a short period of time.

There is the physical side of outdoors ASMR that enable us to live vicariously through the content creators that helps us relax as they build there camps, fires and cooking areas.

And similar to ambient ASMR, background noises and unintentional ASMR is the way sounds of nature are used to create ASMR triggers.

The great outdoors offers some really great ASMR sounds and experiences with rain, snow and no talking videos all delivering ASMR triggers.

I think it is the slower pace of life, the easy enjoyment of the simple things such as cooking and setting up camp. And also the sounds of nature, the wind, the rain on tarps, the sounds of rivers rushing by, that compliment our presence in the wild.

Bell tent for camping - outdoors ASMR
Bell tent for camping, cooking and rain – ASMR

Outdoor ASMR Triggers

I find I get quite a lot of good ASMR triggers watching, and listening, to outdoors ASMR content.

So in my experience here are some of the most likely triggers you will get watching outdoor videos.

  • Rain on tents and tarps
  • Snow falling
  • Snow sounds underfoot
  • Close attention to detail
  • Hand movements
  • Fire making
  • No talking
  • Silence
  • River running by
  • Camp set ups
  • Dog chewing sounds
  • Material sounds
  • Saw sounds
  • Wind sounds
  • Nature sounds

Types of Outdoor ASMR

Camping ASMR Rain & Heavy Rain

As we know from the ambient sounds style of video rain, thunder and lightening make for a really relaxing environment.

And many creators of camping content have realized that their content can appeal to two audiences, with some overlap.

That is the camping enthusiasts who are looking to see how to camp and experience others doing so.

And also appeal to the ASMR community who are able to enjoy the camping experience vicariously and also relax and enjoy the ASMR triggers the camping videos produce.

Key among the triggers for relaxation is rain and in particular heavy rain on the tarps, tents and vehicles that the campers are using.

The video we feature below is from AB Camping starring Tony and his trusty dog Bruce are based in New Zealand. Which is known to have a bit of rain.

They are often out and about in quite frankly appalling conditions but Tony assure us both he and Bruce enjoy this weather.

This is a good all round video for ASMR as it has a bit of chat, a nice running water sound from a river in much of the video, some cooking and of course heavy rain on his tent and tarp.

Tent and tarp camping in the rain from AB Camping
Tent and tarp camping in the rain from AB Camping

No Talking ASMR Camping in the Rain

For many people searching for ASMR triggers talking can prove to be a distraction.

So there are a lot of camping and outdoor videos where no talking or speaking made which suits ASMR perfectly.

This allows the natural outdoor sounds to be more prominent and also allows the viewer or listener to really get deep and fully immersed into the actual video.

Eugen & Ted camping in the rain

In the video below from Australia (there is obviously a lot of rain as well as sun down under) there is no talking but plenty of outdoor sounds as nature does its thing.

Eugen and Ted the dog, a lot of outdoor videos have dogs which is cool, set up a solo camp in the rain and cooks up a nice steak.

There are some really nice running water sounds from the nearby river as well as the pitter patter of the rain on the tarp and tent.

What is really nice is when Eugen is setting up his firepit and you get some of the rain falling on the metal casing of the pit.

And the same for when the rain is falling on his 4×4 jeep you get that tinny sound of the rain.

The video ends with a bit of wood whittling, sausage cooking and the sound of the rain on the tent covers as they settle down to sleep.

Camping in the rain - no talking from Go4x4
Camping in the rain – no talking from Go4x4

Cooking Outdoor over a camp fire

Cooking outside over a fire pit is so satisfying, the food always tastes better somehow!

As with many ASMR triggers a lot of the pleasure comes from the build up and the rituals as well as the actual event taking place.

With outdoor cooking this ritual often involves gathering the wood, chopping it down and cutting it up to be used on the fire.

There is also the creation of the fire pit itself which can just be as simple as laying the kindling on the floor or creating an area with stones to enclose the fire.

Often a wooden wall or fence will be built to reflect the heat back towards the camper.

The process continues as the fire is lit. Again this can be just a box of matches and kindling.

For many though they use a steel and flint or even go the whole hog and start the fire just using a homemade wooden friction fire starter.

Making sure that tinder, often bark, is ready to take the sparks.

I find this whole process very soothing and relaxing. It’s usually very unhurried and requires a lot of hand movements and a lot of close attention.

My go to outdoors and camping channels are Kent Survival and Joe Robinet. They have a lot of great bush craft and survival videos and are well worth a watch.

Particularly if you like building projects of cabins, shelters and fire pits.

Kent Survival mixed meat grill on an open fire

Andy at Kent Survival in particular does some really amazing cooking videos.

They are really inventive and he uses a lot of different recipes from many different countries.

We have chosen a more straight forward menu for the video below where Andy prepares the logs and fire pit and cooks a mixed meat grill and potato wedges over the fire all washed down with a bottle of Doom Bar beer.

For me the whole experience is helped by being a no talking camping video as you get to hear the sounds of the fire crackling away, the wood being chopped and the sounds of the wind in the trees and birds singing.

A really good unintentional ASMR video!

Cooking meat outside over a camp fire from Kent Survival
Cooking meat outside over a camp fire from Kent Survival

Hot tenting in a snow storm – no talking

I had never heard of the term hot tenting until a few years ago. That’s what ASMR will do to you, introduce you to new terms and experiences!

But given the extremes of some of the weather conditions people seem keen to camp out in; hot tenting is ideal for braving some of the very cold and snowy elements.

I think the appeal for ASMR folks about camping in the snow is that it gives you a real feeling of security and comfort to be able to watch other people dealing with such tough situations.

There are quite a few ASMR triggers to be found in these types of content.

Such as the close up shots around the fire construction and tent set up. And a bit of hand rubbing to keep warm!

And there is the sound of falling snow, crunch of boots on the snow on the ground and the cooking of the food on the fire pit. An enjoyable video!

Winter camping from Outdoor Boys
Winter camping from Outdoor Boys

Camping ASMR for Sleep – no music, no talking

While there are lots of ambient sound ‘made for ASMR’ videos that feature sounds that will help you sleep there are also real life videos that will help you relax and possibly sleep.

The important thing for these videos to work for sleep is keeping distractions to a minimum.

So ideally no Ads (if you get them), no music, no talking and unnecessary interruptions. Thunderstorms are generally ok as they are expected!

The video from Amber in Snowdonia is aimed at ASMR but is a real life camping trip along with her dog.

She has also made this video longer at 25 minutes which is longer than her usual ones which gives ASMR more time to relax and get into the content.

Some nice sounds of canvas rustling, dogs chewing, rain on the tent, wind blowing and sounds of nature.

Solo wild camping in the rain by Amber in Snowdonia
Solo wild camping in the rain by Amber in Snowdonia

Best sites for camping and outdoor ASMR

Where to find more camping and outdoor ASMR videos

  • AB Camping here – New Zealand wet weather and a dog
  • Go4x4 here Australian downpours and a dog
  • Kent survival here – UK camping with a focus on food and building projects – only one dog very occasionally
  • TR Wilderness here – US based bush craft with no talking
  • Outdoor Boys here – US adventure with Luke and his family
  • Amber in Snowdonia here – Welsh & other country walking, swimming & dog!


Watching videos of outdoors camping and bush craft are a good form of escapism. It allows us to forget our own worries and concerns and lets us focus on what the camper is doing.

And that is usually something that is probably more physically demanding but also using skills that we don’t have.

This helps us to almost enter into a meditative state and suspend our own often racing thoughts. And to slow down and appreciate the more simple things in life.

Along with this feeling of relaxation the ASMR triggers help us to get those tingles so we can fully relax and maybe even sleep. And be entertained as well. Happy camping!

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