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Kent Survival aka Andy Davidson cooks up a hamburger
Kent Survival aka Andy Davidson cooks up a hamburger

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

About Kent Survival

Kent Survival, also know as Andy Davidson, is a UK based outdoors & bushcraft campfire cooking enthusiast.

He makes regular video content demonstrating his bushcraft, survival, carpentry and cooking skills in forests and by beaches and rivers.

He has some entertaining collaborations with other outdoor specialists such as Simon a bloke in the woods.

ASMR triggers are created from the ambient forest sounds as well as the close up work he does in and around his campsite.

Channel Information: Kent Survival

Artist Name: Andy (Andrew) Davidson

YouTube: Kent Survival – here

YouTube ID: @KentSurvival

Categories: Outdoors, Cooking, Camping, Bushcraft, Survival

Video Location: Forests, outdoors, beaches, campsites

Channel Live: 2016

Subscribers: 474k

Total Views: 93 million

Total Videos: 369

Country: UK

Nationality: English

Most likely to say: ‘I’ll have a cup of tea/beer/waffle’

Least likely to say: ‘I can’t eat any more!’

Typical video Length: 30 to 40 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1

Release schedule: Wednesday & occasional Sunday releases

Kent Survival – ASMR Triggers

  • No talking
  • Cooking sounds
  • Rain sounds on tent/tarp
  • Vegetable slicing
  • Wind sounds
  • Food chopping
  • Close attention to detail
  • Wood chopping
  • Wood planing
  • Whittling!
  • Thunderstorms
  • Fire building
  • Woodworking
  • Water sounds
  • Sawing wood
  • Camp preparation
  • Building work
  • Close up views
  • Hand movements
  • Wood fires crackling

Key Benefits for you from Kent Survival

There is a real ‘back to nature’ vibe and a purer, simpler way of living to his videos. Even if only for 30 minutes of our time! This gives you time to take stock, breathe and relax.

There is something really relaxing about the content Andy produces. The pace is unhurried but not in a fake way.

So with the background of the forests or beaches you end up with a really tranquil and calming ambience that should help you chill out.

As a self confessed person who is ‘more of an introvert’ Andy mixes up his content to be talking and no talking thereby appealing to the ASMR side of his audience.

As this way you get to focus on the sounds of the forests, beaches, cooking, woodworking and crafting.

A lot of people find this type of content ‘inspiring’. So I think this means that they are inspired to get out into the great outdoors. All of this may help folks manage their mental health as well as get fit and learn new skills. I now know more about tying off tarps than I ever thought I would!

Some people have commented that Andy’s videos help them with their depression.

What we really like about Andy & Kent Survival

Andy’s easy going persona and the settings he finds himself in are all really relaxing.

I find it easy to chill out and get immersed and fully absorbed into the content he creates.

The ASMR for me mostly comes form being relaxed and living ‘in the moment’. But also from the cooking sounds and the fire and BBQ building that inevitably takes place in each video.

He is able to make cooking look really simple and delicious and I have tried to copy a few of his recipes. Inspiring!

Quirks and features of Kent Survival

Andy has a second channel where he reviews camping equipment. Check it out at Kent Survival Gear & Review where he already has 30k subscribers

Andy has a background in photography which probably explains why his videos are so well framed and shot.

He also used to own a BBQ business which really does explain why his cooking on BBQ’s is so darn good!

Andy also worked as a carpenter so that is why he can knock up shelters and cabins in the time it would take me to unpack a saw.

I am still waiting for the re-appearance of the dog Tiggy that visited him a couple of episodes last year. (See featured video #3 below)

Andy once slept in a hollowed out tree trunk – video here

He has occasional collabs with Marc and others as he explores the UK and different countries. Marc from MDM Outdoor Adventures is a regular collaborator.

Our favourite 3 videos from Kent Survival

I thought it would good to select a few videos for those who don’t know what Kent Survival is all about so you get a flavour for his work.

Here are three that we really like and give you an insight into the type of content you can expect from Andy.

Building a live roof on a bushcraft shelter

Andy is super handy using his carpentry skills to build various shelters. Some are just one offs like the log he slept in or lean to style shelters. Others are more permanent like his main bushcraft shelter and log store.

This video shows him constructing the ‘live’ roof part of his latest shelter which is apparently called an Adirondack or Dano hut type of lean to.

There is a lot of cutting, chopping and scraping and some really satisfying chiselling out of some logs to make the joints.

I think you will find this video super interesting and satisfying as this is a no talking video so you can enjoy the sounds of the work being done as well as the background forest noises.

Cooking breakfast on a rock

Well, it really wouldn’t be a Kent Survival video if it didn’t have a lot of food in it.

This is a great video as Andy cooks up a big breakfast on a slate over a camp fire.

I can hear the sausages sizzling from here!

A lot of the enjoyment is the build up as he prepares the fire and food. Like all good films the suspense ahead of the big final reveal!

*Spoiler* the breakfast includes Cumberland sausages, fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, black pudding and mushrooms.

And all washed down with a lovely cup of tea.

From an ASMR point of view there are a lot triggers around the preparation of the fire and food, cooking and then eating.

Honestly, if you are into your food cooked outdoors then Andy is your man!

Watch out for a number of his videos using a Dutch Oven, really interesting and makes lovely bread.

Rainy nights in a tent and a dog appears!

This is one of my favourite videos as it features a dog called Tiggy. It’s that easy to make me happy.

But the video is also great as it has some classic ASMR triggers including rain on a tent. In this case, rain on a bell tent.

One thing I really like about the whole outdoors and bushcraft style of content is the set up and preparation phase.

Andy always does this really well as there are a lot of repetitions even though he will often use different equipment.

So for example looking at the wider picture he usually arrives by car, sometimes on foot, pitches his tent or prepares a tarp or uses his log cabin.

He then readies the camp by fitting it out with lamps, chair, table etc

Then he finds some logs and prepares them, lots of good chopping and cutting action, and then prepares some food.

So it’s the predictability as well as the individual triggers that each event may feature.

Anyway, back to the video. As well as the rain on the tent (23:33), there are fire preparations, food chopping, stove lighting, tea making and a lot of food prep and eating! Dog appears at 16:00.

All in all this is a really cosy way to spend an hour in Andy and Tiggy’s company.

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Other Kent Survival Channels below

Andres is on Patreon here and also sells merch here! Go and support him!

Kent Survival Instagram

Instagram: here for his account!

Instagram Channel Name: kentsurvival

Bio: Outdoors YouTuber. All things outdoors.. bushcraft, camping, survival, campfire cooking. All photos my own. 🇬🇧

Posts: 1,310

Followers: 15k

Following: 798

Located: UK

Date joined: November 2016

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