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asmr august - interview
asmr august – interview

asmr august interview

This was a Q & A we did when setting up asmr august’s profile page.

I will try and get some more questions to her so we can get a bit of an update!

Why did you get into ASMR?

I have been experiencing ASMR tingles for as long as I can remember, and once I found out it had a home on YouTube, I watched it religiously every day. It helped me so much and I still to this day am amazed at it’s power to help people sleep, fight loneliness, chronic pain, depression etc.

The list is endless. In 2018, I felt I had watched so much ASMR that I understood what triggers would help other people. I posted one video, not expecting much to happen – the rest is history!

What is the most enjoyable part of creating ASMR content?

I actually really enjoy acting as a doctor, once I get into the swing of it – I just improvise the whole thing and love it. 

What is the hardest part of running a YouTube channel?

This will be different for different people, but for me, it’s the consistency. I am the most inconsistent person. Some weeks I just don’t feel like creating – and my channel definitely takes a hit. 

Your favourite type of video?

Realistic medical roleplays. I don’t need any fancy props or a professional set. Just good old fashion acting 🙂

Biggest trigger?

Face touching and concentration

Favourite ASMR artist/s?

Power of Sound, WhispersAudio, Be Brave Be You, Miss Managanese, Mad P, Luna Lux – list is endless!

The most memorable thing to happen making a video? (apart from the head injury one!)

Honestly, the head injury one is unforgettable. I actually got to do a real exam on someone that probably should have seen a real doctor asap. Apart from that.. erm…no nothing tops that.

Do you read all the comments?

Yes! I hate that I do this but sometimes I struggle to watch asmr and I worry I’ll lose touch with what people want to see so I make sure I read all feedback.

What plans do you have for future videos?

I plan to film more haha I have lot’s more collabs booked in, lot’s of real person content, and more classic POV roleplays

Note: she has done this so check out her real person channel and also her collabs with, among others, Mad P ASMR and Katherina ASMR!

Best tip for someone starting an ASMR YouTube channel.

Don’t chase the money or copy what other people do. Decide why you want to make asmr, focus on the triggers you enjoy, you’ll be much more authentic and stand out.