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About asmr august

asmr august is an English ASMR artist creating ASMR videos in the medical, massage, role play and POV categories.

She is known for her soft voice, gentle approach and close up personal attention.

Find out about her most viewed videos, which ASMR video we like the best, what her tingle rating is and what are her quirks and features!

Also featured is a Q&A we did with her about ASMR, what she likes and how to be a successful ASMRtist!

asmr august tingle rating

I really like the content that asmr augsut produces. Always high quality, always tingly. So 5 stars from me!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Channel Information for asmr august

Artist Name: August

YouTube: asmr august here

Categories: Medical, Massage, Role Play, POV, Skin Pulling

Video Location: Studio, surgery

Channel Live: 2018

Subscribers: 165k

Total Views: 40 million

Total Videos: 195

Country: UK

Nationality: English

Most likely to say: ‘Look at my finger’

Least likely to say: ‘You will have to wait to see the Doctor’

Typical video Length: 25 to 30 minutes

Typical number of people in the video: 1 or 2

asmr august – ASMR Triggers

I find that asmr august really hits a lot of my triggers. And she is so relaxing.

Below are the ASMR triggers she uses in most of her video content.

  • Soft spoken
  • Skin Pulling – new for 2023!
  • Massage
  • Palpation
  • Face Tapping
  • Brushing Sounds
  • Spraying
  • Writing sounds
  • Sensation testing
  • Water sounds
  • Measuring
  • Role play
  • Crinkles

Key Benefits for you of the asmr august ASMR channel

  • Reducing anxiety – I love how she and her patients all are so chilled!
  • Sleep inducing – honestly you just drift off watching these videos
  • Calming – so soothing and relaxing, all your worries will evaporate!

Q & A’s with asmr august

We reached out to asmr august to get her take on a few ASMR related questions.

Thanks so much to her for taking time out day to answer them and provide some insight into what she likes about ASMR and advice for those starting an ASMR chanel.

Why did you get into ASMR?

I have been experiencing ASMR tingles for as long as I can remember, and once I found out it had a home on YouTube, I watched it religiously every day. It helped me so much and I still to this day am amazed at it’s power to help people sleep, fight loneliness, chronic pain, depression etc.

The list is endless. In 2018, I felt I had watched so much ASMR that I understood what triggers would help other people. I posted one video, not expecting much to happen – the rest is history!

What is the most enjoyable part of creating ASMR content?

I actually really enjoy acting as a doctor, once I get into the swing of it – I just improvise the whole thing and love it. 

What is the hardest part of running a YouTube channel?

This will be different for different people, but for me, it’s the consistency. I am the most inconsistent person. Some weeks I just don’t feel like creating – and my channel definitely takes a hit. 

Your favourite type of video?

Realistic medical roleplays. I don’t need any fancy props or a professional set. Just good old fashion acting 🙂

Biggest trigger?

Face touching and concentration

Favourite ASMR artist/s?

Power of Sound, WhispersAudio, Be Brave Be You, Miss Managanese, Mad P, Luna Lux – list is endless!

The most memorable thing to happen making a video? (apart from the head injury one!)

Honestly, the head injury one is unforgettable. I actually got to do a real exam on someone that probably should have seen a real doctor asap. Apart from that.. erm…no nothing tops that.

Do you read all the comments?

Yes! I hate that I do this but sometimes I struggle to watch asmr and I worry I’ll lose touch with what people want to see so I make sure I read all feedback.

What plans do you have for future videos?

I plan to film more haha I have lot’s more collabs booked in, lot’s of real person content, and more classic POV roleplays

Best tip for someone starting an ASMR YouTube channel.

Don’t chase the money or copy what other people do. Decide why you want to make asmr, focus on the triggers you enjoy, you’ll be much more authentic and stand out.

3 most viewed videos from asmr august

These are the three most viewed asmr vidoes from asmr august.

We thought this would be a good way to introduce her work to those people who have not seen any of her videos before.

Also, the more popular videos tend to be older as they have had more time to accumulate views. So it may be these are videos you have missed out on from her.

1. Cranial Nerve Exam Role Play

This is a very popular Cranial Nerve Exam role play from asmr august. A lot of people really like the soft voice, the close personal attention and the crinkly latex gloves. The close up POV works really well.

The most replayed is at 14:15 where asmr august is very closely examining the facial muscles. She gets up super close to the camera and does some light touching under your eyes.

Watch out for the ‘sandwich breath‘ moment at 17:26 where she says ‘excuse my stomach‘!

Cranial Nerve Exam Role Play with Latex Gloves & Personal Attention from asmr august

2. Tingly Eye Exam Role Play

This eye exam is interesting as asmr august doesn’t say a huge amount. So there is a lot of silence. But this really works for being such a relaxing video as you aren’t too distracted.

The most replayed part is at 5:38 where asmr august is up really close to your face using the ophthalmoscope to get a really good look at your eyes.

The use of the ophthalmoscope goes on for quite a while before you are asked to read a chart on the wall to identify some letters.

Tingly Eye Exam Role Play from asmr august

3. Dermatologist Skin Exam & Assessment

Perhaps one of the reasons that this skin assessment video is so popular is that it is very natural.

So none of the affectations that a lot of newer ASMR content seems to have. For example tapping things unnecessarily, clicking tongues, scratching inanimate objects when not required.

Sometimes less really is more!

The most replayed part of this video is at the end of the video at 29:06 with some perfume spraying.

Dermatologist Skin Exam & Assessment from asmr august

Quirks and features

We know asmr august has done some really great collaborations with other asmr artists like LunLux ASMR.

But she also has her own second ASMR channel. This is Real Person ASMR by August. Go and check it out!

What I like about asmr august

I really like how natural asmr august’s video content is.

She has a nice soft voice, not a whisper, and engages really well with the camera to make the whole experience believable.

She acts out the roles really convincingly and gets how the close personal contact is a really effective ASMR trigger.

For anything medical ASMR august is the ‘go to‘ person as she has created many varied role play videos.

The guests she works with are all really likeable and fit her channel very well.

My favourite asmr august video – Real Person Medical Exam

I didn’t really get in asmr august until fairly recently, about a year ago. And this was the video that introduced me to her in a meaningful way.

There are lots of really good trigger points from doing a blood pressure test, checking her (the patient’s) eyes, there is quite a lot of face, head and hair light touching.

But the thing for me that really made the video was the guest, or patient. She had a really easy manner and an amazingly soft voice that just gets quieter and softer (and more tingly!) as the examination continues. A perfect match for asmr august! More videos with her please!

The most replayed is at 16:09 as a blood sample is taken – not really though!

I really like this video a lot and find it very relaxing. Go and check it out yourself!

Real Person Medical Exam with Eye Check, Latex Gloves and Writing Sounds from asmr august

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Other asmr august Channels below

I don’t know why asmr august isn’t on Instagram or TikTok – maybe too many channels to handle. Tough being a content producer.

Please note the tingle ratings are all subjective – make your own mind up by watching august’s videos!