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Who is IlaMos ASMR?

IlaMos ASMR is an Italian ASMR Artist who creates Personal Attention, Roleplay and Mouth Sounds ASMR videos.

She also creates ASMR content in Italian, French and Portuguese as well as English.

IlaMos ASMR has 155k subscribers and more than 24m channel views from her 300+ videos which are here.

Her ASMR triggers include hand movements, mouth sounds, whispering Italian, instructions, fabric souncs, light triggers spit panting, tongue clicking and rain sounds.

About Us

IlaMos ASMR Bio & Personal Information

IlaMos ASMR real name is Ilaria Moscone

IlaMos ASMR is from the Italy and lives in Naples

IlaMos ASMR birthday is on 14 December and is 27 years old

Her favourite colour is red

IlaMos ASMR is on twitch here

IlaMos ASMR is on Instagram here – she has 104k followers

IlaMos ASMR is on TikTok here

IlaMos ASMR is on Spotify here

Check out AppleTingles ASMR & shayley asmr for more Italian & French ASMR!

Why you will really like IlaMos ASMR

I was checking out her most popular videos and she has one where she does ASMR really slowly – I mean really slowly!

It didn’t really work for me but if you like slow ASMR with mouth sounds and hand movements you should check her out!

Kind of like the opposite of Fast and Aggressive – Slow and Passive?

Of course the Italian language is magical anyway so it is well worth listening to her Italian (and other) language content.

She also does some nice background sounds using rain, water and ambient sounds to beef up the ASMR goodness.

A lot of folks seem to use her content for meditation and to help with relaxation as well as for sleeping.

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